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Tang Xiao Nai turned around in front of the mirror narcissistically and shouted happily: “Daddy, this dress is so beautiful, I love it!”

Tang Xiao Rui had been waiting for a long time, but he still didn’t see his father and sister coming out. He simply walked in and saw his father dressed up Tang Xiao Nai like a little princess, while he himself was wearing a small checked cool suit. There’s no cla.s.s today? How come he wasn’t wearing his school uniform?

Tang Xiao Rui’s large and astute eyes turned around: “Are we going to support the Mummy?”

Ji Xiao Han immediately replied with a smile: “No, I have already discussed this with your Mummy, and have decided to reveal your ident.i.ties.”

“Then can I hold Dad’s Mummy’s hand and go crazy everywhere?” Tang Xiao Rui was very excited and happy.

“Yes, from now on, no matter where you are, you can call me father in broad daylight.” Ji Xiao Han suddenly blamed himself. The children were too sensible, which made him even more ashamed.

At this moment, the main hall of New product launch was brightly lit and filled with starlight. It had already become the biggest event in the entertainment circle.

A long line of reporters was lined up, stretching from the entrance of the hall to several tens of meters.

One after another, pure, bright, and enchanting Female Celebrity, as well as elegant male celebrities walked through the red carpet towards the main hall.

In front of the signature wall, all the Female Celebrity s were competing with each other in a flirtatious manner, causing the reporters to be so excited that their faces and ears turned red.

“Tang Xue Rou is here …”

“I heard that she is going to hold Ji Yue Ze’s hand and sing a love song this time, is it true? If that’s really the case, then it’s too interesting. “

Tang Xue Rou was wearing a light blue, long skirt that dragged the floor, her long hair flowing to the side, revealing her beautiful profile, tall and slender figure, with an extremely beautiful appearance.

She revealed a bashful smile and kept waving at the reporters.

As expected, her transaction with Tang You You was worth it. Today, with so many reporters present, looking at her with infatuation, it was as if she had returned to her peak. She was very excited.

However, Tang Xue Rou was not complacent for even a few seconds when she heard someone shout behind him, “Ji Yue Ze is here, quickly…!”

When the reporters, who were trying to take pictures of her earlier, heard about the arrival of Ji Yue Ze’s car, they all rushed to get the best spot possible and filmed his elegant figure getting off the car.

In a flash, Tang Xue Rou became an awkward situation that no one cared about. She could not help but turn around to look at Ji Yue Ze, and saw that the person who got off the car beside him was the movie star Yang Chu Chu, who was under her control right now. She was wearing a set of pure white ceremonial dress, looking at her, her figure was beautiful and her temperament was pure.

Tang Xue Rou was truly afraid that Yang Chu Chu would replace her. After all, she was only eighteen years old, was in her prime, and had all kinds of flattery from Ji Yue Ze, so her distance was bright and limitless.

Tang Xue Rou was just smiling, but now, the smile on her face was extremely strong.

She did not dare to leave with a dark expression on her face because she did not want to lose her composure under such high intensity cameras.

Ji Yue Ze wore a black suit.

The moment he walked down, he immediately grabbed Yang Chu Chu’s shoulders, causing Yang Chu Chu to struggle slightly.

While smiling, he gritted his teeth and said, “Boss, can you stop making fun of me? I really don’t want them to mistake me as your girlfriend.”

Ji Yue Ze’s thin lips curled up, and said in a voice that was also light: “You know I don’t like walking on the red carpet alone, and giving you such a chance to be together, and even being so picky, don’t forget about me deducting your salary.”

“Even if you deduct my salary, I don’t want to start a scandal with you.” Yang Chu Chu insisted.

“It’s too late. Can’t you see that they are constantly shooting us? I’m afraid the headlines tomorrow will be ours again. “

Yang Chu Chu’s beautiful little face froze and she angrily sighed. She really couldn’t do anything to this proud and pampered man.

Ji Yue Ze smiled mischievously as he hugged Yang Chu Chu’s shoulders and walked forward.

Almost all the scenes were shown to this pair.

When Ji Yue Ze and Yang Chu Chu pa.s.sed through the red carpet and sat down, Yang Chu Chu’s entire body froze, and as if she received an electric shock, he pushed Ji Yue Ze’s hand away.

Ji Yue Ze frowned, and looked at her in puzzlement.

Yang Chu Chu looked at the mature and stern man who sat in the center of the front row with her beautiful big eyes.

Luo Jin Yu?

Why was he here?

Yang Chu Chu was both surprised and happy, her entire body trembling from excitement.

It was a great surprise. She saw the man.

Just as Yang Chu Chu was feeling overjoyed, her eyes immediately fell on the equally charming and pa.s.sionate woman beside Luo Jin Yu, Mu Lin!

Yang Chu Chu was not unfamiliar with Mu Lin, because there had once been a reporter who wrote a report about them together when they had nothing better to do.

Yang Chu Chu saw that the two of them were discussing something in low voices, and because the scene was a little chaotic, when the two of them talked, they would occasionally get close to each other, giving people a sense of closeness.

Yang Chu Chu was shocked, her entire being froze as her soul left her body.

Ji Yue Ze looked at Yang Chu Chu’s distracted appearance and asked her curiously: “What’s wrong with you? Suddenly, as if she had lost her soul, let’s go! “Come to our position.”


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