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I can’t help worrying about him.

Ling Mofeng looked over and saw the woman’s blus.h.i.+ng face and her weak body that couldn’t support herself.

“Miss Wan doesn’t have enough alcohol. Mo Feng, you’re a man, take care of her!” old president immediately reminded Ling Mofeng with a gentle smile.

Ling Mofeng was a modest and polite person. In front of so many people, he obviously couldn’t just push Wan Qianqian away. He only asked her in a low voice: “Miss Wan, are you alright?”

“I feel dizzy, Mr. Vice President, I am so sorry, can you let me lean on you a little longer?” Wan Qianqian immediately put on a charming face. She wanted to use this opportunity to get on this man’s body.

“If you’re drunk, I’ll get the staff to take you to bed.” Ling Mofeng immediately looked at Lieutenant Chu at the door and hinted him with his eyes.

“No need, actually, I’m not that drunk either. I haven’t eaten yet, so I’m a bit hungry!” Wan Qianqian forced herself to sit up when she saw that she was going to be sent away.

old president laughed and said, “Mo Feng, young man, you need to know how to take pity on the flowers and cherish the jade. Half of Miss Wan’s drunke

ess is in the wine, while the other half is in the people!”

“Mr. President, you’re joking!” Wan Qianqian immediately lowered her head in embarra.s.sment but her eyes were full of joy. She snuck a glance at Ling Mofeng’s expression.

Ling Mofeng smiled politely and didn’t answer.

“Mr. Vice President is a man of honor, a role model for young people to learn. He values his career wholeheartedly, and would never waste time on relations.h.i.+ps!” One of the officials beside him joked.

Ling Mofeng held the gla.s.s and took a sip. He was still smiling.

Wan Qianqian opened her mouth and said, “Men are the most attractive when they work seriously. Mr. Vice President’s grace is hard to forget. However, with a woman by his side, life will be better.”

“Don’t tell me that the Miss Wan has feelings for Mr. Vice President?” a nearby minister asked with a smile.

Wan Qianqian took this opportunity to confess her feelings to Ling Mofeng. She looked at Ling Mofeng’s handsome face with a bashful smile and said softly, “I admire you sir, but I know you are too outstanding. I don’t dare to have any delusions!”

Ling Mofeng saw that everyone’s topic was on him, so he had to say, “I am deeply grateful for everyone’s concern for me. For my own sake, I am not too interested in matters of the heart, so I hope you will have the opportunity to be more concerned about official matters.”

Wan Qianqian’s face darkened when she heard Ling Mofeng’s cold reply.

However, the more uninterested Ling Mofeng was in the relations.h.i.+p between a man and a woman, the more he aroused Wan Qianqian’s desire to conquer him. Normally, if such a man were to fall in love, it would be burning hot.

Wan Qianqian felt that Ling Mofeng was the treasure she wanted to dig. She felt that this man must have a lot of things on his mind. Plus, his figure was a huge factor in picking out women.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t seen a man of the abstinence attribute before, but it was really her first time meeting a man with such an outstanding abstinence temperament like Ling Mofeng. Thus, she definitely wouldn’t let him go.

At that moment, Lan Yanxi was busy sorting through the doc.u.ments she had just brought back.

“Strange, the seventh and tenth pages are both missing. It can’t be that the man really picked them up wrongly, right?” How could this happen? ” Lan Yanxi’s mind buzzed. Luckily, she had glanced at his work card in a hurry and discovered that he was part of the Department of Public Information. Therefore, Lan Yanxi had decided to go to that man to get the doc.u.ments back.

Lan Yanxi hurried towards the news department. It was already time for lunch.

When she reached the entrance of the DPI hall, she saw groups of men and women in overalls coming out of the hall towards the dining hall.

Lan Yanxi watched anxiously from the side. Suddenly, she saw the man she b.u.mped into in the afternoon.

Qiao Zhuo had been waiting for Lan Yanxi to come and find him at noon. He didn’t expect to see her at this time, so his eyes lit up slightly.

