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Chapter 630: Picking a fight with the wrong person

Princ.i.p.al’s Office.

“Chief Huang.” First Middle School Princ.i.p.al said after noticing Huang s.h.i.+zhong was not saying anything.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong’s back is covered in a cold sweat.

Dong Xuebing and Xie Huilan are a couple, and they will get married.

This is too shocking. Huang s.h.i.+zhong had met Mayor Xie before and felt she was very pretty. He has never thought she would pick someone like Dong Xuebing. This is more unbelievable than hearing his daughter was expelled from the school. But the Princ.i.p.al has no reason to lie.


I am in deep s.h.i.+t!

Huang s.h.i.+zhong realized who he was picking a fight with. No wonder everyone’s att.i.tude towards Dong Xuebing is different.

The Police didn’t dare to arrest Dong Xuebing even after getting all the evidence and tried their best to settle this dispute privately. He is Mayor Xie’s fiancé, and no one dares to arrest him. If they arrested him, they would go against Mayor Xie by embarra.s.sing her.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong slapped his forehead as he realized what he had done.

He was too careless.

He had not expected this.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong’s heart sinks. Although he doesn’t have an outstanding career, he is not stupid. He was blinded by rage and lost his senses. All he was thinking was to teach Dong Xuebing a lesson and ignore the Princ.i.p.al and the Police Officers’ hints. He felt a transferred government staff should not have any strong influences in the County. But this person turns out to be the Mayor’s fiancé.

What should I do?

Huang s.h.i.+zhong had dug his own grave.

First Princ.i.p.al saw Huang s.h.i.+zhong’s change and knew the latter understood the severity of his actions. He sighed and thought to himself. You are a newly appointed Ministry of Education Chief, and you think too highly of yourself. Being arrogant in government service is taboo. If you had checked the G.o.d of Plagues’ background, all these would not happen. You had asked for it, and it’s too late now.

Who is the G.o.d of Plagues?

He is a crazy and unreasonable guy!

You are asking for it by provoking him.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong immediately made several phone calls to ask about Dong Xuebing after the Princ.i.p.al left.

Half an hour….

One hour….

Two hours….

Huang s.h.i.+zhong almost jumps off the building after hearing about Dong Xuebing’s deeds in the County. Dong Xuebing is not only Xie Huilan’s fiancé, but he is also close with the County’s Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng, Commission for Discipline Inspection’s Secretary Duan Zhengan, Party Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Geng Yuchao, County’s Head of People’s Armed Forces Xiong Zhiyong, and many other higher management Leaders. He also has huge influences over the Public Security Bureau and the Investment Promotion Agency. His achievements in the County had overshadowed the Mayor and even got the nickname the G.o.d of Plagues. He survived a landslide, several gunfights, and even an air crash. His status within the County had reached a terrifying height, and even Xiang Daofa was having trouble with him. Xiang Daofa even had to use his connections to transfer him to the City. Even his rivals avoided and hid from him.

This guy is the G.o.d of Plagues which no one wants to provoke.

“No wonder….”

Huang s.h.i.+zhong’s heart sunk. He knew he had messed with the wrong person, but he was unwilling to be defeated. Huang Tingting’s face had swelled from Dong Xuebing’s slaps. She had not been hit all her life, and he could not take it lying down.

No, there must be a solution.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong is older and doesn’t want to lose ‘face.’ If he admits defeat, how will he face others in the County? His hatred towards Dong Xuebing grew. His daughter was beaten up and expelled from the school. This is very serious as it will be recorded in her files. Although he can find another school for her through his connections, her bad records will remain.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong thought and remembered the County Party Secretary Xiang Daofa.

From the rumors, Secretary Xiang does not like Dong Xuebing. The latter had beaten up his relative and embarra.s.sed him. Huang s.h.i.+zhong felt Secretary Xiang might help him if he pleaded with him. After all, the Party Secretary is more powerful than the Mayor. He is the only person in the County to reverse Tingting’s punishment. He had visited Secretary Xiang and expressed his intentions to join the Xiang’s faction when he was posted to Yan Tai County/

Huang s.h.i.+zhong called the Party Secretary Office.

Secretary Xiang’s secretary, Zhou Jun, answered. “h.e.l.lo.”

“Secretary Zhou, I’m the Ministry of Education Huang s.h.i.+zhong.” Huang s.h.i.+zhong said politely.

“Oh, Chief Huang.”

“I would like to speak to Secretary Xiang.”

“Secretary Xiang….” Secretary Zhou paused for a second and continued. “Secretary Xiang is reading some doc.u.ments. I can help you pa.s.s the message if you want.”

“It’s like this….” Huang s.h.i.+zhong told Zhou Jun about what happened to his daughter and complained against Dong Xuebing.

News of this incident had spread within the Government departments, and Zhou Jun knew about it. He waited for Huang s.h.i.+zhong to finish and told him to inform Secretary Xiang.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong sat in the office after the call. This is his only hope.

One hour….

Two hours….

Party Secretary Xiang should have finished reading dozens of doc.u.ments by now. Still, Huang s.h.i.+zhong did not receive any phone call.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong turns pale and slumps into the chair. Even Party Secretary Xiang is unwilling to get involved with the G.o.d of Plagues.

What is the best evaluation of a person?

A County’s No. 1 and No. 2 can’t be at peace with each other. But the County’s Party Secretary does not want to get involved with this incident, although he is the Mayor’s fiancé. This is the best testimony of Dong Xuebing’s achievement during his time in Yan Tai County.

Even the County’s Party Secretary is feigning ignorance.

No matter how confident Huang s.h.i.+zhong is, he will not think he is more powerful than Secretary Xiang.

It’s over.

Huang s.h.i.+zhong picked up his phone unwillingly and called the Public Security Bureau to withdraw his report against Dong Xuebing.


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