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Chapter 131 Today, I Know That I Am Me

Fang Xingjian looked into Hogan’s eyes and said coldly, “If you’ve anything to say, just say it out, stop communicating through sound waves.”

Looking at Hogan’s furious look, Fang Xingjian continued, “After wiping them out, there’ll be other gangs? That’s why we shouldn’t do so?

“Then what about the people who had fallen victims to them? What about them? The children who died in their hands, the girls who were ruined for life… Should we forget all about these?” Fang Xingjian shook his head, “These people have committed evil deeds, done others wrong, but other people have to take the blame for them? Such a mindset is truly problematic.

“In fear of the formation of other gangs, in the fear of even more battles and bad deeds between gangs, because of the wish to stabilize the situation, we should be indulgent towards the evil-doers of today?” By doing so, by giving in to them, wouldn’t it be asking the good people to pay for what the bad people have done?”

The more Fang Xingjian said, the more he felt that his thoughts became increasingly clearer, as if a layer of fog which had clouded up his brain had dissipated, as if the sun was blazing forth from a cloudy sky.

The mental cultivation method in his consciousness continued to circulate unceasingly, and the blurriness on his Stats Window rapidly changed. The initial words ‘Ice Age Meditation Art’ was now nowhere to be seen.

Hogan also became furious as he looked at Fang Xingjian angrily, saying, “Then what are you thinking of doing? Killing all the bad guys? Are you a kid? Is this something possible?

“What is the law and government for? If everyone is like you, then a nation would no longer be a nation. To a nation, stability is above everything else.

“What we can do is our best to control them, to maintain the stability, pus.h.i.+ng down all offences into a reasonable scope. Do you know that the way you’re freely killing would cause the death of how many innocent lives?”

“The deaths of those innocent people are none of my concern.” Fang Xingjian looked into Hogan’s eyes, his face cold as he said, “I only kill those who deserves to be killed. If, because of their deaths, the other gangs start to fight and kill each other, this is the fault of the other gangs. Should the faults of those evil-doers be blamed on us?

“The good people should not need to bear with this liability or give in to the faults committed by the bad people.

“Since they’ve done more wrong, then they should be killed.”

Fang Xingjian only felt that after he had said his piece, he felt a great sense of satisfaction, and it was as if streams of silver-colored lightning had slashed through all darkness in his mind. The mental cultivation method on his Stats Window became increasingly stable and seemed to have gradually form words.

He said in a clear voice, “You don’t even understand these reasonings, you can’t even insist on your own stand, and you’re even thinking of giving in to these weak and evil good-for-nothings. Why are you still being a Knight?”

Hogan laughed coldly and asked, “That’s some pretty lip service. You think that these people you’ve killed are the bad people. Do they not have wives? No parents? no children? Just as you’re creating havoc and boiling discontent amongst the people because of your indiscriminate slaughterings, what do you do?

“You’re only satisfying your indiscriminate slaughterings. When have you considered about the commoners?”

“Evils are evils. These sc.u.ms commit acts of evil in the world and are therefore deserving of deaths. When their kin sees them committing acts of evil, they should have advised them to stop, and if unsuccessful, break off ties with them.

“But they are just normal people, unlike us Knights who have iron will and can clear away all evil. Therefore, I don’t blame them for bending in favor of the people close to them.

“I will not blame myself, however, for problems which arise because of this. And if they do not repent on their own mistakes after I’ve killed someone and instead, wish to take revenge on me, then I’ll punish and kill as they deserve.

“How can I change my mind and give in to these sc.u.ms just because of threats from other people?”

After saying that, Fang Xingjian’s mind turned completely blank. An unprecedented state of comprehension rose in his heart.

‘These are my true thoughts. These are what I truly feel. This is the real me.’

On the other hand, Hogan only continued to smiled coldly and said, “Then what is wrong? What is right? What is evil? What is justice? There are so many thieves, robbers, prost.i.tutes in this word… How many of them have a story they wish to hide? There are so many Knights… Which of them has not killed before? How do you judge?”

“Whether it’s right or wrong, justice or evil, there’s naturally an arbitration process. Calling it a blurred line is just because people’s interests or benefits are involved.” Fang Xingjian said. “With my sword arts, I want to eradicate all external evils and clean the world, clearing the feelings of grief and unfairness in my heart, creating a clean and untainted world.”

“That is just using your own perception to overrule other people’s perceptions!” Hogan obviously was extremely against Fang Xingjian’s approach. However, when looking at Fang Xingjian, Hogan could sense the odd aura rising from him, and thus suddenly said, “You… you’ve changed your mental cultivation method?”

Fang Xingjian recalled his suppression over so many years, recalled the mental oppression he was put through back when he was in the Fang Clan, the feeling of being unable to feel liberated, and said calmly, “For so many years in the past, I did not have enough power, and was not even able to be myself.

