WebNovel President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 601 He doesnt even have the right to be sad?

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You don’t even have the right to be sad?

Tang Youyou only felt that it was hard to breathe. The rumbling beside her ears made her eyelids look extremely heavy.

Is she dead?

That feeling as if the heavens were spi

ing and the earth was spi

ing, as if her entire body was trembling, as if her bones were about to shatter. She sank into endless darkness.

No, she didn’t want to die, and she couldn’t die either. She had to grow up with her children, and she still hadn’t married her beloved him.

Tang Youyou felt everything around her become slow. She tried hard to open her eyes, gasping for air.

But she couldn’t do it?

It was like being trapped in a terrifying black hole. The surroundings were deathly still, and she could hear her own weak heartbeat, which was getting heavier and slower.

In her ears, she could see the adorable smiles of the children, as well as that unforgettable handsome face.


She didn’t want to die like this because someone had come to save her.

She still had many things to do, many things that she couldn’t say in time. She couldn’t let go of her two children.

“Youyou ??”

Suddenly, a low and urgent male voice rang in her ears. Her consciousness that had been trapped in the darkness suddenly came to her senses.

“Youyou, wake up. Don’t sleep anymore. Open your eyes and look at me!” That voice was so familiar. It was Ji Xiaohan, her most beloved man!

“You can’t die, you know? I won’t let you die! You must wake up! ” The man’s tone became impatient and domineering, causing people who heard it to feel as if a knife was stabbing into their hearts.

“Wake up, wake up, I need you!” She felt something warm dripping on her face, she heard his words, each word so heavy, so reluctant to leave her.

He needs me…

“Swis.h.!.+” It was as if a force had pulled her out of the darkness and into the light. The instant she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar handsome face.

Close at hand, the tears dyed those deep eyes.

It was as if her consciousness hadn’t awoken yet, yet her eyes had already touched his.

In the midst of the chaos, she could feel the man gently lying down and hugging her. That familiar aura, that warmth.

After more than two hours of surgery, Tang Youyou was pushed out of the operation room. Her head was struck, a wound was cut on her leg, and numerous abrasions were left on her leg.

Throughout this long wait, Ji Xiaohan’s heart had been tormented by pain. Every minute and every second was like a moment of indecision to him.

His heart tightened as he stared at the light on top of the operating room.

Ji Yueze was also suffering as well. He rushed to the hospital in pain but didn’t dare to appear at the door of the operation room. He could only hide far away in a place where his brother couldn’t see.

He hoped that the heavens would not be so cruel as to take her away. He hoped that he could let her live on in peace.

Ji Yueze stuck to the wall and hastily put on his mask and sungla.s.ses, hiding his painful face.

He bitterly kicked the wall, not knowing how to vent the pain and nervousness in his heart.

Suddenly, a few girls pa.s.sed by him. They were all his fans. When they saw the clothes he was wearing, a girl immediately exclaimed in surprise: “Ji Yueze also has this clothes, could he be Ji Yueze?”

“Let’s go over and greet him. Judging from his figure, he’s definitely a handsome guy.”

A bold girl immediately ran over with a sweet smile, “Little big brother, little big brother, may I ask you ??”

“Go away!” Ji Yueze turned around with his back facing them. His current state of mind was no longer suitable to speak to anyone.

The girls across from him were all stu

ed. Then one of them angrily said, “What? He can’t be Ji Yueze? Ji Yueze has left him in the streets for who knows how many times. He’s really rude.”

“That’s right, we’re all girls after all. It’s really uncultured to let us walk away.”

Ji Yueze ignored the ridicule these girls gave him. He still kept his head down and closed his eyes in pain.

The girls didn’t pay any more attention to him and quickly left.

Ji Yueze looked through the window at his brother’s stiff figure in the corridor. He had been calculating the time. More than an hour had pa.s.sed since he received the call.

Tang Youyou was still lying in the operating room. Was she seriously injured?

Will she die?

Will they leave them?

Ji Yueze was panic-stricken. That strong sense of loss made him feel despair and sadness.

It was as if when he was ten years old, his father had left, and then his mother as well. At that time, he felt that the entire world had turned gray, and no one wanted him anymore.

Right now, his feelings for Tang Youyou had already reached a vague line. He knew that he couldn’t fall in love with her anymore, but he also knew that he couldn’t lose her.

He would rather let this retribution fall on him. He had stepped across the bottom line of morality and confessed on his own accord.

He was willing to give her his life in exchange for her waking up. He only wanted her to live on, live on by his brother and nephew’s side.

Finally, he saw his big brother’s figure that stood up abruptly in the corridor. Only then did he realize that the lights in the operation room had gone out.

Not long after, a doctor walked out from inside.

He was talking to Ji Xiaohan with a solemn face. Ji Yueze couldn’t hear him, so he was very uneasy. He really wanted to rush over and hear every word that the doctor said.

However, he was too far away, so all he could see was his elder brother’s stiff back.

What’s wrong?

What was the doctor talking about?

What’s the matter with her?

Is it serious?

Soon, Tang Youyou laid on the cart and was carefully pushed out by the nurse.

Ji Xiaohan suddenly turned around and jumped over. With both hands on the cart, he looked at the woman who was still unconscious with anxiety.

Ji Yueze followed them all the way to the ward, but he stopped once again.

Big Bro will definitely take good care of her.

At this moment, within the ward, Tang Youyou woke up. After half an hour of drowsiness, she finally woke up.

“Youyou ??” Ji Xiaohan’s handsome face flashed with surprise. He carefully caressed her pale cheek and said, “You’re finally awake. You scared me. Do you understand?”

“Ji Xiaohan ??” As soon as Tang Youyou called out to him, she realized that her throat was dry and sore, and she was in so much pain that she seemed to have lost all her strength.

She clearly wanted to shout out his name, but when she did, she could barely hear him clearly.

“I’m here. Don’t be afraid. I’m fine now!” Ji Xiaohan leaned gently against her ear to comfort her: “If you feel tired, go to sleep for a while!”

Tang Youyou was really tired. Her eyelids felt heavy, as if she had heard his voice. She finally relaxed and fell asleep once again.


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