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Tang Xuerou was locked up in a mental hospital. When she was sent in, she hugged the trophies she had won tightly and didn’t want to let go. If anyone dared to s.n.a.t.c.h them, she would randomly smash them.

Moreover, on the way to the mental hospital, she kept telling the doctors and nurses that her boyfriend was Ji Xiaohan. She told them that the reason she got these trophies was because Ji Xiaohan was helping her from behind.

Tang Xuerou’s parents were in deep grief. They couldn’t accept the fact that their only daughter had become a lunatic.

However, the evidence and confession provided by the police prevented them from reb.u.t.ting it.

“This Tang Youyou is really harmful. Our daughter was injured to this extent by her. How can she be at ease?” How much kindness did she receive from our Tang Family? “She’s an ingrate, I’m going to fight her to the death.” Tang Xuerou’s mother fiercely cursed out loud in grief.

Mr. Tang and Tang Youkang were also filled with resentment towards Tang Youyou. Was it still a mistake to raise her back then?

But now, she had actually caused her daughter to become like this. She really didn’t know how to be grateful.

“I’ll go and find her now. Wait for me at home, don’t go out and cause trouble!” Tang Youkang couldn’t sit still any longer and decided to get an explanation from Tang Youyou.

“I want to go with you, I want to scold this d.a.m.n girl to death.” Having lost her only daughter, how could Meng Lijuan sit still? She wished she could stab Tang Youyou with a knife.

Tang Youkang knew that if his wife didn’t find Tang Youyou to vent her anger, she would become a crazy woman. Thus, the father and wife drove to the hospital.

Before he left, Tang Youkang only knew that the hospital Tang Youyou was in was the result of a request from the police.

The moment they arrived at the front desk, Meng Lijuan went straight to the nurses station.

Tang Youkang was afraid that his wife would do bad things, so he directly said that he was Tang Youyou’s father. The nurse couldn’t figure out their relations.h.i.+p, so she believed his words and told him Tang Youyou’s ward number.

Tang Youkang and Meng Lijuan ran directly to the door of Tang Youyou’s ward. However, they didn’t get the chance to get near at all.

The six bodyguards in black, with serious expressions, blocked their way.

“Sorry, this ward doesn’t allow visitors, please go back.” His voice was full of courtesy and coldness, making Tang Youkang and his wife even more infuriated.

Tang Youyou is my adopted daughter, why didn’t you allow us to go in and look for her? I have something to ask her. Don’t stand in our way. ” Liu Da shouted loudly.

At this moment, in the ward, Tang Youyou was resting. Ji Xiaohan had sent his two children home and she was alone.

Tang Youyou walked to the door and opened it after hearing the commotion outside and Tang Youkang’s voice.

“Tang Youyou, you’re finally willing to see us again, you wicked woman. Return our daughter to us.” Meng Lijuan was the first to see Tang Youyou, and immediately wanted to pounce on her. Fortunately, a bodyguard quickly stopped her, and turned to Tang Youyou: “Apologies, Miss Tang, did you disturb your rest? We’ll drag these two down. ”

Tang Youyou looked at her adoptive father and stepmother, grief filling her expression.

“Is there anything you need from me?” Tang Youyou didn’t avoid them. Instead, she stood behind the bodyguard and asked with an indifferent expression.

Tang Youkang immediately questioned her angrily: “Tang Xuerou is your sister, do you need to make her a mental patient? Tang Youyou, you’re married to Ji Xiaohan, have we ever coveted anything from you? Why do you have to do this to our daughter? Did your conscience get eaten by a dog? Xuerou is my only daughter. ”

Tang Youyou looked at her foster father’s exhausted appearance. She was actually very upset, but she didn’t feel that she had overdone it.

“Mr. Tang, I can’t thank you enough for raising me, but if you say how malicious I am, I really don’t agree. Five years ago, this woman wanted to give me to an old man to play with, and I met Ji Xiaohan by coincidence, this can be considered fate for me and her. But your daughter, borrowing my light, enjoyed everything Ji Xiaohan gave her with peace of mind. It was your daughter who instigated a man to find someone to force me into a corner. If you all still felt that she was the victim, then I really don’t have anything else to explain. I can only say, you all deserve to die, but when you go back, we won’t meet again! ” Tang Youyou turned around and closed the door after she finished her sentence.

“Tang Youyou, you will die a horrible death too. You heartless thing, I will curse you for the rest of your life.” At this moment, Meng Lijuan lost all rationality. She did not hear a single word Tang Youyou said. She only felt that her poor daughter had been greatly wronged.

When the bodyguards heard her words, they immediately warned her in a serious tone, “The two of you, Miss Tang needs to rest. If you don’t leave soon, I will call the police.”

“Is Ji Xiaohan great in power? By sending you to guard her, you can guard her for the rest of your lives, right? If anything happens to my daughter, I’ll fight her too. ” Meng Lijuan was also on the verge of going crazy. She yelled and cried in extreme pain.

Only Tang Youkang took Tang Youyou’s words seriously.

Indeed, when Ji Xiaohan found out that Tang Xuerou had lied to him, it was Tang Youkang who called Tang Youyou. He was willing to use the grace of having a baby to solve his daughter’s crisis, and at that time, Tang Youyou had indeed made this kind of exchange with him.

However, Tang Youkang didn’t expect his daughter to be so stubborn as to think of all kinds of ways to take revenge on Tang Youyou.

At this moment, both sides had suffered heavy losses. No one was in a good situation.

“Let’s go!” Tang Youkang turned around and held his wife’s hand tightly: “Let’s stop this!”

“Kang, what about your daughter? What is she going to do? ”

“We can’t let anything happen to her. Her daughter will definitely get better. We need to take good care of her.” Tang Youkang was finally a little more clear-headed. Since his daughter had made a mistake, as her parents, they could only bear this kind of fate together.

Tang Youyou leaned against the door of the ward with her eyes closed.

If she wasn’t pushed to the extreme, she wouldn’t treat the people who had raised her in this way.

He could only hope that from now on, there would be no more harm done. Everyone could be a bit more rational.


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