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Chapter 33: All Hands on Deck. Food for Those Who Work

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Disperse. Now, take everyone to the camp to rest. Tomorrow morning at 7 am, gather here on time.”

Instructor He Liwei clapped his hands in satisfaction.

He led the group of students toward the living area.

The students behind whispered to each other. Compared to the fear of going to the battlefield, everyone was actually uncontrollably excited. Leaving their parents and going out to camp was an exciting experience for the teenagers who were only 16 or 17 years old.

“I wonder where they will put us up?”

“It must be in the tent. I haven’t experienced military life yet.”

“It’s so exciting. I hope to share a room with our cla.s.s belle. Listening to her shower, I can eat three big bowls of rice.”

“How’s the food here? Looking at the instructor’s health, it must be a meal of steak.”

Everyone whispered and discussed. Until they saw the camp.

Everyone looked at each other.

There were no tents at all. The Logistics Department gave everyone a broken sleeping bag and a biscuit that was as hard as a rock.

Everyone was required to lie down in their clothes.

They would sleep around the fire and spend the night.

“No way, Sir. We have to find a place to sleep. The ground is full of mud. It’s cold and hard.”

“It’s over. I’m starting to miss the Soft Xi Mengsi and the warm cashmere quilt at home.”

“This cake is as hard as moving bricks. Why don’t you just ask me to eat soil!”

Apart from Fang Yuan, everyone who came to the freshman military training was basically rich kids who were used to a comfortable life.

Usually, they ate well and slept well at home.

They would live a life of being the best.

Now, they could not accept it if they were to sleep on the ground and eat hard biscuits.

“What nonsense are you all talking about?!”

Instructor He Liwei’s angry roar was like thunder, silencing the discussion of the whole place.

“This is a battlefield, not your own home! Those who are complaining and don’t want to partic.i.p.ate in the military training, stand out now and I promise to send you back to your mother’s arms to suck milk!”

This roar made everyone not dare to say anything more.

“If you want to eat well and live well, there are ways, too. You have to earn it with your own hands!”

He Liwei pointed at a small villa on a hillside not far away.

Although it was just an ordinary tube-shaped building in the city, but on this battlefield, it was as beautiful as heaven.

What made people even more envious was that there was a barbecue grill outside the villa with smoke rising from it. Even from so far away, one could still smell the fragrance of the barbecue.

“Freshman, did you see that place? That is where the first-cla.s.s soldiers live. If you want to live there, bring back the magic crystals in the body of the demonized giant rat tomorrow. Bringing back 10 magic crystals, you can live in a tent. Bringing back 50, you can live in a building. If you bring a f*cking hundred magic crystals, you can live in a villa. The military camp is such a place. Whoever has the most credit will be in charge!”

“Similarly, that villa is next to the military supplies supplier. There’s good meat and good wine, but you have to give me the magic crystals of the demonized giant rats in exchange! Anything else, I won’t accept!”

The instructor explained the rules of the military camp to the students, so they could only accept the current situation for now.

“Demonized giant rats, just wait for me!”

“I’m going to kill a hundred of them tomorrow!”

“Our school will definitely kill more of them than you guys!”

“We’re going to have a fight, right? Do you dare to make a bet and have a compet.i.tion?”

“Let’s have a compet.i.tion, who’s afraid now?”

While they were discussing, a few students from The First High School had an argument with their cla.s.smates from another key school, The Experimental Middle School.

“Alright. It’s time to rest. Quiet, everyone.”

Don’t move, don’t talk, be alert, and be on guard against the sneak attack of the demonized giant rats at night!”

After the instructor finished his words, he left first.

The next morning, everyone gathered and began to form teams.

“For this military training, students can form a team of three to five people to fight. They can also act alone.”

“Everyone can communicate on their own and form their own teams. The team leader will come over later to register. Is everyone here?”

“Okay, let’s start the roll call.”

“The First High School in the city, Zhang Yu, Li Yizheng, w.a.n.g Zijun, Chen Ying… Fang Yuan.”

“Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan, where is student Fang Yuan?”

The instructor repeated the name a few times but did not hear any response. “What’s going on?”

The girls from The Experimental Middle School snickered at the side.

Among them, Xu Zhiyu, Xu Zhishu, and Xu Zhiyin were triplets.

Even in The Experimental Middle School, which was filled with beautiful girls, they were at the level of school beauties.

Apart from their impressive looks, they were also among the best in the school.

The three of them had fire-type dinosaur pets, water-type turtle pets, and gra.s.s-type vine pets. The power of their three attributes of mutually reinforcing and counteracting could not be underestimated.

Especially the Xu family. As a family with a arcane realm inheritance, they also had a secret scroll of [ joint attack ] .

In other words, when two types of pet beasts fought at the same time, the strength of the skill would increase tremendously.

Therefore, the three of them formed a battle team, which was also the team that the instructors and teachers favored the most.

Xu Zhiyu said, “Your cla.s.s’s Fang Yuan… could it be that he ran away at the last minute?”

Xu Zhishu said, “Or it could be that he was lying in bed and didn’t get out of bed.”

Xu Zhiyin said, “Wasn’t he quite good at bragging yesterday? Why did he cower so quickly today?”

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan’s cla.s.smates frowned and felt that things were not that simple.


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