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Meanwhile, the First Sacred Area in the Supreme-Transforming Left Realm…

Countless rare phenomena occurred on the three Supreme Mountains, including the Calamity of Fire and Wind, the Calamity of the Soul, the Calamity of the Sword Demon, and many more which spread all over the place with shocking auras. Many Peerless Rulers in the early stage were dumbfounded by them.

Every step Qin Nan, Jiang Ni, and Feng Wuheng took, a huge calamity would appear and attack them. The more steps they took and the closer they were to the top, the more calamities that occurred.

However, the calamities were not much of a threat to them. They could easily overcome the calamities.

“Art of Devour!”

“Art of Yin and Yang!”

“Art of Reincarnation!”

Feng Wuheng was moving rapidly. He broke through the calamities while placing his attention on Qin Nan. He was unleashing the formidable power of the nine fleshes.

“Song of Destruction Sword!”

Jiang Ni too executed a sword art to attack Qin Nan.

“Don’t just stand there, hurry up and attack. We must kill him before he becomes a Nine Heavens Supreme!”

Nie Wufeng let out a huge roar. He immediately unleashed the full power of the Art of Dao Seeking in his body to gather a strong will.

The rest of the cultivators came to their senses. They executed a series of Dao Arts, which looked like strong waves surging at Qin Nan from afar. They were going to destroy both him and the mountain.

Even though they had returned to the First Sacred Area and the news had already spread to the factions, meaning they were surely on the moves too, it would still take some time for the Nine Heavens Supremes to arrive.

It was more than enough time for Qin Nan to achieve the Nine Heavens Supreme Realm.

“One with the tree!” Qin Nan activated the Tree of Dao to nullify the Dao Arts targeting him.

Lei Daoming, Mu Zhengze, Zhao Li’er, and other Exceptional Geniuses were also staying close to Qin Nan’s Supreme Mountain while resisting the attacks.

Princess Miao Miao displayed the strength of the Soulless Flesh. She was fending off half of the cultivators from the Tribe of Immortal Spirits alone while still being in an advantageous position.

Loud explosions occurred continuously.

The impact resulted from the epic battle was even more shocking since the cultivators were no longer hindered by the rules of the First Sacred Area. Strong gusts swept across the area and shattered the rift.

The sky and the ground were lit up with all kinds of colorful lights.

“Feng Wuheng, Jiang Ni, and Nie Wufeng had teamed up against Qin Nan!”

The cultivators who also left the First Sacred Area were astounded.

Even though there was no Nine Heavens Supreme involved in the battle, it was still terrifying in their eyes!

Ordinary Peerless Rulers would still be left in serious injuries even if they managed to survive.

“Xiao Lanlan, time to make your move!” Princess Miao Miao suddenly said.

Jiang Bilan nodded slightly. She performed a mystical seal, which resulted in a huge gap not far away. Several demons in black robes holding black scythes with the shape of crescents flew out of the gap and headed straight at the seventeen gates.

“The Demonic Spirits of the Netherworld?”

Lu Qingyin’s expression shifted as she said, “Why do you know this art?”

It was not a particularly strong art, thus not many people would bother to learn it.

However, it was extremely useful for one thing. It was very effective against the Spiritual Gates.

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“I know you are trying to target Qin Nan’s flower, so you must have read a lot of ancient manuals and asked a lot of seniors. There are sixty-two ways to seal off a person’s Divine Sense.”

“Among them, the Seventeen Spiritual Gates are the most without a doubt, since they don’t consume much energy, and won’t be destroyed so easily. I will choose it too if I were you,” Jiang Bilan smiled.

The demons already reached the Spiritual Gates. Their black scythes unleashed a shocking glow, causing the gates to shake vigorously with runes.

The bind on Qin Nan’s Divine Sense gradually weakened too.

“That’s very smart of you. I’m impressed, but I won’t let you free Qin Nan’s Divine Sense just like that!” Lu Qingyin immediately collected her thoughts. She transmitted her voice and asked the Peerless Rulers of the Tribe of Immortal Spirits and the Wengu Tribe to perform the same seal.


A loud explosion occurred deep in the sky. An illusionary giant rock covered in runes slowly appeared. A strong sealing force surged into Qin Nan’s mind.

Secret Art: Mind Sealing Heavenly Boulder Formation!

The formation was significantly stronger than the Spiritual Gates, but the cost of using it was a lot higher too, hence why Lu Qingyin did not use it in the first place. She only kept it as a backup plan.

“Lu Qingyin, you’re very smart and cautious. You will surely have a backup plan in mind,” Jiang Bilan remained smiling as she spoke, “Therefore, I’ve prepared this for you.”

She pointed in the air and summoned a huge formation. It glowed brilliantly as an ancient beast with five pairs of horns on its forehead jumped out from the eye of the formation.

Its tiny pair of bloodshot eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with excitement when it saw the formation in the air. It turned into a ray of light and charged into the formation.

“A Formation Devouring Beast?”

The Peerless Rulers were absolutely dumbfounded. They immediately performed more hand seals to maintain the formation.

“I must say I’m nowhere as smart as you are,” Lu Qingyin said sincerely, yet her tone suddenly shifted, “Unfortunately, you might need another two Formation Devouring Beasts to destroy the formation, so…”

Jiang Bilan smiled, “That’s a pity indeed. I’ve only managed to find one after asking many seniors, but I think it’s enough for now. Those people won’t be able to partic.i.p.ate in the battle.”

Lu Qingyin’s eyes widened.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan, Jiang Ni, and Feng Wuheng had reached the waists of their Supreme Mountains. They were not far away from the top.

The battle between them had further intensified amid the calamities. They were using many of their trump cards too.

“It’s finally ready…Qin Nan, down to your knees!”

Feng Wuheng suddenly emitted a formidable aura.


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