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Chapter 326 – Jiao Shiyi’s Turn

…Qinglong Sacred Area, Duanmu Peak…

The six Peak Leaders and the envoys gathered their attention toward the dojo.

After the crowd fell silent for a long period, a genius uttered a yell, “I’ll go first!”

The person was none other than Leng Jianxiong!

Leng Jianxiong took a few deep breaths to calm his thoughts, and under the crowd’s gaze, he slowly walked forward with firm steps.

He was clear about the situation; now that there were so many geniuses here, his talent alone was not enough to attract the attention of the envoys and the Peak Leaders. The best way was to display his courage by volunteering as the first partic.i.p.ant, and acquiring an outstanding result.

When Leng Jianxiong arrived below the Dao-Seeking Fish, his footsteps came to a halt as he raised his head gazing at the Dao-Seeking Fish which were randomly swimming in mid-air. Following this, two hundred and thirty nine of them stared at Leng Jianxiong’s figure. After a slight hesitation, two hundred and eighteen of the fish swam toward him and danced around his figure, causing him to be surrounded by a combination of blue and red glows.

The crowd of geniuses wore blank expressions. They had no idea if the result was considered good or bad.

However, the surrounding envoys were immersed in a huge chatter.

“This young man is not bad; able to trigger two hundred and eighteen fish!”

“Although such result is not considered one of the best, it’s not bad indeed!”

“Yep yep, what’s his name? I suggest recruiting him to our peak!”

“What are you saying? This guy belongs to our Qinglong Sacred Area! Have you forgotten where you are standing on right now? Be careful not to be knocked out later!”


The envoys began to quarrel among themselves, and their faces reddened, as if they were about to start a brawl on the spot.

At the two Sacred Areas, most of them had reached the Martial Dominator Realm, which was the limit for most people. As such, they now focused on teaching disciples, to find the suitable successor and train him into an expert.

In the Martial World, wealth, status, power, and reputation were extremely important. However, the experts also emphasized recruiting outstanding disciples.

Fang Jian let out a smile and said, “Not bad, that result was quite spectacular. I recall your name to be Leng Jianxiong, remember to join Duanmu Peak later!”

“Thanks, Senior Brother!”

Leng Jianxiong wore an excited expression. He had made the right bet by volunteering himself!

The spectating envoys, especially the envoys from the Feiyang Sacred Area, were extremely furious. How nice of you Fang Jian, shameless to the max; trying to recruit the partic.i.p.ant before anyone could express their thoughts, that’s cheating!

The crowd of geniuses on the dojo immediately collected their thoughts after seeing this, with a hint of admiration in their eyes.

“My turn, my turn, I’ll go second!”

“Let me do it first!”

“s.h.i.t, I’ll go third then!”


The initially silent dojo was lit up in the blink of an eye, as the geniuses quarreled with each other for a chance to go next in the trial.

Following the start of the trial, the partic.i.p.ants realized that a result of attracting two hundred and eleven Dao-Seeking Fish was indeed spectacular, as most of them who possessed Xuan-ranked Martial Spirits only managed to attract just over a hundred Dao-Seeking Fish, uncomparable with Leng Jianxiong’s result.

That being said, geniuses like Hong Fu and the others also managed to trigger over two hundred Dao-Seeking Fish, causing the envoys to fight with each other to claim possession of them.

If anyone were to be near Duanmu Peak, the person would be shocked hearing the quarrel coming from the peak.

“It’s time for Brother Pang!”

When half of the partic.i.p.ants had finished their turns, a loud roar could be heard, attracting the attention of the crowd.

The reason being that the person turned out to be Sima Kong!

Sima Kong was appointed by the Peak Leader; how many Dao-Seeking Fish would he end up attracting in this trial?

Under the crowd’s gaze, the fatty walked up in a reckless manner and arrived before the school of Dao-Seeking Fish as his expression turned serious, causing the crowd to feel tensed. Following this, the fatty let out a hideous smile on his face and raised the half-eaten drumstick in his hand, before saying in a seducive tone, “Hey there fishies, be kind to me, come to papa! I’ve got delicious drumstick for you! Fresh drumstick! A guaranteed delicacy! You will regret for the rest of your life if you don’t have a taste!”

After hearing the ‘thunderous’ words, the geniuses and the envoys were dumbfounded, resulting in the entire Duanmu Peak falling into dead silence.

What…What the f**k was he doing?

Was he trying to bribe the Dao-Seeking Fish with half a drumstick?

However, at that instant, a total of four hundred and eighty Dao-Seeking Fish turned around and stared at the fatty. Following this, four hundred and seventy-nine Dao-Seeking Fish began to swim toward his figure at a rapid pace, as they surrounded the fatty and danced joyfully.

The sight of it served as a shocking explosion in the hearts of the envoys and the geniuses!

Was…Was this a joke?

That shameless act was able to attract four hundred and eighty Dao-Seeking Fish?

That’s a total of four hundred and seventy-nine fish!

It was definitely an outstanding result, even for previous years’ trials!


Sima Kong stood with his arms akimbo, as he could not help but burst out laughing, “I f**king knew it; these ain’t Dao-Seeking Fish, it’s only a bunch of foodies! Your Brother Pang, I am f**king brilliant!”

The geniuses: “……”

The envoys: “……”

The six Peak Leaders: “……”

After a period of over ten breaths’ time, an uproar took place in the entirety of Duanmu Peak.

However, this time, the envoys did not quarrel with each other, nor did they fight with each other to claim possession of the fatty.

Such a wretched and disdainful guy, who would be willing to recruit him?

No way! Even if he managed to trigger five hundred Dao-Seeking Fish!

Qin Nan’s face turned dark too. At that instant, the Inner Core inside his body shuddered slightly, as if it was being awakened.


Qin Nan was startled. It seems like my Inner Core is about to level up again.

“Fatty, stop being proud of yourself here. The Dao-Seeking Fish is a mystical creature of the Heavens and Earth; I won’t allow you to disrespect them!” At that instant, Jiao Shiyi uttered a yell all of a sudden, “I shall show you that your result of four hundred and seventy-nine fish was nothing worth mentioning!”

Jiao Shiyi was not fond of the fatty and Qin Nan since the very beginning. Hence, he had already planned to crush the two in the trial of the Dao-Seeking Fish. Hence, he ran out of patience after seeing the disdainful act of the fatty.


Sima Kong twisted his lips with an indifferent att.i.tude.


Jiao Shiyi’s face turned cold as he withheld the murderous intent in him. He let out a harrumph and started walking toward the Dao-Seeking Fish.

His entry immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd!


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