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Si Ming Li, who was infuriated over his son’s leg, had an immediate change in expression when he heard what his agent said. He stood up instantly and said, “What did you say? Si Ye Han’s suffering from a serious illness? And he won’t last six months?”

Even Si Yi Jie on the bed stopped howling and used all his strength to turn his head. “Wh-what? Si Ye Han’s dying soon? Really? Are you sure this isn’t fake information?”

Si Ming Li stared at the agent. His expression turned serious and he asked in a deep voice, “Si Ye Han’s been fine all along – why would he be so ill to the point of near-death all of a sudden? Are you sure your information is true?”

The agent’s tone was certain: “Master, this is such a crucial piece of information. Would I dare to simply report it without verifying it several times? I gave lots of money to Dr. Sun’s disciple in order to get this information! It’s definitely true!”

“Actually, Dr. Sun kept visiting the old residence all these years not for some routine check-up but it was because Si Ye Han has a serious illness and has been receiving treatment all this time! He didn’t faint from overexertion during his trip to country B either – it was because his sickness became more severe.”

“Shortly after the elders left, Dr. Sun went to examine Si Ye Han and determined that Si Ye Han definitely wouldn’t live more than six months!”

Listening to his trusted agent speak with such certainty and attention to detail, Si Ming Li finally believed him. He paced around the house several times then he suddenly froze like something came to his mind and he asked, “Is there no way to treat his illness?”

The agent thought about it and replied, “Sun Bai Cao’s disciple is quite timid; he didn’t dare reveal too much and didn’t go into details about Si Ye Han’s sickness, but since Dr. Sun has already given such a prognosis, there obviously isn’t any medicine that can heal him! If Dr. Sun can’t heal him, who can?”

“You’re right…” Si Ming Li nodded.

“Ha… hahaha… so Si Ye Han’s really dying soon?” Si Yi Jie, who was howling just a minute ago, started laughing loudly. “Retribution! It’s retribution! Dad, when Si Ye Han’s dead, don’t forget to give that woman to me!”

A trace of lewdness flashed in Si Yi Jie’s eyes as he spoke: “I heard she’s prettier than the number one beauty in Imperial City, Lin Qing Ran! I’d like to see it for myself – is she really that beautiful? When I’m done playing with her, I’ll kill her… hng…”

Si Ming Li ignored his son; his mind was still swirling with the news.

Ever since that guy, Si Ye Han, became the master, he reformed and controlled the Si family like an iron bucket and caused them to lose so much dirty profits.

Si Ye Han wasn’t even born yet when Si Ming Li stirred up all kinds of trouble in the Si family, but now a young guy like him was riding on his head!

If Si Ye Han didn’t have long to live, that was truly a great piece of news!

Si Ming Li continued probing his trusted agent to gain a deeper understanding of the situation. After that, he walked to the middle of the room and made a call.

“Sir, I just got the news that Si Ye Han has a deadly illness and won’t live past six months!”

“That’s right, I’ve confirmed it. The information is accurate. So now, should we…?”

“You mean… we should hold back our troops and spread the news first?”

“Yes… yes… I understand! Sir, that’s a good plan indeed! After we spread the news, we’ll let other people start fighting first then we’ll reap the benefits!”

“She’s just a little brat who only knows how to use her looks. Sir, aren’t you over-thinking a little?”

“Yes… I’ll be careful…”


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