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Chapter 951: United

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

Hui He stood inside a tall building in the United Government. He looked at the prosperous scene outside the full-length window, let out a sigh, and said, “Brother Longmai, are you still unwilling to submit?”

The person standing next to Hui He was clearly the White Army’s previous Commander, Priest Longmai.

After he was captured by Ulpian, the White Army was disbanded and its members were sent to work in the other armies. Meanwhile, Priest Longmai was monitored by the other six Commanders.

Hearing Hui He’s words, Priest Longmai’s brows furrowed and said, “Ulpian’s remarkable capabilities have already broken through the profoundness of s.p.a.ce-time. This is something I admire him for.

“However, he is attempting to change the path of humans and distort history. His obsession is excessive, and he is pressuring everyone’s souls and wills, creating rivers of blood with his ma.s.sacres.

“Although I admire him, I don’t wish to work for him or submit to him, allowing him to enslave my will.”

Hearing Priest Longmai’s words, Hui He shook his head and said, “Yesterday, 13 general-level and officer-level members from the Yellow Army were prosecuted.”

Priest Longmai frowned, and Hui He continued to say, “From now onward, if the Yellow Army wishes to spread dread, they can only rely on things like horror movies, stories, and games. Those who act in ways that violate public safety and hurt others will be prosecuted.

“If it wasn’t for Lord Ulpian, do you think that this could be made possible with the internal strife that was between the 13 armies previously?”

Priest Longmai exhaled and said, “He has saved many lives by doing this. However, since one month ago, there have been many people sneaking around, causing accidental harm and retaliating with legitimate reasons. The number of people who have been killed without knowing their crime has exceeded 300,000, right?”

He looked at Hui He and continued, “Moreover, the things that Ulpian wants to do… Regardless of what his initial intentions were, he will eventually want to enslave all of our wills. Using his will to represent the heavens’ will, he will make all of us live under the regulations of his will.”

Smiling bitterly, Priest Longmai concluded, “If this is the case, I would rather die.”

Hui He sighed. He knew that the people from the White Army were all existences who valued the pursuit of Dao a lot. Such people would naturally be unwilling to be restrained.

Moreover, Ulpian had resorted to compelling others to conform through violence. He wanted to turn all extraordinary humans into productive robots, sacrificing the individual’s cultivation for the society’s progression—for the better good. This was something that went against Priest Longmai’s ideologies.

Hui He then thought of himself. During this period of time, his powers had been depleting incessantly.

After all, the entire world was circulating according to Ulpian’s will. He had lost all of his influences, and the rings’ energy belonging to the Gray Army naturally became lesser and lesser.

Additionally, with him abiding to Ulpian’s orders time and time again, Hui He’s character was constantly being distorted by the other party’s violence. Despite this, he could only submit in order to keep himself alive. This was a form of destruction as well.

However, Hui He was different from Longmai after all. Longmai might be willing to accept death, but Hui He was willing to submit.

“Why do you have to be like this?” Hui He asked, shaking his head. “Today is the establishment day of the United Government. Let’s go out for a walk.”

After saying that, he brought Longmai out of the building and walked along the streets of the Central City.

With the strict regulations these days, even they were not allowed to fly around freely above the Central City without permission.

The two of them walked along the prosperous streets that were filled with many shops and crowds of people. However, everything was in order. Although there had been several months of chaos, there was now no sign of the previous chaos at all.

Emotions flashed in Hui He’s eyes. Although the Gray Army and White Army held different ideologies, was what Ulpian doing now not what the generations of Gray Army’s Commanders had wanted to do?

To control yin and yang, to make whatever they say a part of the const.i.tution, and to unify the wills of the myriad of people on Earth… Every action made would have the ability to change the world.

Being able to dominate the entire planet and control everyone’s lives had always been Hui He’s dream.

Moreover, Hui He felt that the current situation of Earth appeared to be extremely orderly, with the countries and people at peace and abiding to the law. He felt that things were many times better before.

The only inadequate part was that the ruler was Ulpian and not him.

However, if the United Government’s effects could be fully unleashed, causing Ulpian to be raised to a great height of a symbolic representation than a physical existence, then it would not be impossible for Hui He to a.s.sume the ruling position.

Once he dominated the several billion people across the planet, how much would his gray energy surge up to? At the thought of this, he narrowed his eyes and concealed all the ambition in his heart.

Hui He said, “With this, the world will probably be completely unified after 20 years. There won’t be any more difference in culture, nationalities, or countries. Humanity will welcome an unprecedented period of prosperity.”

There were no waves in Priest Longmai’s eyes nor did he show any reaction to Hui He’s words.

The two of them continued to chat as they walked, witnessing the prosperity in the Central City. However, no matter how much Hui He persuaded, Priest Longmai still seemed unwilling to really submit.

The two of them entered a supermarket and looked at the crowd that was moving to and fro. Hui He said, “I don’t understand. You were willing to work for Fang Xingjian in the past, so why aren’t you willing to work for Ulpian now? What’s the difference? Could it be that you’re still waiting for him to come back?”

Longmai shook his head and said, “Although Fang Xingjian ordered us to do things for him, he wouldn’t oppress our minds and wills, expecting us to change our characters and obey regulations.

“However, Ulpian wants to use his will to oppress everyone else’s, making everyone to act according to his standards. His actions will make all the people in this world into his puppets. How can I possibly agree to this?”

Hui He shook his head, knowing that this was a deadlock which probably could not be resolved easily.

The two of them also understood that it was impossible to wait for Fang Xingjian’s return. With Ulpian’s current realm, it was useless no matter who came back.

Just then, the establishment ceremony for the United Government was shown on the television displayed on the counter.

At this moment, the gazes of several billions people across the entire planet were on the live broadcast of the ceremony.

Several hundred cameras were set up in the City Hall, recording the entire place from all corners.

The United Government’s high-ranking officials and many experts from the previous 13 armies were present at the scene.

Edward was seated in the first row, looking quietly toward the rostrum. No one knew what he was thinking.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, streams of silver glow extended out from void s.p.a.ce, gathering at the rostrum. They instantly turned into a silver-haired and silver-eyed man. The person had an upright figure, and his eyes were gleaming as if there were rivers of stars in them. He was like a sage who was one with the great Dao, appearing to be indifferent to everything in the world.

The man was the Silver Army’s Commander and currently the strongest person on Earth—Ulpian.

Looking at the people present and many cameras, Ulpian said calmly, “h.e.l.lo, everyone. I am Ulpian.

“After one month of intense preparation, the Earth’s Federation United Government has finally been established.

“From today onward, the countries of the past will no longer exist. All humans will belong to a single country and a single nationality, sharing the same culture.”


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