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Chapter 334 – The Battle Between the Two Sacred Areas!

“Something’s wrong with Duanmu Peak!”

“A peerless genius was born! A peerless genius was born! Head to Duanmu Peak right now!”

“Move! Quick!”


If the rare occurrence that took place when Jiang Bilan had attracted six hundred and fifty-nine Dao-Seeking Fish had attracted most of the envoys and Peak Leaders of the Qinglong Sacred Area, the rare occurrence that Qin Nan triggered had ended up shocking the Peak Leaders who were in seclusion, causing them to head straight to Duanmu Peak at their fastest speed!

Shoosh Shoosh Shoosh Shoosh!

Several powerful figures landed at Duanmu Peak at the same time!

Four other Peak Leaders and numerous envoys of the Qinglong Sacred Area had arrived!

In other words, apart from the envoys who were currently not present in the Qinglong Sacred Area, all authorities of the Qinglong Sacred Area had gathered here!

However, as soon as they arrived, the sight taking place before them resulted in the same effect, as their faces were filled with utter shock!

Meanwhile, although the Duanmu Peak was now crowded with a total of twenty Peak Leaders, over five hundred envoys, and six hundred plus disciples, apart from the piercing sound from the crimson beam of light, not a single sound was heard!

Nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish!

How significant was that?

Even the Imperial Exterminator only managed to attract six hundred and sixty-six Dao-Seeking Fish back in the day, and Qin Nan’s result was three hundred and thirty-three more than his!

At that instant, it was as if the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area were being penetrated by a shocking ray of lightning from the top, as they instantly came to a realization.

Why would Peak Leader Duanmu give up the four top geniuses?

Why would Peak Leader Luo wage war against Peak Leader Duanmu and the others for Qin Nan’s sake?

Why was Qin Nan not troubled after seeing Jiang Bilan’s result, and dared to partic.i.p.ate in the trial still?

It was all because, Qin Nan was the real peerless genius!

Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Luo were crazy for Qin Nan because they knew the truth!

Qin Nan too was confident in his own talents, who believed that there was no way he would lose!

Not only did the three Peak Leaders understand now, the other envoys and the Peak Leaders also learned the truth.

After witnessing such a shocking fact, their previous anger and mocking words toward Peak Leader Duanmu were absolutely ridiculous!

Jiang Bilan felt like she had just collided with a giant beast after witnessing the sight before her, causing her face to turn exceedingly pale.

How was this possible?

How did Qin Nan, who only possessed a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, make the Dao-Seeking Fish to go crazy for him?

Did the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion really possess such a powerful influence?

As for Sima Kong, Jiao Zhe, and the rest of the geniuses, they were utterly lost for words as their minds were now completely blank.

Peak Leader Luo’s eyes turned incredibly excited in the midst of his shock. As expected of Qin Nan, to break the record with ease, and acquire such a shocking result. However, he was able to swiftly collect his thoughts and utter a roar that broke the silence, “G.o.dd.a.m.n it, you bunch of idiots, is the vision of your dog eyes clearer now? What the f**k are you all waiting for! Attack them right now! And steal Qin Nan away from them! Otherwise, I’ll f**king torture you all!”

With a loud roar, the three Peak Leaders and the envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area were awakened, whose faces reddened immediately after.

That being said, it was not the time to feel embarra.s.sed, as they all uttered roars and sprang in Qin Nan’s direction, like starving wolves in a desert!

“Feiyang Sacred Area, you shameless p.r.i.c.ks; according to the deal, Qin Nan belongs to us Qinglong Sacred Area!”

Peak Leader Duanmu’s face turned furious.

You guys dare to rob Qin Nan now?

Didn’t you fail to see this coming when you were being smug in the first place?

“HAHA, Peak Leader Duanmu, we’ve never said that before!”

The three Peak Leaders’ eyes turned fiery and denied the truth. So what if we’re shameless, we must acquire Qin Nan at all costs today!

“Attention to the people of the Qinglong Sacred Area, detain all people of the Feiyang Sacred Area, and beat the c.r.a.p out of them!”

Peak Leader Duanmu went completely enraged and uttered a yell.

“Show them how it’s done!”

“Shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, you dare to rob the disciple of our Qinglong Sacred Area!”

“a.s.sholes, you dare to go back on your words in the Qinglong Sacred Area; I shall teach you a lesson today!”


The Peak Leaders and envoys immediately collected their thoughts and became enraged, resulting in a completely different att.i.tude compared to how they treated Peak Leader Duanmu and Qin Nan in the first place.

Following this, a terrifying war took place on Duanmu Peak, which spread to its surroundings, causing the entire mountain to tremble vigorously.

If one were to look downward from above, the person would discover that in the Qinglong Mountain Range, only the towering Duanmu Peak was surrounded with countless glows and barriers, with a rumbling aura, causing the entire Qinglong Mountain Range to quaver.

If it weren’t for the ancient forbidding aura protecting Duanmu Peak, it would most likely shatter into pieces due to the destructive forces!

Meanwhile, on top of Duanmu Peak, as the battle took place, the Qinglong Sacred Area had the upper hand since they had sixteen Peak Leaders and hundreds of envoys cooperating together, and it only took them a few breaths’ time to suppress the people of the Feiyang Sacred Area.

“Qinglong Sacred Area! You’ve gone too far this time!”

At that instant, a shocking explosion could be heard, as the sky above them was torn apart. From the gap, the other eleven Peak Leaders and hundreds of envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area forming a mighty army descended at Duanmu Peak.

“Great timing! Defeat these bunch of p.r.i.c.ks of the Qinglong Sacred Area and s.n.a.t.c.h Qin Nan away! Remember not to harm him!”

A hint of joy appeared on Peak Leader Luo’s face after seeing the reinforcements.

Peak Leader Duanmu, Peak Leader Zhang, and the others were startled. They had not expected Peak Leader Luo to secretly inform his Sacred Area to request for backup.


The Peak Leaders and the envoys of the Feiyang Sacred Area immediately glanced toward the dojo.

Before they arrived, they had only received a transmitted message from Peak Leader Luo. According to it, a peerless genius was born, thus they instantly made their way here at a crazy speed, bringing the maximum firepower they had.

As such, they had no idea how powerful this peerless genius was. However, when they saw the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish on the dojo, their faces turned incredibly astounded.

F**k me!

Did I f**king see it right?

Nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish!

Since when was such a monster born in the lower district?

“Get him!”

One of the Peak Leaders let out a roar after recovering from the shock.

“Go! Get him!”

The other Peak Leaders and the envoys swiftly reacted, Now is not the time to be shocked, we must acquire him at all costs!

At that instant, following the arrival of the army of the Feiyang Sacred Area, the blasting noise of the battle happening at the Duanmu Peak even shattered the sky within few thousand li of the battleground. The forbidding aura encapsulating the entire Duanmu Peak was fully executed. Despite that, the entire mountain still trembled violently, as if it was going to crumble anytime soon.

Just because a peerless genius was born, a war broke out between the two Sacred Areas!


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