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Chapter 818 – Ident.i.ty Exposed

Cui Lixu stepped forward and arrived before the beasts. He glanced downward at Qin Nan and asked, “Are you the one that the Dragon Emperor Clan broke their rules in order to recruit? What’s your name?”

The surrounding crowd was startled.

The famous Cui Lixu is interested in this man?

Why was that?

“Qin Nan, be careful. I would never use the word ‘friendly’ with him.” Xuan Yue transmitted his voice to Qin Nan, while casting a sharp gaze toward Cui Lixu. Even though he disliked Qin Nan, he hated Cui Lixu’s guts more.

Qin Nan nodded and brought his fists together calmly, “I’m Qin Nan. Greetings, Cultivator Cui.”

Cui Lixu ignored the hostile looks from the beasts as he sharpened his gaze toward Qin Nan, “Qin Nan, is it? If I’m not mistaken, you’re a saber artist too, and it seems like you do have a nice saber in your possession!”

As a matter of fact, Cui Lixu would never bother with Qin Nan despite the fact that he was the human disciple that the Dragon Emperor Clan had recruited recently.

However, Cui Lixu’s Martial Spirit was quite extraordinary. Regardless of someone’s cultivation, as long as the person was a saber artist, he could inspect his saber with his Martial Spirit and identify its material and power.

That being said, apart from an obscure saber intent, he was unable to inspect his saber.

Therefore, he was sure that Qin Nan surely had a magnificent saber!

“He’s able to detect my saber intent?”

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was utterly shocked.

Even Martial Monarch Realm experts would not be able to peek through his cultivation straight away, not to mention that his right arm was actually the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

This Cui Lixu was extraordinary indeed!

Qin Nan soon collected his thoughts and calmly said, “Cultivator Cui must be overthinking it. I do have a saber, but it’s only an ordinary saber. I believe it’s nothing compared to the sabers that the cultivators of the Heaven-Saber Sect possess.”

There was no way he would reveal the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

When the existence of the saber was made known to the public, it would definitely attract countless Martial Monarch Realm experts to fight for it!

“An ordinary saber?”

Cui Lixu wore a cold grin. His gaze toward Qin Nan was filled with a hint of iciness.

The Dragon Emperor Clan was willing to break their rules to recruit a human disciple, and made him an inner disciple immediately!

The powerful saber that he had in his possession!

Being able to remain calm despite his pressuring aura, this all served as signs that this Qin Nan should not be underestimated!

“What a surprise, it seems like another worthy genius has appeared in the Middle Continent. However, Qin Nan, someone like you definitely has some sort of reputation. If that’s the case, Little Six, give my command to the Shadow PaG.o.da, and let them check this Qin Nan’s background at once.” Cui Lixu waved his hand and uttered his command.

One of the disciples of the Heaven-Saber Sect standing a distance away immediately nodded and took out an ancient badge to transmit his message.

The crowd was stunned hearing this.

The Shadow PaG.o.da was also a Two-Starred Faction of the Middle Continent. Its people would normally be spread across the Canglan Continent in order to gather all sorts of information, as the faction was known for selling useful intel to the others. However, the price to buy information from the Shadow PaG.o.da was exceedingly expensive.

Currently, the famous Cui Lixu who possessed a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was willing to spend a great fortune to buy information about this Qin Nan?

“What’s going on?”

“Did Cui Lixu find out something?”

“Could it be that this Qin Nan is a peerless genius who has always hidden himself behind the scenes?”

The crowd collected their thoughts and shared their speculations curiously.

“Cui Lixu, what do you think you’re doing?”

At this moment, Xuan Yue stepped forward furiously and unleashed a terrifying aura.

The eyes of Bai Xingyang and the rest of the beasts sharpened.

Although Cui Lixu was a peerless genius with a fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, as the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, it was natural for them to side with Qin Nan when he was being picked on by Cui Lixu.

Qin Nan frowned.

Why was this Cui Lixu investigating him?

“What’s the matter? I’m just trying to investigate Qin Nan’s background. Is there any problem with that?” Cui Lixu was undisturbed by the confrontation of the beasts.

For him, it was necessary to investigate Qin Nan to learn his background, even if it meant paying a great fortune!

The reason being that he was planning to earn a great reputation through this Monarch Ranking Trial in order to position himself in the limelight!

However, this mysterious Qin Nan had caused him to feel slightly threatened.

Therefore, he needed more information!

Knowing your enemy was important to secure the victory of a battle!

Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the beasts felt their throats choking and were left speechless. On a second thought, it did seem like there was nothing wrong about it.

“Senior Brother, this is the information from the Shadow PaG.o.da!”

The disciple of the Heaven-Saber Sect handed Cui Lixu a badge.

The crowd instantly gathered their focus onto the badge with gazes full of curiosity.

They were eager to know Qin Nan’s background right now.

Cui Lixu briefly scanned the information inside the badge, before his face was filled with astonishment.

Are you being serious?

This Qin Nan…

Was so weak?


It took Cui Lixu a while to collect his thoughts, who burst out laughing and shook his head at Qin Nan, “Interesting, very interesting! Qin Nan, I thought you were a peerless genius, but you’re just someone from the lower district and the Eastern Continent, who now possesses a mere first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit after altering your destiny! The Dragon Emperor Clan is quite hilarious too, breaking their rules in order to recruit a disciple with only a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!”

Saying this, Cui Lixu pinched the badge into dust and left without casting another glance toward Qin Nan.

In his eyes…

Qin Nan no longer posed any threat to him, thus there was no need for him to waste his time any further.

However, the crowd was astonished hearing the words.

“He’s from the lower district and the Eastern Continent? With only a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit?”

“c.r.a.p! I thought he would at least have a third-grade or fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!”

“HAHA, I was told before that he was able to join the Dragon Emperor Clan through his personal relationships!”

“Who would have thought…”

The entire dojo exploded into uproars.

Previously, when Qin Nan had first entered the dojo, he had already grabbed the attention of the crowd.

Therefore, many geniuses had already a.s.sumed Qin Nan to be a worthy opponent.

However, the result completely left them speechless, causing some of them to glance at him disdainfully.

In addition to them, even Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang and the beasts were dumbfounded.

They were aware that Qin Nan’s talent was not too outstanding, but they did not expect it to be this weak.

In fact, a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was not weak at all.

However, Qin Nan was the one who broke the rules of the Dragon Emperor Clan that had existed for thousands of years, and he was also an inner disciple!

With that taken into account, his talent was indeed too weak.

Slowly, the gazes of Xuan Yue, Bai Xingyang, and the rest of the beasts toward Qin Nan were filled with a hint of disdain. This guy was able to join the Dragon Emperor Sect by abusing his relationship.

“Qin Nan…”

Mu Mu felt uncomfortable about the crowd’s reaction and turned to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan responded by casting her a glimpse and shaking his head calmly.


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