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Another shocking explosion took place!

Being flanked by the two Martial Monarchs, the tremendous golden glow swayed wildly as it began to crack open. The might that penetrated through it landed on Qin Nan’s body, knocking him a few steps backward!

However, the golden glow remained intact!

“What kind of artifact is that?”

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast were greatly astonished!

Even outstanding Monarch Weapons or famous rare artifacts were unable to resist their attack, let alone a combined attack from them both!

“Could this be a treasure left by the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch too?”

A thought crossed the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast’s mind. Flames of greed were ignited in his heart as he performed a hand seal, causing his beastly aura to rise wildly as he continuously executed terrifying attacks that poured down onto Qin Nan!


Qin Nan let out a roar as a tremendous saber intent rose into the sky!


Within a few breaths’ time, a series of more than a hundred explosions occurred!

Both the disciples of the ancient tribes and the Martial Monarchs were dumbfounded by the sight of it!

Currently, Qin Nan was like a puppet being suppressed by the two Martial Monarchs. More wounds appeared on his body, but it did not stop him from pushing forward. It was as if he could not feel any fear. He continued to swing forward with the saber as his battle intent skyrocketed!

They had never seen anyone as persistent as he was!

“HAHAHA, Qin Nan, you’re like an arrow at the end of its flight! This is what you get for rejecting my offer! Now die, Soul-Crushing Spear!”

The Thunder Roc Monarch Beast burst into great laughter as he stomped his foot. A dark crimson, ancient spear suddenly appeared in his hand, before it thrust forward in Qin Nan’s direction with such a force that it felt like it could penetrate the Heavens!

A great sense of danger exploded in Qin Nan’s heart!

“Hehe, trying to escape? Die!”

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch was aware of Qin Nan’s movement. He opened his mouth wide and spat out a drop of his monarch blood, summoning powerful tornadoes that surrounded Qin Nan in the middle. Even the Heaven-Shattering Saber and the six Martial Trees were unable to break through them!

Qin Nan’s escape was sealed off!

There was no way he could escape at that instant!

“Am I about to die?”

Qin Nan stared at the spear flying toward him. The sense of danger grew stronger and filled his heart with an icy chill, but for some reason, he did not feel any fear. Instead, his heart was full of pride and enthusiasm!

Many cultivators would a.s.sume that his actions were somewhat stupid. He could have chosen to compromise for the time being by handing over the Heaven-Shattering Saber. That way, he would be able to protect his life and resolve the dangerous situation. Why would he put his life at stake?

However, in Qin Nan’s opinion, he had not made the wrong decision and he did not regret it!

If he chose to resign himself and hand over his Heaven-Shattering Saber, would there still be any meaning left for him to stay alive in this world?

There were principles and borderlines that he wanted to keep, even if he would be deemed idiotic!

“Souls of all living things, hear my command. Movement of the stars, rebirth from engraftment!”

At that instant, a tender scream echoed in the sky!

The plants on the Upper Arcana Sacred Mountain emitted a bright green glow as if they were obeying the order. The ray of light penetrated s.p.a.ce, the storm, and the Soul-Crushing Spear and encapsulated Qin Nan’s figure within an instant!


Qin Nan’s figure vanished into thin air as he was dragged into the distance!

“d.a.m.n it!”

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast were startled. They never thought the Princess of the Lost Herb Garden would intervene to disrupt their attacks!

“A petty trick!”

The Thunder Roc Monarch Beast laughed grimly as he flipped his hand, summoning the Soul-Crushing Spear back into his hand. He hurled it at the green ray of light with a ferocious might!

“w.a.n.g Zhao!”

Princess Miao Miao yelled!

“d.a.m.n it, two Martial Monarchs fighting a Martial Progenitor at the same time, how shameless. That being said, do you think you can kill my master as you wish? Formation of the Heavens, Earth, and Man, Stealing the Sky and Putting up a Fake Sun!”

w.a.n.g Zhao blurted out as he spat out three drops of blood onto the ground while performing a hand seal!

Even though the move would inflict huge damage to himself, he did not hesitate!

Even though he was a rather shameless, lowly, idiotic person, he was willing to a.s.sist the person who had convinced him to submit to his will with all that he had!

In the sky, the green glow encapsulating Qin Nan’s figure suddenly emitted three different flickers!

Qin Nan broke free from the control of the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast and disappeared from their sight!

This was the move that Princess Miao Miao and w.a.n.g Zhao had planned!

The move at the beginning was only a facade!


The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, the Illusionist Martial Monarch, and the rest of the Martial Monarchs were stunned!

“HAHAHA, do you really think you can save Qin Nan with that? How naive, Eyes of Ten Thousand Beasts, open!”

The Thunder Roc Monarch Beast uttered a laugh as his eyes were filled with the illusionary figures of ten thousand beasts!

Monarch Arts had never been his specialty. It had always been this eye-technique!

The others might not see it, but the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast immediately saw Qin Nan’s figure merging with an ancient tree at the bottom of the Upper Arcana Sacred Mountain!

Obviously, Princess Miao Miao and w.a.n.g Zhao were planning to hide Qin Nan in the ancient tree to aid his escape!

“Soul-Crushing Spear, kill!”

The Thunder Roc Monarch Beast swung his hand downward.

The terrifying spear sprang toward the bottom of the mountain with a formidable aura!


Princess Miao Miao and w.a.n.g Zhao were astounded!

They did not expect the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast to possess such an incredible eye-technique!


A terrifying blast took place!

The mountain’s foothill immediately burst into flames as the ground, plants, etc. were completely crushed by a seemingly giant tide!

Princess Miao Miao and w.a.n.g Zhao felt their hearts sink to the bottom as their bodies shivered!

Qin Nan…

Was dead?

However, no one had noticed that the moment before the Soul-Crushing Spear landed on Qin Nan’s body, a crimson glow had wrapped around the ancient tree and teleported it away!

Meanwhile, at the side of the Upper Arcana Sacred Mountain, a few voices discussed.

“Holy s.h.i.t, Big Sis, those are Martial Monarchs? Why are you saving him?”

“That’s right! Even though we’re being strengthened by the Heavenly Fortune Force, we’re no match against them!”

“Shut up! Look who he is!”


“F**k me, mas…master?”

“Cut the nonsense, hurry up and get your a.s.s into that place. Otherwise, we’ll be exposed!”


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