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Chapter 1046: The Universe Is Truly Small

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Within the range of a hundred thousand light-years, all the barbarians seemed to have lost their spirit.

‘Did the ancestral souls disintegrate just like that?’

‘What if their leader is only sleep-talking?’

They didn’t have the courage to accept the truth.

Each planet of the Barbarian Race had its respective Barbarian G.o.d Palace. The statue of their ancestors resided in those establishments.

In their hearts, their ancestors stood as their guardian angels.

‘But now, are they truly gone forever?’

They couldn’t accept the reality.

The tormented voice of their leader was transmitted once again.

“The ancestral souls have pa.s.sed over. The entire race grieves for them.”

His voice struck a chord in everyone’s hearts.

The crowd lost the colors on their faces.

‘Is it real? Did the souls of their ancestors succ.u.mb to the afterlife?!’

Back in the battlefield, the cosmic system state, star state, and planetary state barbarians knelt in the direction of the ancestral souls.

Lu Ze and the girls felt shocked to witness the scene.

Countless barbarians were kneeling to pay their respects.

One could tell the significance of the souls to the Barbarian Race. They were on par with the importance of the 12 saints of the Human Race to humans. Perhaps they were revered much more than that.

After a long while, the leader of the race stood up. The rest followed suit.

The leader, forcing out a smile, approached Lu Ze and the girls.

He said genuinely, “Aren’t you Lu Ze? You are the person the others have been talking about? Thank you for saving our race. We would love to express our grat.i.tude, but the souls of our ancestors have just pa.s.sed over. Right now, we won’t be able to hold a feast for you.”

Lu Ze gave the leader a nod. “Don’t mention it. Dealing with the pa.s.sing of your ancestors takes precedence. The Barbarian Race has also aided the Human Race in the past. Hence, you don’t need to mind such formalities.”

The leader of the Barbarian Race could finally breathe with ease. “Thank you for understanding.”

The leader had to offer at least that much because Lu Ze was an important figure. He couldn’t offend an omnipotent cultivator.

Back then, the barbarians couldn’t even tell how the three cosmic cloud state insectoids were eliminated.

Lu Ze’s mysterious master also gave them a fright. They should avoid displeasing such a being if possible.

Thereafter, the leader of the Barbarian Race led Lu Ze and the girls away from the battlefield and escorted them back to the ancestral planet.

After expressing their sincere apologies, all the barbarians proceeded to the Barbarian G.o.d Palace.

The leader allowed Man Yong, Man Kun, Man Xiu, and some of the others to accompany Lu Ze.

In the warp dimension near the Barbarian Race, a milky-white crystal s.h.i.+p was flying rapidly.

Yi Lei, Fred, and two beings from the Golden Spear Race were aboard.

One platinum-haired woman, who had a curvaceous figure and l.u.s.trous metallic skin, said, “We are about to reach our destination. Cager, this is your first mission. Get used to it. There are only three cosmic cloud state insectoids there. They are not invincible. Fred and I will attack. You can watch with Yi Lei on the side.”

A man with spiky and gold-colored hair nodded. “Alright, Big Sister Mirium.”

In truth, he felt a bit nervous. He recently raised his cultivation level to the cosmic cloud state. This would be his first time doing a mission issued by the Crisp Green Blade.

Yi Lei patted him on the shoulder. “Relax, Cager. The missions a.s.signed by the Crisp Green Blade this time are not difficult to accomplish. I have already completed one.”

Cager asked, “By the way Fred, didn’t your own race post a mission? Both of you claimed the mission. How come you didn’t finish it?”

Fred and Yi Lei didn’t expect the question. They soon recalled the human cultivator and the mortifying cosmic cloud state pet he owned back at the border of the Blade Demon Race. Their hairs stood on ends.

The prodigy left a lasting and deep impression on the two.

Fred looked at Mirium. “It is not important. Someone else completed it first.”

Mirium looked at Fred in surprise. Upon seeing that Fred wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation, she didn’t push him.

The atmosphere fell silent. Even the talkative Yi Lei kept his mouth shut.

Yi Lei sent a telepathic message. “Brother Fred, five months have pa.s.sed. Still, the prodigy from the Human Race didn’t look for us. Does he really not care about those mission points?”

Fred surmised, “That might be a possibility. He is definitely not simple. The talent of his pet has far surpa.s.sed even the Elf Princess. A prodigy like him doesn’t lack anything. He probably doesn’t have any need for mission points.”

Yi Lei remarked, “Brother Fred, I have thought of something bold…”

Fred interrupted him. “No, don’t even think about it! Even if that human prodigy didn’t take the mission rewards, we can’t steal it!”

‘What will happen if that prodigy decided to visit the Crystal Race one day?’

‘How will you explain yourself then?’

The mission rewards might be enticing, but there was no need to offend someone like Lu Ze over it.

Yi Lei laughed it off. It was merely a suggestion. He found it a pity to waste the rewards. However, after thinking about it more, he soon gave up the idea.

At this juncture, Fred suddenly announced, “We are here.”

Everyone looked outside the window, only to be greeted by the tranquil s.p.a.ce. Cager asked, “Big Sister Mirium, did we land at the wrong location?”

Mirium frowned. “This should be right. An intense battle took place here recently.”

Fred said, “One, two, three… Fifteen cosmic cloud states? Why can I detect several chis here?”

This didn’t match the information they received.

“Fifteen? I thought there are only three cosmic cloud state insectoids to deal with?”

Fred and Mirium looked at each other and then looked in the direction of the ma.s.sive bronze planet—Barbarian G.o.d Planet.

Fred questioned, “This should be the territory of the Barbarian Race, right? They used to be a cosmic cloud state civilization in the past. We should try asking.”

Mirium nodded.

On the planet, Man Yong and his companions led Lu Ze and his girls around the planet.

There could have been breathtaking sites all around. However, the corpses of the insectoids ruined the scenery. Now, there wasn’t anything to look at.

Even if a lot of barbarians were cleaning up the mess, it would still take them a while to restore the charm of the place.

Lu Ze and his group were a bit embarra.s.sed to still be escorted around despite the predicament of the barbarians. They just lost their ancestors permanently.

‘Should he try sending them back to the Barbarian G.o.d Palace then?’

They seemed really keen to go. However, something alarmed Lu Ze. He looked up in the air and furrowed his brows.

“Someone is coming.”

Nangong Jing asked, “How come two of the chis are quite familiar?”

Lu Ze remarked, “Oh, perhaps you are right.”

Lin Ling said, “Shouldn’t they belong to the two cultivators from the Crystal Race we encountered in the territory of the Blade Demon Race?”

Lu Li chimed in, “Those two cultivators from the Crystal Race? Why are they here?”

“Could it be…?”

During their previous encounter, those two cultivators chased after the insectoids and ended up in the blade demon territory.

‘Did they come here for the same reason this time?’

Lu Ze then remarked, “This universe is really a small place…”


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