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Pill Furnace Master wanted Long Feiye to maintain his position for three days and three nights? How was he supposed to dual cultivate with Han Yunxi then?

Before either of them could protest, Gu Qishao spoke up. “Old thing, what kind of tricks are you playing now? What happens if he doesn’t maintain it for three days and three nights?”

Pill Furnace Master only remained for a few seconds to change his internal energy into fire. Why did Long Feiye have to stay so long?

“The method is different, hehe. This old man is helping you too! The technique he just learned gets twice the result with half the effort. If he can maintain it for three days and three nights, there’ll be a chance it turns into Ninth Raging Lotus Flame. Heheh, once that’s created, you’ll be able to get your Returning Dragon Pill within one and a half months.” As he spoke, Pill Furnace Master gave a cold huff. “After getting the pill, leave as quick as you can.”

Pill Furnace Master’s only thought now was to finish up the pill and cast out these plague G.o.ds.

“I’m asking you what happens if he doesn’t?” Han Yunxi said severely. She was wondering what would happen to Long Feiye if he maintained this state for three days and three nights![1]

“Otherwise, he’ll be counterattacked by the Celestial Fire Qian Furnace’s power,” Pill Furnace Master said carelessly. He had no idea what colossal mistake he’d made and went on to say, “It’s only three days. With his internal energy, it’ll be as easy as turning over a palm.”

“What are the consequences of a counterattack?” Long Feiye’s voice was cold, but calm.

“The Celestial Fire Qian Furnace contains the power of celestial fire, which comes from the Heavens. The results of such a counterattack…hehe, what do you think?” Pill Furnace Master stroked his beard, completely indifferent. “Just stop worrying. You can treat it as losing some internal energy. Three days will pa.s.s by quickly.”

Pill Furnace Master was smiling, but Long Feiye, Han Yunxi, and Gu Qishao had all fallen silent. All of them stared silently at the old man. Gradually, he sensed their mood and looked around doubtfully. Before he could ask any questions, Gu Qishao cursed.

“You’re motherf**king looking for a beating!” So speaking, he flew up towards the furnace lid.

Han Yunxi’s eyes flashed with killer intent as she stomped on the ground and flew up as well. Despite being slower to act, she was faster and more vicious as she dragged the Pill Furnace Master by his collar and demanded, “Who told you to call the shots? You’re seeking death!”

Celestial fire energy belonged to the Heavens and far outpaced that of humankind. Long Feiye’s internal energy reserves wouldn’t be able to bear it, no matter how deep they were! In other words, if Long Feiye was counterattacked, he would be pressed down by a force even stronger than the l.u.s.tbite energy. What were the consequences of that?

None whatsoever to speak of, because it’d just lead to death.

No matter what, Long Feiye couldn’t stop. But how was he supposed to dual cultivate with her in that case? They had persisted for so long over the past two months without breaking a single day. Nor could they afford to! Once they did, both she and Long Feiye would enter deviation and he would suffer the worse from its effects. The l.u.s.tbite energy differed from other martial arts in that deviation would strip the pract.i.tioner of all internal energy. It could even put their life in mortal danger. When Long Feiye had asked the Celestial Mountain sword sect master about the Returning Dragon Pill, he had told Long Feiye to be extra careful. Once the l.u.s.tbite energy reared its head, even ten Returning Dragon Pills wouldn’t be enough to save him.

Now what?

“Is there any way to stop it?” Long Feiye asked Pill Furnace Master coldly.

Pill Furnace Master had no idea how he’d offended these deities once again. He shook his head and said, “Once this method is activated, you have to continue for three days and three nights!”

Long Feiye’s calm face finally turned white at the thought. Han Yunxi couldn’t believe her own ears. Pill Furnace Master still wanted to say that this was for their benefit so they should thank him. But who knew that when he went to push aside Han Yunxi’s hand, she would s.h.i.+ft her grip to his neck instead? Without a word, she only glared at him icily.

What were they to do about their dual cultivation if Long Feiye couldn’t stop? She could give up her internal energy, but Long Feiye couldn’t! He had studied martial arts since he was young and his back was covered with shocking scars. None of them had been treated with medicine, so they were painful memories that could never be wiped away!

The Tang Clan’s way of training its death soldiers ensured that 9 out of every 10 died. How much willpower did the young and tender Long Feiye need to overcome it himself?[2]

How many countless trials with swords on Celestial Mountain and its emotionless blades? How much sacrifice did that youth undergo to survive through it all?

He was born extraordinary with n.o.ble blood, but nothing he gained came with birth! Especially his own martial arts skills. How could it just disappear just like that? Even her own internal energy came from him. How could it just vanish? Every night for the past two months, no matter how tired or sleepy they were, they hadn’t stopped dual cultivating. How much they treasured this hard-earned internal energy, especially her!

After every dual cultivation session, he would stroke her hair and smile. Seeing her internal energy increase day after day, how happy and proud he must be? Moreover, even if they could afford to throw away their martial arts, they would still enter deviation and be in danger of losing their lives, ah! Whether they persisted or gave up, only a dead end awaited them! There was no choice at all.[3]

What to do? What to do?

The sudden change in circ.u.mstances didn’t make Han Yunxi panic, but it did make her heart ache!

