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Amongst the memories of the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, there were many extremely powerful skills, which belonged to different categories.


There was one sword skill called Sword of the Dead Tree, it’s pure Qi left a path of devastation. It was a skill which was specifically used to slaughter people.


There was also an ice skill, which freeze the entire world. It would freeze opponents along with their pure Qi.


There was a medical technique which could bring the dead back to life. A cultivator who knew that skill could bring someone who had recently died back to the world of the living. The skill came down to condensing pure Qi to heal all injuries of the body. Those who learnt that skill were very few, the people who learnt it were revered.


Those who knew such an incredible medical technique were appreciated by other cultivators. Many people tried to gain their favour as it may save their lives.


After all, when getting wounded in battle, especially because of a monstrously strong attack,  it was normally impossible for a cultivator to completely recover. Even if the external body seemed to have completely recovered, it could have caused injuries to the cultivation.


But Lin Feng wasn’t interested in a medical technique. He didn’t have the heart of a saint.


This skill would affect his entire future, and could even change his destiny. Lin Feng took that matter extremely seriously.


All the memories of the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer were of extremely high level skills. It was possible that Lin Feng wouldn’t need to learn a new skill before breaking through to the Zun Qi layer. Lin Feng was extremely far from that cultivator’s level, the strong cultivator of the Zun Qi layer was a legend.


Such strong cultivators could flatten mountains.


The sun was once again rising into the sky, but on the Dong Ling Hill, there was a motionless and lonely silhouette. His eyes had remained closed throughout the whole period.


The scorching sun was progressively getting higher in the sky and heating the world beneath. At the top of the Dong Ling Hill, the temperature was rising as well. There was absolutely no place to go to avoid the scorching hot sun.


The sun was obviously incredibly powerful. The sun would always rise and set, no matter how strong people were, they couldn’t stop the sun from rising.


At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and a realisation flashed through his eyes. He raised his head and looked at the sky. Surprisingly, Lin Feng was looking directly at the scorching sun that was high in the sky.


“Alright, it will be you.” Said Lin Feng looking calm.


Cosmos Burning Sun. Lin Feng would be able to practice under the scorching sunlight and absorb the pure Qi of the sun, then he could unleash his power and burn the universe.


Lin Feng had made up his mind, forgetting the other skills. The Cosmos Burning Sun skill wasn’t an extremely high level, it was a Di level skill of lower quality but it could be improved. The stronger the pure Qi of the sun was, the stronger the attack. The more powerful the pure Qi of the sun was, the more brutal the attack was. If a cultivator managed to master the technique to an extremely high level, they could ignite the sky into a sea of flames.


That skill became more and more powerful with time, but it was very hard to meet the requirements to practice it. Absorbing the pure Qi of the sun would cause an intense heat to constantly burn inside the body, it required a lot of perseverance and determination.


But Lin Feng had already made up his mind and didn’t hesitate. He immediately sat down cross-legged on the top of the Dong Ling Hill. He started practicing the skill according to the instructions in his memories.


Pure Qi was revolving around his body. Sunlight was moving towards Lin Feng’s body, suddenly, there were many threads of hot light which started to move towards him. Immediately after, he quickly absorbed these threads of sunlight into his body.


Not long after, Lin Feng’s body was already dazzling. It seemed like his body had transformed into a pool of water, absorbing all of the hot sunlight from the heavens. An endless stream of sunlight continued penetrating into his body and merging with the Qi inside his body. The pure Qi inside his body was starting to burn with an intense heat.


At the same time, Lin Feng’s body was enduring the terrifying temperature. The scorching sunlight was mixing with the pure Qi and at the same time, it was also penetrating into his flesh and muscles.


The Cosmos Burning Sun was a skill which required sunlight. Therefore, while learning and practicing the skill, the more scorching hot the sun was, the better it was to practice. Besides, when it was cloudy and rainy or even during the night. There was always sunlight present, but it was much weaker. Unless a cultivator could master the skill to an extremely high level, it was very difficult to constantly attract the sunlight from the surroundings and make it flow steadily into the body.


Two days flowed by, Lin Feng had spent three days on the Dong Ling Hill. Three days also meant Lin Feng’s battle against Du Bi was near.


Lin Feng opened his eyes and a resplendent light, as dazzling as the sun could be seen.


Besides, around Lin Feng’s body was his pure Qi. It already contained small threads of sunlight inside, therefore it was magnificent.


