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Pei Ying was obviously not done with her bad luck. When she left while wiping away her tears, she did not know that, in another corridor, a man and a woman were flipping through the photos that had been taken hurriedly.

“Looks like our trip was worth it, Ji Yueze actually hugged a female artist in the hotel. Haha, this news is really shocking, if this news gets out, our company will make a huge profit again.” The man in the middle lowered his voice excitedly and immediately thought of his bonus. It was definitely enough to make him happy for a while.

The woman asked anxiously: “This is Ji Yueze’s story. Do we really dare to report it?” Furthermore, entertainment industry is now considered the leader of his company. If we risked our lives to take in his scandal, would we get fired? ”

“What are you afraid of? “We only shot it when we risked our lives to get away from his protection. Whether or not we could do it depends on our editor’s decision. Let’s go, let’s hurry back to report to the company.” That man couldn’t wait to destroy the situation.

Ji Yueze slowed down his drinking and thought about what Pei Ying did just now. He inexplicably wanted to see Bai Yiyan as soon as possible. Thus, he called for someone to send him back.

He reeked of alcohol and had been carried upstairs by someone else. Liu Xiaoxing and Leng Fei had already turned a blind eye to this loving couple and were only doing their work.

Ji Yueze pushed open the door and entered the bedroom. He was slightly shocked when he saw that Bai Yiyan was not inside.

Finally, he heard two light coughs coming from the direction of the balcony. His spirit was roused and he immediately walked towards the balcony.

Pus.h.i.+ng the door open, she saw a slender figure lying on the back of a long chair. She took out a book and covered her face. It was unknown if she was sleeping, enjoying the cool summer night breeze.

Overhead, a bright light shone in the warm light.

Ji Yueze looked at her cute actions and slightly raised his thin lips. He was still swaying slightly after he had just woken up from the alcohol.

He squatted beside the chair and gently reached out to take the book that was covering her face.

Bai Yiyan, who was blinded by the light, slowly lifted her star-like eyes and stared dumbly at the man that had squatted beside her at some unknown time.

“Lying here alone thinking about life?” Ji Yueze asked her softly with a smile.

Bai Yiyan quickly propped herself up with both hands. Smelling the faint scent of human alcohol, she muttered, “Are you drunk?”

“No, I’m still very sober!” The man stood up and sat by her side. He reached out with his long arm and gently pulled her into his embrace.

“I’ve seen your company’s celebration. Why didn’t you come up and speak? I was looking forward to seeing you.” Bai Yiyan obediently leaned into his embrace, and her words contained a sense of loss.

“Haven’t I come back? “You can see as much as you want.” The smile on Ji Yueze’s face gradually deepened. Was this woman hinting that she missed him?

“That’s different!” Bai Yiyan said softly.

“Where is it different?” Ji Yueze had a strange expression on his face. He was the one and only.

Bai Yiyan bit her lower lip and said gloomily, “I’d like to see you in high spirits. You used to give people a feeling of confidence when you came on stage to receive prizes.”

“Is that so? Why didn’t I notice it? ” Ji Yueze was in a great mood. Could it be that this woman had repeatedly watched him receive the award on stage?

“Of course you didn’t notice it yourself!” Bai Yiyan was a little shy for some unknown reason. She felt like a lovestruck fool, expressing her feelings to him.

“Then the next time I will stand on stage, I will let you see me!” Of course Ji Yueze had to fulfill her dream.

“You don’t have to do this for me ??”

“What about you? I like to do anything for you. ” Ji Yueze interrupted her, gently kissing her hair and smelling her quiet fragrance. Suddenly, his body felt a burning sensation.

He couldn’t help but reach out to lift her chin and kiss her lips, but he was pushed away in disgust by the woman.

“No, if you drink, you can’t kiss me!” Bai Yiyan was not a delicate person. She was only thinking for the child in her womb.

Ji Yueze then remembered that she was still carrying his treasure. He could only resist his impulse and suppress the fire in his body as he muttered, “Xiao Yan, how long has it been since we last met?”

Bai Yiyan, of course, understood what he meant by ‘together’. Her pretty face turned red from embarra.s.sment. “The doctor said that it wouldn’t be worth it if we didn’t ??”

Ji Yueze leaned close to her ear and bit her earlobe: “Then what do I do if I feel uncomfortable?”

Bai Yiyan looked at him with a dazed expression. “Didn’t you say you’d do it yourself?”

Ji Yueze’s handsome face instantly turned red. He said with embarra.s.sment: “What’s the point of doing it yourself?”

“In that case, you are not thinking of ??” Bai Yiyan blinked her beautiful eyes.

Although Ji Yueze didn’t say anything, his bright eyes were already pleading silently.

Bai Yiyan lowered her head and giggled. She didn’t know why, but she felt a sense of accomplishment when Ji Yueze looked at her with such a gaze. She thought she was the only one who would show such a pitiful expression.

“Let’s go!” Although Bai Yiyan really wanted to see him like this, it was rare to see him like this.

But her heart ached for him, so she could only agree.

Ji Yueze’s thin lips raised happily as he started to understand the benefits of having a little girl beside him.

While Ji Yueze and Bai Yiyan were enjoying their intimate romance, on the other side, in the office of an editor, a group of people were intensely discussing this matter. Finally, they decided to post the exclusive news they had finally managed to get online.

Thus, the next morning, when the summer sun climbed to the highest point of the Twin Towers, a shocking piece of news instantly dominated the entertainment page’s headlines, instantly becoming a hot topic.

In the photo, Ji Yueze was holding a woman in his arms. The two of them were standing in the corridor of the hotel, and behind them was a brightly lit hotel suite. The door was open, and the light s.h.i.+ning on each other gave a subtle yet ambiguous feeling.

Of course, this woman was Pei Ying, who Ji Yueze mistakenly thought was Bai Yiyan.

There were only three photos. Two of them were about Pei Ying’s face, but only the last one could be seen. Pei Ying turned her head to the side, and when the light shone on her face, Ji Yueze’s face became a little blurry, but her face was clearly visible to others.

The moment the news appeared, Ji Yueze was informed. His entire body shuddered, was there a reporter lurking around last night? Or perhaps, this reporter had intentionally called over from Pei Ying to take a picture of him hugging her?

No matter what, the severity of this matter had made Ji Yueze completely pale.

As the person involved, Pei Ying’s face was also pale. Normally, she would be happy and sweet to be hugged like this by Ji Yueze. However, this sweetness would probably become a knife that would pierce the body.

“What’s going on? “How could it have been captured by someone?” Pei Ying was so shocked that she couldn’t even hold her phone. What she wanted wasn’t to be exposed, she only wanted to secretly have a relations.h.i.+p with Ji Yueze.

Now that her wish had not been fulfilled, her bad luck had actually come knocking on her door. Pei Ying slumped onto the ground, unable to recover for a long time.

At that moment, her cell phone rang.

She took a look and her heart was in her throat. It was a call from the company.

“Hey!” Pei Ying’s voice trembled.

“The boss wants you to meet him in his office in half an hour. Come over quickly!” It was her agent, and her voice sounded anxious.

“I… Am I finished? ” Pei Ying couldn’t help but ask in fear.

“You’re not done yet. When you see the boss, you’re really done for!” The agent didn’t want to scare her, but he knew Ji Yueze’s temper very well. He would definitely be angry if a scandal spread out at this time, because there was already news that Bai Yiyan was pregnant and was Ji Yueze’s child. It could be seen that Ji Yueze never gave up on loving this woman from the begi

ing to the end.

Now, the person he loved was pregnant, yet he was making a scandal. If it was anyone else, they would also be furious right now.


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