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Chapter 173

Chapter 173 – Love Again

The rise and fall of domestic theme songs beats with the pulse of the times .

Theme songs first flourished in the 1950s and 1960s, when the country was newly established and everything was renewed, and the whole society was full of vigor and vitality . Works reflecting the latest trend emerged one after another, giving birth to many cla.s.sics .

In the 1970s and 1980s, China achieved great unification, reform, opening up, prosperity and wealth, and people’s material life had been greatly improved . The theme songs followed the pace of times, and a large number of famous young singers emerged, still active in the mainstream .

After entering the new century, the number of cla.s.sic theme songs, like national songs and pop songs, became fewer and fewer . With its style and melody staying the same, it gradually lost its original position .

However, at the political level, the vitality of theme song is still extremely tenacious . Many major domestic festivals, such as National Day, Army Day, Victory Day and so on, have always played the leading role in theme works .

For example, in the 2015 Beijing Satellite TV’s National Day Party, there were as many as 15 song and dance programs, accounting for 70% of the total, among which there were 11 theme works .

There was no need to worry about the ratings of this party .

Lu Chen was temporary the replacement for the solo program . So, when Gu Rui intentionally asked him to sing a theme song, he immediately thought of many cla.s.sic theme works from the dream world in his memory .

There were so many tracks to choose from, and casually picking one out was enough to subdue the scene .

What’s more, there are two versions of “I Love you China” . In addition to the one just sung by Lu Chen, the other version is actually more cla.s.sic and has a real theme style .

However, after careful consideration, Lu Chen still chose the current version .

The reason was very simple, the matter of writing and singing style .

Although the other version is a cla.s.sic and more in line with the requirements, it was quite different from the style of his previous works, including the melody, the content of the lyrics, and the way of singing .

The current version of “I Love You China” has a very good melody rhythm and emotional expression . It adopts the method of “rising after suppression”, which expresses grat.i.tude, attachment, love and blessing to the motherland .

Although the impromptu accompaniment was very rough, Lu Chen integrated his sincere feelings into his singing .

Among them, “I love you China, my dear mother, I’ll cry for you and I am proud of you!” These two lyrics were repeated ten times, and gets stronger and stronger every time!

For the “audience” on the scene, the first impression they got from the song was that it gave them a very fresh feeling .

They have never heard such a theme work before!

Lu Chen’s “I Love you China” was obviously not pure, or it didn’t have the kind of theme style that everyone was familiar with . It was more of a pop music with a lot of light rock features integrated in it, which was refreshing .

And the feeling expressed in Lu Chen’s singing moved them!

There was no doubt that it was a good song .

At least Gao Zhixue listened attentively, completely ignored the shortcomings of the accompaniment, and nodded frequently with the melody .

He didn’t even know when Gu Rui appeared next to him .

Until Lu Chen finished singing .

Warm applause broke out immediately in the studio .

Although there were only hundreds of people at the scene, the atmosphere created wasn’t bad . Many people even stood up and applauded .

“Director Gao . What do you think of this song?”

Gu Rui asked with a smile, a little proud of himself .

He took the risk to recommend Lu Chen, and Lu Chen didn’t let him lose face . He really gave him a lot of face!

Gao Zhixue returned back to his senses, and when he saw that it was Gu Rui, he immediately smiled: “Yes, this song should be Lu Chen’s original work, right? I’ve never heard of it before . ”

If such a work had not been newly created, he couldn’t have never heard of it .

Gu Rui nodded and replied, “Yes . ”

Gao Zhixue sighs: “Today’s young people are really amazing . Each generation surpa.s.ses the preceding one!”

When Director Gao said this, he did not notice the look on the face of Director Lu Zhengzhi, who was sitting next to him .

Lu Zhengzhi knitted his brow . Suddenly, he reached out and patted the microphone on the table in front of the seat .

Puff! Puff!

He asked, “This little comrade, did you write this song yourself?”

Lu Chen replied, “Yes . ”

There was a slight noise in the auditorium . Everyone was admiring Lu Chen’s talent .

Lu Zhengzhi adjusted his sitting position a little uneasily, straightened up, and said solemnly: “This little comrade, the lyrics of your work are okay, and your creative talent is worthy of recognition, but the style is not very compatible with the National Day Party . We need to reconsider . ”


Gao Zhixue, Gu Rui and the staff of Beijing Satellite TV at the scene were stunned .

Wasn’t the song very compatible with the National Day Party . What kind of argument was that?

Lu Zhengzhi probably realized that he didn’t speak clearly enough and added: “That is to say . The song didn’t reflect the characteristics of a theme song . It’s too much like an ordinary pop song . ”

This reason…

Gao Zhixue was a little speechless . Was he deliberately picking faults?

Gu Rui suddenly became anxious . His face flushed instantly, and he shouted, “This…”

The music director of Beijing Satellite TV appreciates Lu Chen as well as Lu Chen’s song “I Love you China” .

