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Daddy, are you going to bully Mummy?

Beside him stood a man of average height, wearing a pair of gla.s.ses, looking very polite.

When he saw Ji Yun Ning, he was naturally stunned by her beauty and immediately extended his hand over enthusiastically: “h.e.l.lo, Miss Ji. I’ve long heard Old Madam Ji mention you.

The moment Ji Yun Ning saw this man, she lost all interest in talking any further.

However, the old lady stood at the side. Furthermore, the old lady seemed to be very satisfied with this man, Ji Yun Ning could only take out the etiquette of a young miss, and smiled: “h.e.l.lo, thank you for your praise!”

“Alright, Mr Chu, let’s have a good chat. I won’t disturb you any longer!” After saying that, the old lady turned around and left.

When Ji Yun Ning saw that the old lady had left, the smile on his face stiffened.

This Mr. Chu was interested in her. He pa.s.sed her a gla.s.s of wine and then began to ask about her.

Ji Yun Ning grumbled in her heart. This man’s height was too average, she wasn’t even fit to carry Elder Brother Xiao Han’s shoes.

She suddenly felt uncomfortable. Was she that despicable in the old lady’s eyes? Was he only worthy of such a man?

The more Ji Yun Ning thought about it, the more sad she felt that the old lady was biased.

As they drove towards the bustling city area, Tang You You leaned into the man’s embrace lightly. The atmosphere was very quiet.

Ji Xiao Han placed one hand on her slender waist, and held her small hand in the other, gently playing with her fingers.

“What did you learn from my grandma today?” Ji Xiao Han asked with a low laugh.

“I’ve learned quite a few ways of greeting, posture and etiquette!” Tang You You answered honestly. Because she was so direct, making her look like an honest child. Ji Xiao Han liked her att.i.tude.

“How do you feel?”

“Very tired!” Tang You You sighed: “It’s true that I’m very tired, and I can’t get involved with the topics they talk about. It’s normal for people to ask me about it, sigh, communication is really an art, maybe I can’t enjoy the pleasures of it.”

Ji Xiao Han saw that she was really a little tired, and could only console her: “You just came into contact with this life, and in the future, you will come into contact more and more, what about you?”

“If it’s for your sake, I’ll study hard and get used to it. If you’re not afraid that I’ll embarra.s.s you, then I won’t learn!” Tang You You laughed, and said mischievously.

Ji Xiao Han was moved when he heard this. He lowered his head and kissed her cheeks: “If you’re really willing to learn for me, then I’m really happy. Of course, I don’t want you to be too tired, so I’ll allow you to waste your studies!”

Tang You You immediately beamed. “You are a good person, but, since I have decided to do it, I must do it well, or else, I will let down the time I wasted!”

“He’s so principled?” After Ji Xiao Han heard this, he wanted to kiss her even more.

“That’s right, your time is not the only precious thing. I feel that my time is also very valuable!” Tang You You said smugly.

“When did I say time was precious?” Ji Xiao Han did not want to be the scapegoat: “Time to accompany you and your child is the most precious!”

Tang You You reached out and tapped his lips, “You really know how to speak nicer words. Honestly speaking, have you gone online to study yet again?”

Ji Xiao Han’s handsome face froze, and then, without holding back, he kissed her lips: “Who said I need to learn?”

Tang You You couldn’t even make a sound, nor did she dare to do so. This was because a single sound could easily cause Driver brother to misunderstand what they were doing right now.

Finally, the car reached its destination!

Tang You You got off the car, and just then, she realized that there was a 7-star hotel downstairs!

Her little face couldn’t help but turn hot as she stood by Ji Xiao Han’s side, a little helpless.

Ji Xiao Han looked at the black ceremonial dress she was wearing, revealing her snow-white skin and her slender waist.

With a single glance, he felt as if his blood was about to boil.

“Let’s go and eat first!” When Ji Xiao Han saw her rosy white face, he knew that she must be imagining things.

However, his intentions were clear. Bringing her to the hotel’s dining hall to eat, Tang You You did not think about it too much, but it would be difficult.

Ji Xiao Han reached out his hands, gently held her small hands, and led her to the great hall.

Since there were two people having dinner today, Ji Xiao Han didn’t take the guest box. Instead, he asked for Lu Qing’s help to reserve a table next to the window, in a relatively hidden location.

Through the delicate patterns in the air and the flowers and trees, one could vaguely see the customers and waiters walking back and forth within the restaurant. It was more like living a life, and not like in a private room where the atmosphere would gather together, making one feel short of breath.

Tang You You liked this kind of atmosphere.

It was as if their love affair was just and honorable.

Ji Xiao Han ordered some dishes, and also some dishes that Tang You You liked.

It was only after the waiter had left did the two of them quiet down.

Tang You You turned his head to look at the scenery outside the window.

Just then, someone’s phone rang. Ji Xiao Han took out his phone and looked at Tang You You: “The children have found me!”

Tang You You tensed up and quickly urged, “Then why aren’t you answering the call right away? What if the children have something urgent?”

“What’s the matter with them?” Ji Xiao Han suspected that his son purposely called to ruin the atmosphere.

Tang You You glared at him.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin placed his phone on the table and pressed speaker.

Sure enough, Tang Xiao Nai’s high-pitched voice sounded out: “Daddy, Daddy, you brought Mummy out to eat delicious things again. You aren’t even bringing Xiao Nai out, Xiao Nai is so angry!”

Both of them looked stunned. Then, they started laughing.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin comforted his angry daughter gently. “Xiao Nai, Daddy will bring you out to eat delicious food tomorrow as well, okay? Don’t be angry! “

“That’s more like it!” Tang Xiao Nai was an easy to coax child, and she was instantly coaxed into being happy.

Just then, Tang Xiao Rui’s voice sounded. “Idiot Xiao Nai, go away, I want to talk to Father!”

“No, I’m not done yet. Let me tell you first …”

“Big brother, you’re a bad guy, I’ll ignore you!”

Tang Xiao Nai’s voice was getting smaller and smaller, probably because Tang Xiao Rui had ran away with her phone.

When Ji Xiao Han heard his son’s voice, he felt a headache.

The corner of Tang You You’s mouth rose, waiting to hear what her son had to say.

Sure enough, Tang Xiao Rui immediately spoke in the tone of a little adult: “Daddy, why did you suddenly bring Mummy out to eat? Do you have some sort of purpose? “

Hearing his son’s questioning tone, Ji Xiao Han was instantly displeased, and said with a low voice: “What is my purpose? I just wanted to take your Mummy out to have a meal since she was too busy recently.


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