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Chapter 1354 – The Spreading News


The area within ten li was dyed snow-white as a terrifying sword intent descended from above, like the judgment from the heavens. Everything within ten li was sent to trial by the sword intent, which would decide their life and death.

Every layer in the Martial Monarch Realm did not have much difference, apart from the dramatic increase of Monarch Force.

Martial Monarch Luoyin’s cultivation was at the eighth-layer Martial Monarch Realm, hence his Monarch Force had acc.u.mulated to a formidable level. Even by swinging the sword alone, the attack was deadly to many people.

“Sky-Desolating Saber…”

At that instant, Qin Nan’s figure tensed and his hair stood on end. His Monarch Heart pounded heavily, as two terrifying cultivation wills were unleashed. The Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand was shaking vigorously.

A thought and less than half a breath’s time were more than enough for him to execute his strongest attack, the Sky-Desolating Saber Art, which would tear a gap in the sword intent, allowing him to escape.

However, he had decided against it and was simply staring at the approaching sword intent.

He was placing a bet. If he won, not only would he be able to guarantee his safety, he would prevent himself from exposing his ident.i.ty too.

If he lost, he would suffer a severe injury, which could possibly cripple him.


When the terrifying saber intent was only thirty-zhang away from Qin Nan, when only half a breath was needed for it to devour the area within ten li, an unexpected change took place. The s.p.a.ce, the mountains, and trees nearby began to shake vigorously.


Martial Monarch Xuhuan, Martial Monarch Jiuqu, and the rest were stunned.


Martial Monarch Luoyin wore an astounded look. He had been so preoccupied with the battle and conspiracy against the other Martial Monarchs that he completely forgot about an important rule.

“Time’s up!”

An imperious voice echoed in the place. Following this, the word intent, and all the Monarch Arts unleashed by the cultivators in every s.p.a.ce froze in place.

Following this, their vision began to twist.

Magical glows descended from above onto each of the cultivators’ figures, forming an outstanding transportation portal.

“Martial Monarch Luoyin, I have yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, yet who said I can’t steal the food from the tiger’s mouth?”

Qin Nan stared right at the Martial Monarch, his robe drifting in the wind.

He had been counting down the time for the areas to change all along.

As he was about to make his move, it had been just less than two breaths until the half-hour time was up.

If he were able to survive the few breaths, he would be able to leave safely with the thirty-seven Sky-Severing Dragon Claws without exposing his cultivation.

It turned out that he had bet right. Although it was slightly more than two breaths, the timing had been perfect.


Martial Monarch Luoyin was about to say something as blue veins surfaced on his forehead when the formation under his feet and everyone else’s activated.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Their figures vanished into thin air.

The s.p.a.ce twisted and turned into a different s.p.a.ce.



A while later, in a seemingly icy world…

“Another danger zone?”

Martial Monarch Luoyin scanned his surroundings with a frown.

“Listen up, Qin Nan has taken thirty-seven Sky-Severing Dragon Claws. Anyone who b.u.mps into him will eliminate him and retrieve the claws.”

Martial Monarch Luoyin took a breath and transmitted his voice toward the ancient seal on him.

The ancient seal was a unique talent that only those from the Eight Ancient Tribes could learn. It allowed those above the fifth-layer Martial Monarch Realm to communicate with people from the same tribe.

Normally, Martial Monarch Luoyin would not have done something like this, yet the person taking all the dragon claws was Qin Nan, who had even mocked him as he left. He could not bear the fury in his heart.

“So what? Qin Nan, you’d better hope you don’t see anyone from the Dead Spirit Tribe.”

Martial Monarch Luoyin uttered a hollow laugh and disappeared.

In addition to that, in two other s.p.a.ces, Martial Monarch Xuanxu and Martial Monarch Jiuqu who could not bear the anger transmitted similar messages to the people of their tribe.

Qin Nan’s name was spread around among the people of the Dead Spirit Tribe and the Ocean Tribe.



A hundred breaths later, in an unfamiliar area…

Qin Nan fell to the ground from the sky.

He let out a deep breath as soon as he landed.

Even though he had bet right, it was an incredibly close call. If it had happened half a breath late, the terrifying intent would have landed on him.

“I can’t use the same trick again.”

Qin Nan shook his head.

Once they had experienced the s.p.a.ce changing for the first time, they would keep it in their mind going forward. He would be making a death wish if he tried to use the same trick again.

“I still need three hundred and twenty-two Sky-Severing Dragon Claws, I can’t waste any time.”

Qin Nan glanced ahead after calming his thoughts.

The second s.p.a.ce he was in had wisps of Bodhi aura floating in the air. The mountains and trees in the distance were emitting a faint Bodhi glow, giving him a peace of mind.

“Bodhi s.p.a.ce? Does that mean this is a treasure ground?”

Qin Nan flew ahead with a slight frown.

Either way, he would have to check the place first.


As soon as he flew over ten li forward, his eyes flickered.

He had sensed four cultivators around three hundred li away—two Martial Monarchs and two Martial Progenitors—who had six, three, two, and one Sky-Severing Dragon Claws respectively.

In addition to that, the four cultivators were using an eye-technique to inspect him.

“I see, I almost forgot about it.”

Qin Nan’s lips curled upward slightly.

A mere Martial Progenitor with thirty-eight Sky-Severing Dragon Claws was like a puff of flame in the middle of darkness. He could easily attract everyone’s attention.

“Looks like I’ll have to be extra careful…”

Qin Nan waited for a while and realized that the four cultivators were not planning to target him, but they did not leave either. He shook his head and flew forward.

“This place does seem like a treasure ground. I’ve gone a few hundred li forward, yet I haven’t encountered any danger.”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself as he observed the surroundings.

He totally ignored the four ‘tails’ stalking him behind.

As long as they were not above the seventh-layer Martial Monarch Realm, it was unnecessary for him to do anything.

A golden gust swept in from the distance.

The gust did not pose any threat; instead, Qin Nan felt a surge of warmth as it hit him.

“The Bodhi intent in the wind is stronger than everywhere else, I should follow it.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

Before he could move, a familiar yet strange voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

“Are you…Qin Nan?”

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