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Chapter 507: Chasing, Chasing, and Chasing

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

After Fang Xingjian sent the Thunder Monarch flying with a sword attack, the Despot came into contact with Fang Xingjian just when he had already activated the Infiltrating Void and entered the spatial gaps.

However, the Despot’s martial will also came cras.h.i.+ng down in the form of a terrifying spiritual tsunami, filling up every inch of s.p.a.ce in the spatial gaps. Endless waves of information surged forth, as if wanting to completely fill up and burst Fang Xingjian’s brain.

However, when faced with this terrifying attack, Fang Xingjian just slashed out with his fourth G.o.d-Slaying Sword, All-Conquering, without panicking.

‘In terms of quant.i.ty, your martial will is greater than that of the Thunder Monarch and Li Shuanghua combined. However, in terms of quality, you’re merely piecing together the countless spirits you engulfed.’

An All-Conquering attack slashed out from the spatial gaps, turning the over-100-meter-tall phantom image into two. Confronted with Fang Xingjian’s sword attack, the ma.s.sive amount of martial will, which had been like a tsunami, was now like a block of b.u.t.ter that had encountered a b.u.t.ter knife. It was slashed into pieces, leaving only a sphere of black light, which was its core. This was a gush of martial will which truly belonged to the Despot.


The heavy blow dealt to the Despot’s spirit caused him to let out an earth-shaking and terrifying cry. His muscles swelled up once again in great fury, and he turned into a black giant that was over ten meters tall. Lowering his shoulders and dropping his elbows, power rose up from his feet, flowing through his entire body. Then as his muscles twisted like raging dragons, his strength amplified wildly.

As his punch struck out, it was as if the entire scenery had changed. The layers of clouds above the Sahara Desert were blown off, and all of Africa’s weather changed rapidly as a terrifying sandstorm swept through the entire desert.

In a small city at the borders of the Sahara Desert, the sky, which had been bright and clear at the beginning, instantly turned dark. Countless pa.s.serbys stopped in their tracks and looked toward the sandstorm that was gus.h.i.+ng toward them. Then they screamed out loud and scattered off in all directions.

During the next ten minutes or so, the entire city was drowned by the sandstorm.

In northern Egypt, all the airports were called to an emergency stop. The great sandstorm raged through the entire North Africa for the following one week.

This one move brought rise to a magnitude 7 or 8 earthquake. However, this one punch that affected the entire North Africa was split into two right before Fang Xingjian. Upward from the Despot’s fist, his wrist, arm, elbow, and shoulder were all slashed into two.

The Despot’s ma.s.sive arm, which was five meters in height and several tens of tons in weight, smashed into the ground like a building. He let out a furious bellow and punched out with his other fist.

Amidst stifled booms, Fang Xingjian could even sense the many atoms and molecules being crushed. Streams of light radiation and explosions came gus.h.i.+ng toward him together with the Despot’s fist.

To think that this was a scene that was achieved from purely physical strength! How terrifying was the level of the Despot’s physical strength?!

However, it was still useless. The All-Conquering sword slashed out at an angle, and the Despot’s other arm, which was over five meters long and over two meters thick, was sent flying away with a swoosh . The arm crashed into the ground and caused a lot of sand to spray up.

The surrounding spectators started to retreat frantically. Compared to the battle between Li Shuanghua and Fang Xingjian, the Despot, who had gone all out, was like a creator of natural disasters. He swung his fists about without a care, creating terrifying sandstorms and tornadoes.

“Quick, run!”

“A tornado is coming over!”

“d.a.m.n it! Our car has been turned over!”

“Where’s the guide?”

At the next instant, a tsunami of sand, which was over 1,000 meters tall, came gus.h.i.+ng toward them. Everyone was stunned.

“Quick… Run quickly!!!”

On the battlefield, over a million waves of Light Pursuit sword ripples gushed toward the Despot like fierce tides. The Despot was completely drowned for a single second, and when he appeared once again, the black skin all over his body had been ripped off. One could see the countless muscles and blood vessels, fully exposed, as he lay down on the ground, half dead.

The Despot bellowed, “Fang Xingjian! You shall die a horrible death! Are you planning on going all out against us?!”

Fang Xingjian did not give a reply to him. He seemed to merely brush against the Despot and then sent his deadly sword intent directly into the Despot’s mind. Fang Xingjian’s voice rang out in Despot’s mind. “If you say another word, I’ll kill your entire clan.”

The Despot’s face flushed red, and he trembled in anger. However, under that seemingly physical deadly sword intent, he could not say another word.

It was because he knew that Fang Xingjian was not joking. If he were to really say another word, Fang Xingjian would definitely kill his entire clan.

After having temporarily crippled the Despot, Fang Xingjian’s gaze absorbed endless light waves, and he looked toward at the Thunder Monarch who was several tens of kilometers away.

The Thunder Monarch’s battered alloy armor was emitting smoke and spraying out liquid plasma as if it was free.

Then he flew out toward the east like a meteor. In the short period of time Fang Xingjian had taken to look at him, the Thunder Monarch was already over 60 kilometers away from Fang Xingjian, and was continuing to accelerate.

If the Despot could be said to be power-typed fighter, then the Thunder Monarch was one that was highly mobile and specialized in extremely far distance battles.

Right now, the Thunder Monarch was planning on escaping to Demonic City directly and then flee to Miracle World.

Faced with the Thunder Monarch who wanted to escape, Fang Xingjian arrived behind Tyrant with a flash. After a short exchange of information currents within one-hundredth of a second, Tyrant was now already encompa.s.sing Fang Xingjian’s body. In that very instant, auras from 1,440 specialty seeds on his body surged up, and waves of physical strength seethed in his body like a great river.

Then at the next instant, Fang Xingjian abruptly squatted down, and there was a tremendous boom . The sand under his feet seemed like it had been struck by a huge invisible palm, and the ground within a range of 100 meters sank in two meters deep.

The power from Fang Xingjian’s legs burst out like a bomb, and endless sand soared into the sky, forming another sandstorm that extended into an area spanning several tens of kilometers away. Fang Xingjian was now like a rocket—no, he shot out with a speed that far surpa.s.sed that of a rocket.

Under the tremendous speed, everything seemed to be at a standstill. The flying birds were motionless, the sandstorm appeared to have been frozen, and the air was like cement, knocking into his face.

Fang Xingjian thrust out with his longsword, and the All-Conquering was activated. The s.p.a.ce before him was slashed apart and gave way to a vacuum pa.s.sageway, removing all forms of air resistance.

With each step Fang Xingjian took, his foot would stomp down on the air, creating an explosion that would resonate out to a far distance away. Streams of air currents gushed out in all directions, some bringing up endless sand, and some destroying mountains and rocks, while others cleared up the sky to present a cloudless state.

Under the full outburst, Fang Xingjian’s speed instantly reached a new extreme, and his entire body came to a slight pause as he dashed out over 30 kilometers away. With a few more flashes, he arrived over 50 kilometers away.

Right now, the Thunder Monarch’s mind was completely overwhelmed by terror.

‘Powerful… unrivalled…

‘How can there possibly be such terrifying sword arts in this world?

‘Thankfully, I’ve made my escape. I must leave Earth immediately. Only by escaping to Miracle World will I be able to tap into diabolic energy to get away from Fang Xingjian.’

The diabolic energy on Earth was far too weak. It was only in Miracle World that magic prints Warriors or Mages would be able to tap into diabolic energy for their battles.

Just as the Thunder Monarch was thinking of this, di di di di sounds rang out from the alloy armor’s security alarm. On an electronic map in the screen of his helmet, a red dot was chasing after him at an unbelievable speed.


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