“Ah, sorry to interrupt, but do you remember me? We b.u.mped into each other this morning and got the files wrong. Can you… ”

“h.e.l.lo, I’m Qiao Zhuo, what’s your name?” Qiao Zhuo introduced himself with a smile.

The colleagues who pa.s.sed by all looked at the two of them in surprise.

“My name is Lan Yanxi. Can I trouble you ??”

“Why don’t we eat together and then come back and get the files? I’ve already put the doc.u.ment in the cabinet. The key is not in my hand, so I’ll have to go to my colleague for a meal before opening the door! ” Qiao Zhuo immediately suggested in a friendly ma


“Oh, then I’ll come back later. I won’t disturb you any longer!” Upon hearing his answer, Lan Yanxi knew that she wouldn’t be able to get it back, so she turned around and left immediately.

Qiao Zhuo saw her figure leave like the wind and frowned. Other girls didn’t dare to look into his eyes when they talked to him because they were shy all the time, but that girl just now was talking to him politely. Qiao Zhuo felt this was very interesting.

Lan Yanxi went back to her office in frustration and went to the cafeteria with a few senior colleagues.

The moment he sat down, he heard a table of girls beside him discussing something in low voices.

“Today, I heard that the President has invited the Vice President and a group of ministers to meet for a meal on the third floor.”

“Really? Is it to break the rumours that I’ve told you about before? ”

“I also believe that Mr. President would definitely not harm anyone. Mr. Vice President must have been attacked by a terrorist attack!”

Lan Yanxi perked up her ears and her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t help but look up at the staircase. The third floor was a private room, and it was an important place for ministers and foreign ministers. Ordinary staff were not allowed to enter.

The President treated Ling Mofeng to a meal? Could it be another Hongmen Banquet?

“Yanxi, why are you still in a daze?” Even the food is getting cold? ” A kind elder sister beside reminded her.

“Oh, I’m not very hungry!” Lan Yanxi answered with an absent-minded smile.

She was really worried that something would happen to Ling Mofeng, but the surrounding people were sure that Mr. President didn’t do it. Furthermore, Ling Mofeng didn’t seem to be hurt in front of others.

She knew that he was injured, and seriously, but he had been holding it in.

Thinking about him taking injuries to play golf with foreign envoys and tearing them up again, her heart ached inexplicably. She didn’t know if Ling Mofeng was stronger than the average person in terms of pain tolerance, but no matter how strong he was, his body was not made of iron, so it must be very painful.

“I’m full, you guys take your time, I’m leaving first!” Lan Yanxi suddenly stood up and walked out of the cafeteria as soon as she finished talking to her colleagues.

As soon as he walked to the door, he b.u.mped into a group of colleagues in the reception room. Yang He was among them.

In the face of the collision, some of her colleagues waved towards Lan Yanxi. Yang He only raised her head to look at her for a moment before turning away, as if she didn’t recognize her.

Lan Yanxi froze for a moment, then could only laugh it off.

It was a good thing for her that Yang He didn’t want to be friends with her again. Since she didn’t take the initiative to hurt anyone, what was there for her to feel guilty about?

Lan Yanxi walked to the door of the elevator and a thought quickly flashed through her mind. She mysteriously pressed the b.u.t.ton of the elevator. When the door opened, her fingers couldn’t help but press the b.u.t.ton of the third floor.

Lan Yanxi’s palms were sweating nervously. However, she had a strong thought. She wanted to see if Ling Mofeng was alright or not.

She must have gone crazy. The words that Ling Mofeng told her were all thrown to the back of her mind, but she couldn’t help but want to care for him. It’s over. This must be true love.

The elevator door opened with a “ding”. The moment Lan Yanxi stepped out of the elevator, she was troubled by the few corridors in front of her. When she was in the reception room, she came here before, but at this moment, she didn’t know where to go.

Just as Lan Yanxi was feeling dizzy, two men in black suits walked over and said to her with a serious expression, “You are not allowed to enter here. Please leave as soon as possible.”

Only then did Lan Yanxi realize that wanting to get close to Ling Mofeng in the office was simply a pipe dream. Layers and layers of strict guards could keep her as far away from him as it could be.


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