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Chapter 882 Are You Guys Coming For Solitary Cultivation Or What?!

Lu Ze and the girls followed Saint Shenwu to the cultivation building.

Two star state soldiers were guarding the place. They saluted after seeing the saint. “Lord Shenwu!”

Soon enough, they noticed Lu Ze’s group behind Saint Shenwu. The reason for the visit quickly dawned on them.

The soldier on the left asked, “Lord Shenwu brought the Monarch of the New Dawn and the girls for solitary cultivation here?”

The saint confirmed it and emphasized sternly, “Ze and the girls will be cultivating at the highest floor. The period for their stay remains uncertain, but as long as they choose to remain inside, do not allow anyone to disturb them.”

The two soldiers understood the order. “Yes!”

The saint continued, “If your s.h.i.+ft ends, relay the same thing to subsequent soldiers who will be a.s.signed here.”

The two soldiers nodded seriously. “We understand!”

They were extremely shocked. Of course, they knew about the exceptional talent of the group, even their absurd cultivation level. Lu Ze and the girls were well-known in the Federation.

Nevertheless, the soldiers didn’t expect the marshal of the Shenwu Army to personally escort the team into the cultivation building and pressure them like that. No prodigy in history had ever received this kind of treatment. That was the precise reason they were shocked.

Saint Shenwu nodded and smiled at Lu Ze while patting his shoulder. “Ze, the other old guys and I still need to guard the border. You guys can cultivate here during this time. Don’t slack off.”

Lu Ze returned the smile and nodded. “I understand, Elder Xu.”

The saint nodded and left.

One bearded soldier smiled at the group. “I’m Qiao Shuya, please follow me. The top floor is a bit special. I’ll lead you guys there.” Lu Ze and the girls looked among each other in confusion.


‘Isn’t it just another dao enlightenment room?’

Despite their doubts, they nodded and followed Qiao Shuya.

He guided them into a lift at the edge of the hall. He smiled. “This is an exclusive lift to reach the top floor. We have to take this particular one.”

The group was even more bewildered.

‘An exclusive lift?’

Qiao Shuya inserted his spirit force into the device, and the doors of the lift opened.

When they reached the top floor, Qiao Shuya said, “There are ten dao enlightenment rooms and spirit gathering rooms on this floor. They are usually unoccupied. Only when we receive a leader of foreign races, or in other special circ.u.mstances, would we use them. You guys can cultivate here. You do not have to worry about other people.”

The entire floor was reserved for them.

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, thank you, General Qiao Shuya.”

“This is what Lord Shenwu personally instructed. It is my duty. I won’t disturb your cultivation either. If you need anything, just contact us.”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Qiao Shuya returned to the lower floor.

The group looked around curiously. There was a white alloy walkway outside the lift. On each side, there were ten rooms, as well as a mark indicating which hall housed the dao enlightenment room and spirit gathering room.

Nangong Jing smiled. “There are so many rooms. I feel like it is a waste.”

Lin Ling joked, “Think of it in another way. No one uses this place usually. At least, with us around, they wouldn’t be wasted.” Alice looked around on the side and asked, “I wonder what the rooms meant to receive leaders of the foreign race will look like. We should check them out.”

The others were also interested in the idea.

They only used ordinary dao enlightenment rooms before. They had never seen ones that were this top-notch.

They entered one of the dao enlightenment rooms. Well, the structure was similar to the rooms in Jinyao City. The key difference was the size. The rooms were quite s.p.a.cious here.

The group was a bit disappointed.

Nangong Jing remarked, “There is actually no difference, other than it having a wider s.p.a.ce.”

Lu Li smiled. “It is probably in consideration for races who are rather ma.s.sive in build, like the Barbarian Race?”

Lin Ling nodded.

Alice mumbled, “I thought there would be kitchens.”

Qiuyue Hesha: “…”

‘Did this girl consider this place a hotel?’

They went here for cultivation.

Alice’s words made Lu Ze recall something.

Even during solitary cultivation, they still needed food.

He smiled. “Alice, you brought kitchen utensils, right?” Alice complained, “Senior, you’re insulting the professional standard of a spirit chef! Of course, I carry my kitchen utensils with me!” Hearing this, Lu Ze had a bold idea “How about using one spirit gathering room as a kitchen?”

The girls: “???”

This guy… Did he want to eat even during solitary cultivation?

Alice wouldn’t agree to this no matter how much she spoiled him… right?

Contrary to their expectation, when they turned around, they saw Alice looking like she had discovered a new world. She was really planning to do it?! Nangong Jing scolded, “Are you guys here for solitary cultivation or what?!”

She was furious!

“Could they still have a serious solitary cultivation?’

Ever since using the orbs, the longest time she had spent in solitary cultivation was no more than a month…

Her longest record happened during the aperture opening state. It took her two months!

She even felt she was a fake star state…

Lu Li nodded. “This is the dao enlightenment room and spirit gathering room after all. It doesn’t seem proper to treat it as your kitchen, does it?”

Lin Ling: “…” Being the timidest among them, Alice quietly conceded, “Senior, it is probably not good for us to use the spirit gathering room as a kitchen, isn’t it?”

Lu Ze argued, “We are only using one room to cook. It is not like we are going to ruin the room. It will be a waste to have it remain unoccupied.”

Nangong Jing and the girls rolled their eyes.

Lin Ling said, “You just want to eat.”

Lu Ze reb.u.t.ted, “Do you guys not want to eat then?”

Everyone: “…”

After a moment, Qiuyue Hesha smiled “It is an empty spirit gathering room anyways. It should be fine, right? Otherwise, it would be too boring to constantly cultivate.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

‘She knows me well!’

He kissed Qiuyue Hesha before saying, “Hesha is right.”

Lin Ling relented, “Okay then… we’ll just use one room as a kitchen.”

Lu Ze was overjoyed.

Following the debacle, the group designated another spirit gathering room as their resting and eating place.


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