“Who told you to do as you please?! Who told you to do as you please! Who told you to do as you please…” Han Yunxi demanded repeatedly as she choked Pill Furnace Master. She was as stubborn as a brat who wanted answers.

Pill Furnace Master struggled fiercely before he realized Han Yunxi had exceptional hand strength. It was impossible for him to escape. He began to grow fearful because the Han Yunxi before his eyes had turned into a complete stranger. On the side, Long Feiye continued to look pale, his thoughts unreadable. Gu Qishao was quiet too, his gaze complicated.

Finally, Long Feiye said, “Yunxi, let go.”

“Impossible!” Han Yunxi raged.

“Let go,” Long Feiye intoned.

Han Yunxi looked back at him. She wanted to be strong, but seeing his ashen face made her ask with a choked voice, “Long Feiye, we…what should we do?”

“Let go first,” Long Feiye coaxed.

Han Yunxi shook her head silently.

“Be good and listen…trust me,” Long Feiye said softly.

Han Yunxi stared at him for a long time before ruthlessly throwing Pill Furnace Master aside. He almost toppled off the furnace. After gulping down deep lungfuls of air, he finally recovered his senses and fumed, “What’s the matter with you guys? This old man was trying to save you some time!”

No one bothered explaining to Pill Furnace Master. Long Feiye only asked coldly, “Just what are the consequences of being counterattacked by celestial fire?”

“Death!” Pill Furnace Master got straight to the point.

“What kind of death?” Long Feiye asked.

“Long Feiye, what are you going to do?” Han Yunxi panicked.

“Long Feiye, have you gone mad?” Gu Qishao cried.

Pill Furnace Master was truly lost. “You–just what are you planning? It’s just three days…”

“Answer me!” Long Feiye cut in. His voice was frosty enough to chill the air.

Frightened, Pill Furnace Master replied, “Celestial fire will seep into the internal organs and light them aflame–”

“Enough.” Long Feiye cut him off with hooded eyes. He then soared into the air as the fireball beneath him exploded in size.


With a clatter, the Celestial Fire Qian Furnace was lifted into the air by a ma.s.sive force. Han Yunxi, Gu Qishao, and Pill Furnace Master were all knocked aside by the sheer heat to hang in the air.

“Long Feiye, what are you doing?! You’ve gone crazy!” Han Yunxi wanted to rush over, but the fireball was too big for her to get close or stop him. She and Long Feiye were both calm types, but just who was calmer than whom?

Han Yunxi was about to lose it but still knew that their choices were both dead ends. However, they still had to break off the dual cultivation and give up everything. At least that would give them a chance to survive. If Long Feiye chose to abandon the furnace, he would only die! Han Yunxi always thought that Long Feiye was calmer that she was, but what was he doing now?

Choosing the path of death!

“Long Feiye, answer me! Just what are you doing!”

“Long Feiye, we can just quit our dual cultivation and lose everything! So what?!”

“Long Feiye, just what are you doing? You’ll die!”[4]

Han Yunxi screamed nonstop with her questions while Gu Qishao was stunned as well. But like Han Yunxi, he had no way of approaching Long Feiye.

“Don’t worry, I won’t die!” Long Feiye shouted back.

He was planning to gamble this once and use all of his internal energy to face the celestial fire’s strength. He knew that it was impossible to block it all, but he could at least reduce the impact. As long as that was done, there was a chance he could bear the damage. He wasn’t crazy, just exceptionally calm. Halting the dual cultivation of l.u.s.tbite energy would lose them their internal energy and send them into deviation, which was more likely to take their lives. Since both choices were equally hopeless, the only difference lay in that this one gave him a fighting chance to act. Otherwise, stopping dual cultivation would only leave them with nothing but to await the consequences. He was always calmer than Han Yunxi because he had to protect her.

“Han Yunxi, trust me!” As Long Feiye spoke, the giant fireball in his hands transformed into a flame serpent to stream into the furnace.

“Long Feiye, don’t you want me anymore?”[5] Han Yunxi had already lost control as her vision grew blurry. The heat haze made it impossible to see Long Feiye clearly.

The fire dragon slipped into the furnace and quickly vanished from sight. Logically speaking, the lid of the furnace should lower after that. But the round lid didn’t land back in its place, but thudded heavily onto the ground.


Everyone looked towards the lid…

1. Pro-tip #1017 from PGC’s author: when you want to make a chapter fill your daily word count quota, repeat the same phrases over and over again.

2. Maybe, I don’t know, not train your lone surviving heir to the dynasty with something so dangerous in the first place? Harhar.

3. I think this was supposed to raise sympathy but all I could think was Ning Cheng had it harder than you in your luxury carriage and boss-of-everything statuses, mhm. Maybe author did his arc too well, because while these two are facing a threat to their life, Ning Cheng is literally already blind in one eye and still suffering from poison everyday while ahem, fighting in an active battlefield.

4. Woman, calm down and let him finish his plan first. You wanna kill him with your distracting screams instead? Seems like every time he tells you to trust him, you just yell and get hysterical like a banshee… It’s not romantic, it’s annoying. =.=

5. No. No, no, no, this level of reproach and guilt-tripping is not cool, female lead. Thank G.o.d LFY is the cool-headed type who won’t get swayed by emotional outbursts…


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