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The Scarlet Flames instructor furrowed his brows slightly. “How can you act like this? You just paid it back but you immediately want to go back into debt. You shouldn’t have paid it back in the first place.”

“Headmaster, look, you’ve already accepted my liquor… It was quite hard for me to bring it back from China.” Ye Wanwan sighed in despair.


The headmaster looked at Ye Wanwan, bewildered. No wonder she gave him liquor as a present—she was waiting for him here. One might become tied to others because of the things they gave you… If he didn’t allow Ye Wanwan to owe him today and word got out, people would think he enjoyed taking advantage of his students.

“Lie down over there. You have to pay back the 20,000 you owe within a month,” the headmaster said grumpily.

“Of course! Don’t worry, I care about trustworthiness the most!”

Ye Wanwan’s smile grew bigger after the headmaster agreed, and she immediately went to lie down on the chair in the office.

After the headmaster finished reading over his paperwork, he stood up and walked toward Ye Wanwan. The hypnosis technique played out exactly like last time.

After answering a few questions from the headmaster, Ye Wanwan was led by the rhythm of the hypnosis and felt her eyes growing heavy, soon falling into a deep sleep.

Drifting between consciousness and unconsciousness, her spirit seemed to separate from her body.

In some corner of the Independent State, a girl wearing cyan-colored sparring clothes lay on the roadside, blood drenching her body. Gray clouds densely shrouded the sky and heavy rain kept pouring from above. The girl was soaked through and through already, and her blood flowed into the wet dirt, becoming one with the earth.

This shocking and ghastly sight was truly unbearable.

The girl didn’t seem to resist at all against her strong opponent. It wasn’t clear whether it was due to her heavy injuries or an utter unwillingness to resist.

You… truly deserve to die…”

A somewhat familiar voice spoke.

Ye Wanwan looked ahead, but everyone’s faces looked like they had a sheet of mosaic laid over them, and she couldn’t see anything clearly.

“Worriless Nie… I want you to die in my hands. Even if you die 10,000 times, you won’t make up for the sin you committed. Your death isn’t enough!”

The man’s blurry figure stopped next to the girl, and he instantly clutched her by her throat.

However, after a long time pa.s.sed, the man still couldn’t kill the girl.

“Why… tell me, why did this happen?!” The man fumed with rage, and he hysterically howled, “It was you… it was you who betrayed us!”

Rain fell on the girl’s face, was.h.i.+ng away the scarlet stain from the corner of her mouth. The girl’s lips curled up, and she closed her eyes, unwilling to utter a sound.

“Tell me! Why did you do it?!” the man furiously roared.

However, the girl said nothing.

“Great. You won’t talk, huh…? That’s unimportant. I’ll kill you myself… and then accompany you to death. That’s all I can do.” The man smiled faintly, the reluctance in his eyes transforming into vindictiveness and resolution.

However, more time pa.s.sed and the man still couldn’t do it.

A few breaths later, the man gritted his teeth and tossed the girl onto the ground before ordering an elderly man in the back. “Elder Jin, you, come here and kill her!”

An elderly man stepped out of the dense crowd with a dagger in hand, and the man returned to the car.

The elderly man directed the dagger toward the girl’s chest.

Before the dagger could land, the scene s.h.i.+fted, and a black figure arrived next to the girl as fast as lightning. His icy eyes attempted to freeze the world, and his figure melted into the night.


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