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“If you don’t call me uncle, then what do you want to call me?” Luo Jin Yu asked sinisterly, he did not know why he asked that question, it was clearly not something that he should have said, because the moment he said it, the entire atmosphere changed, and the temperature of the surrounding area rose.

Yang Chu Chu’s beautiful eyes opened wide, looking at her handsome face in the light, although she looked holy and inviolable, instantly appearing cold and detached, but she did not know where he got his courage, her small tongue licking her lower lip, she blinked her eyes and asked: “Can I call you by your name?”

Luo Jin Yu’s body trembled, his gaze was even more obscure as he stared at the cute little face, and then, he coldly said: “You can’t! Just call me uncle, this is the most suitable! “

“I don’t want to!” Yang Chu Chu was extremely furious, why did everyone want to distort the relations.h.i.+p between him and her?

If she really did call him uncle, then wouldn’t she have no other choice but to be his nephew in the future?

He could only be her uncle. There was no other possibility.

“You should face reality now. It’s impossible between you and me!” Luo Jin Yu’s heart was also in turmoil, but his face was still unperturbed. He was even trying to force Yang Chu Chu to face reality and also trying to force herself.

“If that’s impossible, why did you ask me to meet you? Why did you invite me to dinner? Why did you kiss me? ” Yang Chu Chu did not know where he got the guts to suddenly say something so ambiguous.

Luo Jin Yu’s face froze, he was actually unable to answer her questions.

The surrounding air became disturbing due to Luo Jin Yu’s silence.

After Yang Chu Chu finished speaking these words, she wanted to bite off her tongue.

Is he angry?

“That’s because I don’t know who you are. I view you as someone I can play with like a Female Celebrity. Do you understand?” After a long while, Luo Jin Yu opened his mouth, and the words that came out caused Yang Chu Chu’s entire being to become dumbstruck.

She raised her head with great difficulty and looked into his eyes. Her voice was filled with tears, “You want to … Playing with me? “

Luo Jin Yu saw that her eyes were glazed over, as though he had suffered a huge blow. He felt that this time, the little thing should have given up on him.

“Yes, that’s what I meant. I thought you were young and beautiful, and you even said that you liked me. That way, even if I played with you, you won’t be held responsible!” Luo Jin Yu had no choice but to change himself into the appearance of a trash man, because, with his current appearance, he shouldn’t be able to attract his attention.

Yang Chu Chu continued to stare at him, and then, she blinked her eyes, and spoke with a trace of resentment: “Then why do you go back on your words? “You clearly wanted to play with me, but now you’re not playing with me. You’re too trustworthy!”

Luo Jin Yu, “…”

In the next second, Yang Chu Chu laughed foolishly: “So … You think I’m young and pretty too? I thought you didn’t think I was pretty enough! “

Luo Jin Yu never had a whole new level of respect for women, but at this moment, he looked at Yang Chu Chu, who was smiling like a fool, three times.

“You … Is your brain normal? ” Luo Jin Yu really didn’t want to think about whether she was crazy or not, but what she said just now made him suspect his.

Yang Chu Chu was shocked, she pouted: “Of course my brain is normal!”

“You’re not angry about what I just said? If I want to play with you, aren’t you angry? ” Luo Jin Yu felt that he probably met a fool.

Yang Chu Chu shyly lowered her head and smiled: “If I get toyed with by the male G.o.d that I have a crush on, I feel that it’s a very happy and happy thing, right? Moreover, I know that you’re not a person who can play with women’s feelings, I understand you.”

“You know me?” Luo Jin Yu squinted!

Yang Chu Chu nodded seriously, “Yes, I know a lot of things about you.

Luo Jin Yu was startled, he did not expect that this little thing that seemed to still be immature actually wanted to understand him.

“Then tell me, what do you know about me?” His interest was immediately piqued by her, looking at her bright eyes, Luo Jin Yu suddenly had an indescribable feeling in his heart, he suddenly felt like he wanted to chat with her for a while longer.

Being asked by him, Yang Chu Chu blushed again, feeling that she had lost a lot of face.

However, she knew that Luo Jin Yu cared a lot about the relations.h.i.+p between them. Maybe if she did not work hard, this man would really not have anything to do with her.

When he thought about that tragic result, the little universe in Yang Chu Chu’s body exploded.

It didn’t matter if it was shameful or not. In any case, she had secretly fallen in love with him for such a long time. Since she had already lost all her face that she should have, she had to fight for it.

“I know you’re a very responsible man. I also know that you had a girlfriend you dated for more than a year. Your girlfriend was taken away by your good friend. You’re hurt …”

Luo Jin Yu’s elegant face was immediately covered by a layer of frost. He thought that he would never be reminded of that old scar ever again, but now, this untactful little girl actually ripped open his wound again.

Luo Jin Yu had experienced the feeling of having one’s love s.n.a.t.c.hed away by a good friend. It was precisely because of this feeling that was full of scars, that made him feel a sense of disgust towards women.

“Enough, don’t say anymore!” Luo Jin Yu’s voice instantly became serious.

Yang Chu Chu was so frightened by his voice that her entire body trembled, her beautiful face was covered with a layer of panic and helplessness.

“Sorry, I… I didn’t mean to bring up your old feelings… “

“Yang Chu Chu, then do you know that I hate women?” Luo Jin Yu’s big and st.u.r.dy body suddenly moved closer a few steps, and stared condescendingly into her eyes, and asked with a hoa.r.s.e voice.

Yang Chu Chu’s beautiful eyes instantly opened wide, she shook her head, and then asked in panic: “You hate women? Could it be … “You like men?”

Luo Jin Yu, “…”

Yang Chu Chu seemed to have received a huge blow, her small face was pale without a trace of blood, and her voice carried a mournful tone, “How could this happen … How can you like men? “

Looking at her sad and disappointed expression, Luo Jin Yu felt pain in his head again.

d.a.m.n it, who told her that she liked men?

His orientation was very normal.

Yang Chu Chu’s dim gaze caused him to become inexplicably annoyed. He raised her voice and said: “I don’t like men!”

The pale little face in front of him suddenly raised up, his bright big eyes revealed a smile, and he asked in surprise: “Really? “Then you still like women, right?”

“Nonsense!” Luo Jin Yu felt that there was indeed a very deep gap between him and this woman.


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