“Now, I’m trained and equipped with sword arts and my powers are increasingly stronger, so my inhibitions when taking actions have increasingly lessened.

“But if I can’t even be myself, can’t even hold on to my free will, and can only be twisted and oppressed by others, then what’s the point even if I were to cultivate even more sword arts? What’s the point even if I were to become even stronger?”

Fang Xingjian said coldly, “I want to be the person who cleans up the world, so naturally I must have a heart to be able to withstand the world. I’m willing to accept all the rights and the wrongs in the world.”

With that, a loud explosive sound rang out in Fang Xingjian’s consciousness, as if a myriad of Burmese gla.s.s lizards [1] had suddenly exploded and dissipated. Thereafter, he looked at the mental cultivation method on his Stats Window. The first part had already appeared from the initial blurriness, ‘Universal Sword’. But the words at the back still tend to be in a blurred state and was hard to figure out.

However, just looking at it alone, Fang Xingjian could already feel a sharp aura that came gus.h.i.+ng towards him. He could feel that a strong surge of unbelievable energy was brewing, waiting for the day it would reappear in the world.

Afterwards, he did not continue to appreciate the changes to his mental cultivation method, but turned his gaze towards Edgar, Jerry, and the others.

After listening to the two’s conversation, Edgar had already sensed that things did not seem to seem to be right, but he conducted himself well and did not leave. He merely waited for the two to finish their conversation before he asked, “Fang Xingjian, what do you want? Do you still care about the Empire’s rules and regulations?”

“What do I want? When I, Fang Xingjian, does things, no one can restrict me. I only do things to restore calm and peace to my heart.” Fang Xingjian gradually drew out his longsword as an extraordinary sword intent surged out from his body.

Hogan suddenly felt as if something had exploded in his mind, and he let out a loud bellow, “Run!”

But it was too late. Fang Xingjian swung his longsword across, and streams of white-colored sword Qis swept through, as if they were sword light. Other than Hogan who did not seem to have been attacked, Jerry and the other seven non-Knights all seemed to have been attacked by formless sharp swords, turning into a hundred pieces, exploding into a lump of bloodied mess.

As his clan’s senior Knight, Edgar was not comparable to Rebecca, but he was at least the same level as the senior instructor, Zadeh. However, at this moment, Fang Xingjian had activated the Unparalleled Sword Intent together with his Supreme Mistwind Sword, and sword Qis shot out as if they were a series of laser attacks.

Over ten streams of sword Qis slashed around him through the air, causing him to be covered in bloodied wounds as he retreated in pain.

With Fang Xingjian’s crazy waves of sword Qis coupled with his unrestrained Unparalleled Sword Intent, even if Edgar was comparable to the level of a senior instructor like Zadeh, he had no means of fending off at all.

It was obvious how much Fang Xingjian had held back in his exchange with Zadeh, and how profound his level of sword arts currently was at. It was probably hard for him to find someone who was his match amongst all those at the first transition.

Despite so, with the protection of his Reduced Force Field and Knight attire, along with his own abilities, Edgar was only injured and his life was not at risk.

Hogan gritted his teeth and stood before Fang Xingjian, saying, “Do you know that what you’ve done now is made yourself an enemy of all the aristocrats in Kirst? Just for this lousy mental cultivation method? Is it worth it?”

Fang Xingjian shook his head, “It’s not that I’ve made an enemy out of them, it’s what these people deserve.”

He threw a glance at Edgar and said calmly, “Today, I’ll spare your life. But if I were to find out that the things done by the Venomous Serpent Gang was something which you had deliberately allowed and was not oblivious to them, I’ll come again for your life.”

He then looked towards Hogan again, “Hogan, don’t let me find out that you’re involved in these. If not, my sword will show no mercy.”

Saying that, Fang Xingjian’s silhouette flashed and he disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, a voice rang out from afar, “Breaking through the feelings of bewilderment with a sword; today, I know that I am me.”

Edgar spoke out, frightened, “Lunatic, this fellow is a complete lunatic!”

At the next moment, a series of cries rang out from the hall. All the members of the Venomous Serpent Gang which Fang Xingjian had found out that they were perpetrator of heinous crimes were all slashed and killed by the sword Qis Fang Xingjian had sent out before he left.

Hogan’s countenance turned increasingly grim, “No regards for rules and regulations! He simply has no regards for rules and regulations!”

That night, the Venomous Serpent Gang was eradicated right from the roots. And the people who commit crimes of evil in the name of Venomous Serpent Gang, after a deeper investigation by Fang Xingjian, would either be slashed to their deaths or broken of their limbs, causing a reign of terror with great bloodshed.

[1] The Burmese gla.s.s lizard or Asian gla.s.s lizard, Ophisaurus gracilis, is a species of legless lizard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiosaurus_gracilis


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