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Chapter 613: Mum is a great beauty


The sky is clear, and there’s a warm breeze.

Dong Xuebing woke up early in the morning and took a taxi to Qian Meng Street to get his car before driving to the beauty salon in the northern part of the city.

When Dong Xuebing entered the salon, he saw his mother talking on the phone in the reception area. Her back is facing him.

“Are you all reaching? Xiao Bing and I will be there soon.”

“Haha…. Xiao Bing is also in Beijing?”

“Yes. He is here for some official businesses.”

“Alright. Tell Xiao Bing to drive safely and don’t rush. See you later.”

After hanging up, Luan Xiaoping turns and sees her son. She smiles. “Your Uncle Yang had called to say they are reaching the City area.”

Dong Xuebing pretends to be surprised. “Eh? Who are you?”

Luan Xiaoping gave him a stare. “I am your mother!”

“You are my mother?!” Dong Xuebing exclaimed. “I can’t recognize you. You are too pretty.”

“Nonsense. Haha….” Luan Xiaoping lowered her head and looked at herself in the mirror. She is satisfied with the results.

It’s impossible for Dong Xuebing not to recognize Luan Xiaoping. They had been living together for so many years, and he could even recognize her blindfolded. But Luan Xiaoping is very pretty today. She wore the clothes and accessories they bought yesterday. She wore a blouse, a light-colored skirt, a pair of trendy high heels, and held a red handbag. With her necklace and earrings, she looks fabulous. Her hair is permed and pinned up. She is a different person now. The salon had covered most of her wrinkles with make-up, and she looks seven to eight years younger.

Dong Xuebing gasped. “Mum, you look different today. Err…. Did anyone try to pick you up before I reach?”

Luan Xiaoping blushed and cleared her throat.

Dong Xuebing was stunned. “Really?!”

Luan Xiaoping stuttered. “I don’t know him, and he asked me for my number. I just ignored him.”

“Hahaha….” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Mum, you had charmed everyone here.”

Luan Xiaoping also laughed. “Stop making fun of me.”

“Let your son look at you for a while more.” Dong Xuebing stood in front of her and examined her face. “Not bad…. You will surely shock Uncle Yang later. I dare to say they will not recognize you.”

Luan Xiaoping laughed. “Stop exaggerating.”

“I am telling the truth.”

“Mum, you are really pretty. These clothes suit you well.”

“Alright… alright…. Let’s go now.”

Dong Xuebing noticed a few men stealing glances at Luan Xiaoping when they stepped out of the beauty salon, and he was happy. He opened the door for her and helped her into the car. He also let her wear his Patek Philippe watch, and she is now wearing at least three million RMB.

Let’s go!

Guang An Meng.

The service road outside of China Construction Bank.

A Hebei registered Audi stopped by the roadside. They had arranged to meet here. Yang Zhaode did not let his driver drive him as this was his private affair and a meeting between both families. His brother-in-law, Yang Zhaojuan’s husband, is driving, and she is sitting in the front pa.s.senger seat. Yang Zhaode, Yang Zhaofen, and their mother are in the back seat.

“Mum, why are you looking so grumpy?” Yang Zhaode looked at his mother and smiled. “Who made you mad?”

His mother did not reply to him.

Yang Zhaojuan blinked. “Brother, she is unhappy because she thinks Luan Xiaoping and you are not compatible.”

Yang Zhaojuan’s husband tapped his wife’s arm to stop her.

Yang Zhaode did not get mad, and he laughed. “Zhaofen, what do you think?”

Su Jia’s mother, Yang Zhaofen, replied. “I have met Sister Luan and her son before. I like them.” Luan Xiaoping had given Su Jia an expensive ring, and Dong Xuebing had helped her get an interns.h.i.+p with Xin Hua News Agency. Of course, she will side with her.

Luan Xiaoping smacked her lips. “Sis, Mum is not saying Luan Xiaoping has a bad character. It is because her family conditions are not good enough for Brother.”

Yang Zhaode has a good temper. “You keep saying our Mum says this and that. I think all these are how you feel. Haha….”

Yang Zhaode’s mother interrupted. “Zhaojuan is right. I don’t deny Xiaoping is a good person, but her family is poor.” Yang Zhaojuan is the youngest and is spoilt. “Also, Xiao Ping is from the countryside.”

Yang Zhaode laughed. “Then why did you two come along?”

“I want to see her family’s condition and act as your gatekeeper.” Yang Zhaode’s mother replied.