Although as a theme song, this song seemed a bit unorthodox, but both the melody and lyrics were excellent, which really should be regarded as a unique innovation .

From its glory to decline, theme songs are in great need of such innovation and should be strongly encouraged and supported .

How could you knock it to death with such a blow! (TN: Be disregarded with such reasoning)

Gu Rui’s character was upright and straightforward . He immediately wanted to argue with Lu Zhengzhi .

But Gao Zhixue reacted quickly and immediately stopped Gu Rui . He said to Lu Zhengzhi, “We’ll consider this song again, or change it to a more suitable one . ”

Gu Rui felt uncomfortable . He was unhappy in his heart!

It’s true that Lu Zhengzhi has a higher position than him, but Lu Zhengzhi is one of the leaders of CCTV, not Beijing Television . So, such overruling of the program like this oversteps his authority . He was getting involved in other’s affair, which was suspicious of face slapping at the scene .

(TN: Just to clarify . Beijing Satellite TV and Beijing Television is the same . )

However, nominally, CCTV has the responsibility to guide Beijing Television in many aspects . Lu Zhengzhi was present for this reason, and his reason cannot be said to be completely wrong . At least Gu Rui should not and cannot directly conflict with him .

Lu Zhengzhi smiled and leaned back comfortably into his seat .

Since he has come, he must not be a clay sculpture Bodhisattva . If he wants to make a sound, he must make himself be heard . (TN: not be a clay sculpture bodhisattva – not just stand there and do nothing)

Everyone’s eyes returned to the stage – Lu Chen was still standing there!

Many of the staff who acted as spectators showed sympathy . Perhaps any newcomer would be very depressed when he or she was. .h.i.t with a stick like this, right? It was certain that he would be awkwardly embarra.s.sed .

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Lu Chen’s expression didn’t change at all because of Lu Zhengyi’s rejection .

He pondered for a moment and said to the microphone, “Director Gu, two leaders, in fact, I have another work that may be more suitable . Can I sing again?”


Sing another song?

Lu Zhengyi was shocked .

He turned his head and looked at Gao Zhixue, looking a little upset .

If it was a CCTV party rehearsal, it was absolutely impossible for Lu Zhengzhi to agree to such a request .

Since you asked for it, then it should be given to you? If everyone was given another chance, wouldn’t things be chaotic?

Moreover, Lu Chen was suspected of not respecting the leader enough .

But this is, after all, Beijing Satellite TV, and the rehearsal was for Beijing Satellite TV’s party program . He has just made a move, and if he makes a move again, that would just be not giving face to Gao Zhixue – He didn’t believe that the director of the editorial office was made up of clay .

(TN: He has already interfered with the decision early on, and he knows that Gao Zhixue is not a pushover, so he decided not to interfere this time . Translating is hard . This is here to clarify the above paragraph . )

So, Lu Zhengzhi hinted with his face and let Gao Zhixue to decide for himself .

In Gao Zhixue’s heart seemed to have ten thousand gra.s.s mud horses galloping past .

The director of the editorial office was really not made of clay, and even clay figurine still has three points of anger . He thought for a moment and flatly said, “Lu Chen, you can sing the other song!”

In fact, this wasn’t in line with the rules, but Gao Zhixue didn’t want to be eaten to death in his own home .

So many people in the studio were watching!

Where would he put his face?

Gu Rui looked delighted and hurriedly asked, “Lu Chen, do you want to go down and prepare first?”

Director Gu was worried that Lu Chen was not fully prepared for the temporary song change . If his song fails again, it will really be over .

He was very reluctant to see Lu Chen lose this opportunity to come to the stage .

Lu Chen smiled confidently and said, “Thank you, two leaders . Thank you, Director Gu . I can just sing this song . ”

His smile infected Gu Rui, which inexplicably gave the latter a sense of trust . He said, “All right . ”

Lu Chen nodded .

He took a deep breath and said into the microphone, “This song is also my original work . Its name is – I love you China!”


Everyone in the studio doubted if they had heard wrong!

Didn’t Lu Chen just sing “I love you China”? Why was he singing I love you China again?

Love again, no, sing again?

Lu Zhengzhi gave a “hah”, and Gao Zhixue and Gu Rui’s expressions froze .

Behind them, there were bursts of discussion .

“Did I hear that right?”

“Did he say it wrong, or did I hear it wrong? How come it’s I love you China again?”

“Is this Lu Chen confused to what to sing?”

“Haha, it’s kind of interesting . ”

However, Neither the look on the faces of the TV station leaders nor those criticisms had any effect on Lu Chen .

He opened his voice and directly sang another new theme song .

“A lark flies across the blue sky, I love you China ~ .

I love you China, I love you China ~ .

I love your exuberant seedlings in spring, I love your bountiful golden fruits in autumn,

I love your green pines temperament, I love your red plum character,

I love your home-grown sugar cane, that nurtures my heart like milk ~ .


When Lu Chen sang the first lyrics with his loud and clear voice .

The whole audience was in awe!


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