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Chapter 1030 – A Cry for Help

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s figure was moving rapidly forward on a scorched land.

In front of him was land with no visible end. Not a single figure could be seen apart from the overwhelming battle intent and the destroyed pieces of giant palace artifacts.

This was the outer sector of the Desolated Battle Ground.

Qin Nan fixed his eyes ahead as he further increased his speed as if he had completely unleashed all of the force in his body.

The reason for this was that he felt extremely comfortable here.

The battle intent around him made him feel at home, as if everything was so familiar and perfect, like a fish in water.

“The others would feel more suppressed as they venture deeper into the Desolated Battle Ground, but I feel stronger instead!”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a brilliant glow.

The overwhelming battle intent was able to boost his strength.

“Mm? Is that the Colorful Golden Path?”

Qin Nan suddenly slowed down his pace.

He could see colorful light dots several li away, which extended endlessly toward the sky.

“Such a strange Colorful Golden Path.”

Qin Nan went forward and his eyes flickered as he took a closer look at the path.

From the observation using his left eye, it felt like the Colorful Golden Path was an extraordinary treasure, which not only was perfectly unaffected by the battle intent surrounding the place, but was also unable to be destroyed by any external force.

Qin Nan observed for a little longer before turning around.

Everything at the Desolated Battle Ground served as a suitable place for him to train himself, thus he decided to improve his strength further before visiting the half-G.o.d region.

After flying for a period of time, Qin Nan keenly discovered the ravines and marks on the ground were becoming more plentiful, which were still emitting a faint intent despite having existed for a very long time.

“Finally, something different.”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as his fingers began to emit saber intent.

For the next three hours, Qin Nan still made his way forward and slew numerous demonic beings along the way. These beings were formed by the lingering evil, murderous intentions, etc. Their strength was not overly powerful, thus after killing a few, he decided not to waste his time any further.

Besides that, he also discovered some weak artifacts but showed no interest in retrieving them. After all, they were no longer useful to him.

“Here is the middle sector, I can finally feel a slight pressure.”

Qin Nan gazed ahead and saw the scorched land was filled with messy ravines, some were even crimson in color as the intent from the battles past still had a great presence. Some had even turned into shocking rare phenomena.

It was easy to see how magnificent the battles had been in the past.


At that instant, a burning arrow approached Qin Nan quickly with a shocking murderous intent.

Qin Nan reached out his left hand and pinched the arrow into dust. He turned around and realized the person attacking was an illusionary figure standing about ten li away. It was carrying a quiver on its back while holding an ancient bow in its hands with bloodshot eyes, indicating that it used to be an expert when it was still alive.

Being aware of Qin Nan’s strength, the illusionary figure immediately turned around and fled.

“Trying to run away?” Qin Nan dashed forward and smashed the figure into pieces without mercy with a single punch.

Not only was he trying to defeat it, but he was also freeing its soul from the place.

“Mm? What’s this?”

Qin Nan suddenly saw a white palm in the ravine below him. On the palm were several flower stalks, which combined into a strange sight.

“Such a pure force, this palm has turned into a rare treasure due to the presence of the Battle Qi.”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment as he reached out his hand to grab the palm.

“Hey hey, what are you doing? Where does this disrespectful kid come from? This is the Black Dragon’s territory, stop it at once, or I’ll teach you a lesson!” A furious roar could be heard at that instant.

Two bulky men with black dragon patterns on their shoulders appeared with a menacing look.

Their cultivations were the seventh-grade and sixth-grade Martial Progenitor Realm respectively.

“The Black Dragon’s territory?” Qin Nan wore a grin.

He had followed Gong Yang’s map here, and besides, no one had ever tried to make the Desolated Battle Ground their territory.

“Finish him!”

The two men exchanged glances with one another when Qin Nan did not fall for their lie. Their bodies unleashed a shocking murderous intent as their lips curled upward.

They had initially planned to retrieve the treasure without spending any effort, but since Qin Nan had decided not to follow their orders, they would have to do the dirty work themselves.

After all, Qin Nan’s aura was only at sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

However, as they were about to make their moves…

“Great timing! Let’s try out my new skill!”

Qin Nan’s gaze became cold as a black glow burst out from his body.

The Destruction Domain!

“What’s that?”

The two bulky men were startled as their hearts were filled with a sense of danger. They immediately took out talismans to prepare their escape, but a terrifying sight occurred.

Their bodies and the talismans in their hands were destroyed as the black glow covered their figures.


The two bulky men stared with their eyes open wide. They did not expect Qin Nan’s strength to be so terrifying, so as to shatter them into pieces before they could finish their sentence.

The strength of destruction was utterly terrifying.


Qin Nan patted his forehead with a troubled look. Not only had he destroyed the two men with his Destruction Domain, everything within a li was also destroyed.

“It seems like I should only use it when needed.”

Qin Nan murmured. He adjusted his thoughts before continuing on his journey.

The map that Gong Yang had prepared was extraordinary indeed. Qin Nan immediately discovered quite an amount of treasure as he arrived at the place. He scoured it without hesitation. That being said, the area was quite dangerous too due to the presence of demons, etc., who possessed the cultivation of the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, and still held onto their past memories, thus making it troublesome to defeat them.

Qin Nan also b.u.mped into a few groups of cultivators. Those who did not attack, he let pa.s.s, but of those who did, none were left alive.

The weak were prey to the strong in the Desolated Battle Ground. It would be dangerous if he did not act cruel and merciless.

“The Ownerless Martial Trees are not easy to find. Even after finding this much treasure, I still did not see any of them, not even a clue…” Qin Nan mumbled to himself. He raised his head after being aware of something.

Ten golden rays were flying into the distance at a shocking speed.

“Someone is crying for help?”

Qin Nan thought as he grabbed one of the golden rays, causing a sound to appear, “Cultivator, we were attacked by a tenth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm demon. It was severely injured, but as our progenitor force is running out, we have no choice but to ask for your help. Once the demon is slain, you can take a fourth of the treasure.”

As the sound finish speaking, the golden ray flew into the distance, as if it were guiding him.


Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he followed behind.


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