“Cosmos Burning Sun… it took me a while to understand it clearly!” Thought Lin Feng. That skill was monstrously powerful. It was an amazing skill but Lin Feng still thought that it took too long to learn. Actually, n.o.body else would have been able to learn it any faster than Lin Feng, he was too quick.


In just a very short time, two days, Lin Feng’s pure Qi already absorbed a great deal of sunlight and he was now able to pa.s.sively absorb the power of the sun.


Lin Feng stood up and looked at the sun. It was dazzling. Finally, Lin Feng would one day be as dazzling as the sun. Even the sky and the earth had to fear the power of the sun.


Lin Feng’s body moved and he started rus.h.i.+ng down the Dong Ling Hill. In a flash, his silhouette disappeared and he appeared at the foot of the mountain moving towards the Celestial Academy.


After Lin Feng left, two silhouettes rushed to the top of the Dong Ling Hill. They had come to see where Lin Feng was practising his cultivation. They both took a breath and their eyes were suddenly filled with wonder and amazement.


“What skill did he learn?” Asked one of them in a low voice looking astonished. At the place where Lin Feng was sat, the ground was scorched and flames were starting to rise. The mark was clear and distinct, besides, the Qi was strange. At that moment, smoke started to rise from the top of Dong Ling Hill.


Lin Feng had no idea of what was happening after he left. He hadn’t paid attention to the place where he was sitting and hadn’t seen that it was now on fire.


At the Celestial Academy, on the vast and broad public square, outside of the cultivation tower, many people had already gathered and were waiting.


The crowd hadn’t forgotten that Lin Feng and Du Bi’s battle was going to happen on that day.


The other day, Qiong Bi Luo had defeated Du Bi magnificently. Qiong Bi Luo had become the top ranked in the academy.


However, the one who used to be the best disciple of the Celestial Academy couldn’t accept his crus.h.i.+ng defeat against Qiong Bi Luo, who had used him as a stepping-stone. He had asked Lin Feng if he had lost because of his spirit but Lin Feng had said that it was more the weakness of the person than the weakness of the spirit which had infuriated Du Bi. He then insulted and threatened Lin Feng. All of these things had led to the challenge.


It resembled Lin Feng and Hei Mo’s battle. People had seen Lin Feng for the first time back then and had noticed how carefree he was.


Not much time had pa.s.sed yet Lin Feng was already well-known within the academy. However, his opponents were not people like Hei Mo, who were at the bottom of the rankings of the academy, instead, his opponents were those at the top of the rankings such as Du Bi, who had already broken through to the Xuan Qi layer.


People were looking forward to that battle, it was definitely going to be incredible.


Du Bi had threatened Lin Feng and said that just because he could survive one blade attack, it didn’t necessarily mean that he would be able to survive a second. Very quickly, there would be an answer to this.


In the sky, brutal and violent blade energy emerged. It was extremely sharp and had enveloped everything single thing in the atmosphere. That blade energy made people’s hearts feel extremely cold as if they were being forced to kneel before it.


The crowd was gazing into the distance and saw that Du Bi was riding on a blade of pure Qi. That blade was emitting whistling sounds in the air and it looked majestic.


At that moment, Du Bi didn’t look dispirited like when he had fought against Qiong Bi Luo. He looked arrogant and again but his eyes were filled with hatred. He was using Lin Feng to wipe away the humiliation he had endured. He wasn’t the best in the academy anymore, but it didn’t mean that he had to lose all of his prestige and reputation.


Du Bi was moving towards the cultivation tower, in the sky above the crowd.


He coldly glanced at the crowd, smiled coldly and said: “Since he doesn’t dare to show his face, it means that Lin Feng, from the very beginning, is just coward who likes to talk big. It seems like I overestimated him and it was a mistake to come here today.”


The crowd glanced right and left and then everybody started whispering. Lin Feng really hadn’t come. Could it be that Du Bi was right? Lin Feng was just a coward?


Last time, he didn’t fight against Qiong Bi Luo and now, he wasn’t fighting Du Bi either.


“Your cultivation and lack of skill is disappointing, it no wonder that you lost against Qiong Bi Luo.” Said a voice which filled the atmosphere and stupefied him.


He turned around and saw a figure at the top of the cultivation tower, Lin Feng could be clearly seen atop the cultivation tower, smiling coldly, he said: “I’ve been here since the beginning but surprisingly, you weren’t even able to sense my presence… yet you surprisingly have the courage to say such arrogant things. You just like to show off, nothing more. It’s not surprising that you lost the first position in the rankings.


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