Yang Zhaode was about to reply when a Porsche Cayenne stopped in front of them. Yang Zhaojuan looked at that car and gasped. “That’s a beautiful car. People in Beijing are rich.”

Yang Zhaofen replied. “This is the capital, and there are many rich people here. Is that a Porsche?”

“Yes.” Yang Zhaojuan looks at her watch. “Why is Xiaoping not here yet?”

Yang Zhaode replied. “We are meeting at 10 am, and we are fifteen minutes earlier.”

“Eh? That young man looks familiar.” Yang Zhaofen looks at the man’s back.

That young man is opening the pa.s.senger door of the Cayenne and helping someone out. A while later, an elegant middle-aged woman got out of the car. She is wearing Channel, holding an LV handbag, and is wearing a beautiful necklace.

Yang Zhaojuan looks at her enviously. “People in big cities are different. We can easily see well-dressed people on the streets. Is she going to attend the Paris Fas.h.i.+on Week?” She is into fas.h.i.+on and knows this woman is wearing at least a few million RMB on her.

The young man and middle-aged woman turn and walk towards their car.

Yang Zhaode is stunned. “Huh? Xiaoping and Xiao Bing?”

Yang Zhaojuan and the rest had only met Luan Xiaoping once or twice, but Yang Zhaode is different. He recognized her immediately.

“Xiaoping is here?” Yang Zhaojuan looks around. “Where is she?”

Yang Zhaode smiles. “There… the one you say she is dressed up for Paris Fas.h.i.+on Week.”

Yang Zhaojuan’s jaws dropped. “Ah? She is Xiaoping?”

Yang Zhaofen realized that woman was Xiaoping. “Ah…. It’s her.”

They got off the car with a shocked expression.

Luan Xiaoping held Dong Xuebing’s arm and walked towards them. “Zhaojuan, Zhaofeng.” She turns and introduces. “Zhaojuan, you have not met my son, right? This is Xiao Bing.”

Dong Xuebing smiled and greeted them. He glanced at Yang Zhaojuan to remember her. This is the woman who looked down on Luan Xiaoping.

Yang Zhaojuan was still shocked. “Xiaoping…. What happened?”

Yang Zhaode looked at his sisters and smiled. “Zhaojuan and Zhaofen could not recognize you. Why did you dress up so beautifully today? I almost did not recognize you.”

Luan Xiaoping felt shy, but she felt good when she saw Zhaojuan’s shocked expression.

Yang Zhaojuan was stunned by Luan Xiaoping and felt little beside her. Where did she get these clothes?”

After the introductions, Dong Xuebing and Luan Xiaoping chatted with Yang Zhaode’s mother and Yang Zhaojuan’s husband for a while.

Yang Zhaode’s mother started to look at Luan Xiaoping differently. She did not expect her to become so pretty suddenly, and her impression of her changed.

A few minutes later, Yang Zhaode interrupted. “Let’s go. This is not a good place to chat.”

Yang Zhaojuan looks away from Luan Xiaoping’s diamond necklace and smiles. “That’s right. Let’s go to your house.”

Dong Xuebing looks at her. “Sure.”

“Our car is too cramp.” Yang Zhaode walks over. “Let’s go. I will sit in Xiao Bing’s car.”

Dong Xuebing smiles and opens the rear pa.s.senger door for them.

In the car.

Yang Zhaode asked. “When did you change car?”

“Haha…. It’s been a while.”

Luan Xiaoping is anxious and asks softly. “Xiao Bing, are we going to North Heping Road?”

“Don’t worry about anything.” Dong Xuebing will not bring them to their small rented apartment. Since Zhaojuan thinks we are poor, we will show her.

Yang Zhaode sensed they were trying to compete, and he looked at Luan Xiaoping. “Haha…. What is going on?”

“Nothing.” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Nothing happened.”

Luan Xiaoping slapped Dong Xuebing’s back lightly and turned to Yang Zhaode. “My son wants to make me glamourous for this first official meeting between both families.”

Yang Zhaode laughed and understood what had happened. He held Luan Xiaoping’s hand. “I don’t know anything about fas.h.i.+on brands, but I think it should be worth ten of thousand from the way Zhaojuan looks at you.”

Luan Xiaoping doesn’t know how to reply.

Yang Zhaode was surprised. “Is it more than that?”

Luan Xiaoping whispered. “Over one million.”

Yang Zhaode took a deep breath. “Wow….” He laughs and turns to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing, you are so good to your mother. One million is more than ten years of my salary.”

“He is messing around.” Luan Xiaoping said this, but she is proud of Dong Xuebing.


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