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Feng Qin Yu gritted her teeth as she murmured resentfully, “How is she that quick-witted and resourceful? She probably played some small tricks! Anyone would know how to do that!”

Hearing what Feng Qin Yu said, Eleven’s eyes were filled with ridicule.
Simply played some small tricks? All these high and mighty ladies kept in boudoirs are truly naive to the point that they’re stupid!

Now, the way the old madam looked at Ye Wanwan was much warmer than before. She also looked at her in a new light for the slap she gave Feng Qin Yu with the authority of the mistress of the household.

“Wanwan, you’re only Little 9th’s girlfriend after all and haven’t married into our family yet, so the Si family doesn’t have the right to demand anything from you. However, you stayed back with Little 9th and even thought of a plan to save everyone – this makes grandma really glad.”

Originally, after they returned this time, Ye Wanwan found that the old madam’s att.i.tude towards her had turned colder.

She didn’t have to think much to know that someone had definitely said something to grandma.

But Ye Wanwan didn’t mind this at all. Even if it was the case, it didn’t matter much. After all, she met grandma with all that “honor and glory” in her past life and grandma still accepted her.

As long as she didn’t cause trouble like she did in her past life or break the old madam’s taboos, her so-called “dark history” would not cause any real damage for her.

Ye Wanwan revealed a hint of shyness as she replied obediently, “Grandma, I didn’t do much. I just moved my lips. It was all thanks to everyone working together and helping out that we solved this crisis!”

Seeing as Ye Wanwan didn’t openly take credit, the old madam nodded. “Alright, you don’t have to be humble. You did very well this time, grandma will remember this!”

Now, all the elders finally had nothing to say.

One of them who had a white beard and seemed to be the oldest in the family clan glanced at Ye Wanwan coldly then said indifferently, “Since this is the case, this problem ends here then! 

“What’s important right now is that we find out who the mastermind is behind all this. The Si family doesn’t have any ties, much less any feud, with such a notorious organization like the Murderous Blood Gang, so why would they target the Si family? Those outlaws were definitely hired by someone!” 

An elder in a green s.h.i.+rt sitting in the corner scowled and echoed, “That’s right, they actually dared to act against the master of the Si family! It’s simply outrageous! We must seize that person by hook or crook!”

“But… right now, we have no leads at all. Where should we start to investigate?” someone asked with knitted brows.

Listening up to this point, the old madam’s expression turned rigid. She looked towards Xu Yi and the others and probed, “When all of you were up against those guys, did you get any useful information?”

When Xu Yi heard this, he recalled what happened and replied, “When we were confronted by those people from the Murderous Blood Gang, I did give them a warning – I asked whether they had considered the consequences of their actions. If they really killed 9th master, they would have to face the fury of the entire Si family. Even the Murderous Blood Gang couldn’t possibly be completely fearless of the Si family, but they were very arrogant. It seemed like they were emboldened by the backing they had and it was definitely a little fishy…” 

At this moment, a cold light abruptly appeared in the white-bearded elder’s eyes. “They were emboldened by the backing they had? Why would they have a backing? Could we surmise that the mastermind behind all this is someone from the Si family who has a high position and right of inheritance? You think this was a vain attempt to murder the master and replace him? So that’s why the Murderous Blood Gang didn’t have any fear of retaliation from the Si family!”


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