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Chapter 768: Gathered Together

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

The Krieg royal family’s palace was situated in the sky above the Imperial Capital. It was a city made of gold with clouds as the ground, just like the legendary heavenly and celestial realm.

Right now, there were countless experts sitting guard in the palace. There were over 100 second transition Knights, over ten DemiG.o.d experts, and two Divine level experts sent by Shang who led the Imperial Guards. It could be said that the entire palace was reinforced to be as safe a steel barrel.

In the depths of the palace, a huge golden palace building sat in the sky. It was ten meters in height and over 1,000 meters in length and width. The ground, walls, pillars, and ceilings of the building had all been forged from gold, and there were many inscriptions on them, including images of various beasts, fishes, birds, flowers, plants, humans, dragons, snakes, and many others. It was as if the entire world was encompa.s.sed within them, giving off a majestic and awe-inspiring feeling.

Right now, in the palace, Alexander—the leader of the Empire and the strongest expert of the Krieg royal family—sat on the throne that was situated in the very middle. Dressed in yellow robes, he had on a solemn expression. His back was upright like a javelin, and his broad shoulders seemed as if they were going to support up the entire sky.

Behind this leader of the Empire, the Abyss Lord—Ancient Path of h.e.l.l’s Sect Master and one of the ten great Divine level experts in the Empire—stood there. He was encompa.s.sed in darkness, as if his entire person had become that pure darkness.

Alexander attracted great attention just like the sun, forever emitting his light and heat, announcing his existence and prestige to the entire world.

On the other hand, the Abyss Lord was like the shadow behind the sun. He was forever concealing his glow, using the darkness to bring out the sun’s light and heat while also wiping out all resisting powers in the darkness. However, the fact that he could still sustain the darkness despite being in the presence of the sun’s illumination showed how powerful he was.

This pair of brothers, who had the relations.h.i.+p of a King and his subject, displayed an indescribable rapport. They even gave off the feeling that they had become one.

Below Alexander and the Abyss Lord, two people were standing there.

The person in the lead was wearing black robes and had white hair. He was so thin that he looked just like a skeleton, making one suspect if he was a dried up corpse that would just fall with a puff of wind.

However, no one present would dare to view this elder in contempt. It was because he was the Black Mage King—the strongest expert amongst the Black Robed Mages who had dominated the world for over 100 years and ruled over the Mage a.s.sociation for several decades.

When he soared to fame in the past and fought against the Church of Universal Truth’s Guardian Kings and Saints, the other people present probably had not been born yet.

Additionally, ever since the world’s metamorphosis, the Black Mage King had never really taken action personally. So, no one knew how strong this great expert, who dominated over the world in the past, had become after the world’s metamorphosis. Just how terrifying was the power contained in that thin and weak body?

Behind the Black Mage King was a weird person who had a height close to three meters. The reason he was said to be a weird person was because not only did this person have a height of over three meters, but he also had two long horns growing on his head. Additionally, his entire body was encompa.s.sed in a layer of gray-white stratum corneum, and he exuded an evil glow like that of a demon’s.

The weird person even had a tail that was over two meters long sprouted out from his back. It kept on swinging about and las.h.i.+ng out at the air, creating crackling sounds of explosion.

He looked very similar to Fang Xingchen, who cultivated red faction black magic. However, this weird person appeared even more violent, giving off a brutal and evil aura as well as a completely inhuman feeling. His gaze seemed unbridled, causing even Alexander and the Abyss Lord to feel uncomfortable.

This weird person was the Red Mage King, one of the four great Mage Kings who were involved this time. He was the strongest expert amongst those who cultivated the red faction black magic and had a body that looked extremely similar to the red evil G.o.d.

It was said that not only did this person have amazing talent and strong abilities, he had also been born with a hint of brutality that was unlike that of human. When he was just five years old, he had killed all of his parents and brothers. Thereafter, he had lived alone in the wilderness, living a life similar to that of tigers and wolves.

He had not gone through any cultivation, yet he had obtained the capability to fight against a first transition Knight.

Thereafter, he was subdued by the Black Mage King and tested to be capable of cultivating red faction black magic. He then became the direct disciple of the previous generation’s Red Mage King.

From there, his cultivation path became unstoppable. That beast-like, brutal, and crafty character hidden in his body was a great match for the red faction black magic. Within a few years, he managed to progress in leaps and bounds, growing horns, sharp claws, a stratum corneum, and a tail. His physical body continued to evolve into an inhuman state.

Then as his physical body underwent changes, his beast-like character also changed rapidly, becoming increasingly brutal and cold-blooded.

It was said that in the Red Mage King’s second year of cultivation, he had given up on all human food. Instead, he would personally hunt for food and eat them raw.

He tried all sorts of ferocious beasts, cows, sheeps, horse, and even snakes. This caused his wild character to become increasingly strong.

The changes to his character brought on progression in his cultivation, causing his physical body to become increasingly inhuman. The changes to his physical body then further aggravated his character, causing him to become more and more like the legendary red evil G.o.d.

This continued until 50 years ago when there was a case of a large number of disappearances and shattered corpses discovered in the Mage a.s.sociation’s territory.

From the very beginning, the members of the Mage a.s.sociation’s upper echelon had suspected it to be the work of the Gray Robed Mages, who loved to deal with human experiments and sacrifices.

However, the previous generation Red Mage King unintentionally discovered that it was the act of his proudest disciple. After having swallowed countless ferocious beasts and animals, this disciple of his had finally set his eyes on humans.

“Why do you eat humans?”

“In the beginning, it was just out of curiosity. I’ve tried so many things and just wanted to try how human meat tastes like.”

“But those are humans! Humans! Even ferocious beasts would know better than to eat their own kind!”

“Is that so? Many animals eat their own children. All animals in the world can be eaten, so why can’t humans be eaten? Are you guys any special? Regardless of whether it’s the taste, the difficulty in hunting, or the expressions they have before their deaths, it is no different from how it is with animals.”

“You evil creature! I’m going do a purge within our faction today. “

A great battle commenced then, and news of this battle was forcibly suppressed by the Black Mage King, becoming the Mage a.s.sociation’s greatest secret. There were not many people who knew of it.

The even more astonis.h.i.+ng thing was that the previous Red Mage King ended up being defeated, with over half of his body parts devoured.

After that, the Black Mage King forcibly saved this new Red Mage King and pushed the blame of the shattered corpses and disappearances onto the Gray Robed Mages. This greatly affected the turmoil concerning the Terrene Shrine 20 years later.

For many years, the Red Mage King had been detained in the Mage Tower. During this period of time, both the red and black faction Mages had been personally led by the Black Mage King himself.

That continued on until this evil G.o.d ritual. The Black Mage King finally let out this demon.


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