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Chapter 182

Lady Jin Giving Birth Safely

Seeing that Mu Yunyao with her tender age, blocked the bed and tried her best to protect her, it made Lady Jin couldn’t help but cry . She was so glad that she and Mu Yunyao had met that day and formed a good relationship, and that she accepted this adopted daughter .

Mu Yunyao’s aura was so strong that it pressured the two midwives until their faces went pale, “We … Naturally, we hope that Madam will be able to give birth safely . ”

“This is the best way . If my adoptive mother was giving birth safely, you all will take the silver taels back home and live a good life for the whole family . On the contrary, if anything were to happen to her, not only would the two of you lose your lives, even the entire family would not be able to escape punishment!” After Mu Yunyao finished speaking, she turned around to help Lady Jin feel her pulse . “Mother, don’t worry . Your pulse is stable, and everything is going smoothly . I’ve already told Jin Lan and Jin Qiao to cook . You should close your eyes and rest first . I definitely won’t let anything happen to you and my little brother . ”

“Alright, Yao’er . Mother believes in you . ” Lady Jin closed her eyes and secretly decided in her heart . From now on, she will do her best to protect Mu Yunyao’s life!

Seeing that Lady Jin’s condition was stable, Mu Yunyao calmed down a little . Soon, Jin Lan and Jin Qiao brought in some food and said, “Miss, take a look . ”

Mu Yunyao took the plate and looked at it . The two of them made some exquisite snacks, which was very convenient to eat while lying down, “Mother, eat something first . Otherwise, you won’t have any strength left . ”

“Alright . ” Lady Jin quickly nodded and ate half a plate of snacks from Mu Yunyao’s hand and then drank half a cup of warm water . She felt her body gain a bit of strength, and at this moment, the pain in her stomach grew even more intense, and she couldn’t help but groan .

Mu Yunyao touched her stomach, and a frown appeared between her brows .

Seeing her expression, Lady Jin tensed up . “Yao’er, is there a problem with the child?”

“Younger brother has a lively personality and is dishonest in Mother’s stomach, so he’s in a slightly improper position right now . I’ll push him a few times and let him turn around on his own . Mother, please don’t be too nervous . ”

“Alright . ”

Mu Yunyao turned her head to look at the two midwives on the ground . “I’m here to turn the fetal position . The two of you come over and help my adoptive mother deliver the baby . ” In her previous life, she had learned a lot of ways to scheme against people from the Poisonous Lady, especially in women . When a woman gives birth, if you move your hands and feet a little, you can kill two lives, and no trace can found of their death . If your hands were slightly more strenuous when you transferred the fetal to the normal position, she would not be allowed to give birth to the child and would have some disabilities . Also, she has p.r.o.ne to blood collapse . Therefore, Mu Yunyao better to do it herself .

The two midwives scolded by Mu Yunyao and had yet to recover from their shock . Hearing her instructions, they were reluctant in their hearts but did not dare to express them on the face . They could only step forward and wait to see her jokes .

How could a young girl, who has not come of age, can really be better than them? It would be best if something happened, and they could take her as a scapegoat, saving them the ha.s.sle .

The two of them looked at each other, silently went forward, and waited, deliberately making Mu Yunyao lose face . Yin Hong was gnashing her teeth in hatred, but she couldn’t do anything else . She could only wait for her Mistress to finish giving birth before settling the score with them .

Mu Yunyao’s movements were soft and gentle . Even then, it was still enough to cause Lady Jin to sweat profusely .

The two midwives’ eyes filled with shock and doubt . They never thought that Mu Yunyao’s movements would be even more skillful than theirs . Seeing that the child’s head had exposed, one of the midwives’ fingers trembled, gritted her teeth, and touched the child’s forehead .

The bones of a newborn child’s head were incomplete . As long as she used a bit of force to press her finger on it, most of these children will not live long . Even if they survived, they would become idiots .

Just as she was about to touch the top of the child’s head, she felt someone ruthlessly grip her wrist . Mu Yunyao’s voice was cold and carried a chill that caused one to tremble: “What do you want to do to my little brother?

“I, I was only helping to deliver the baby . Didn’t Young Miss instruct us to come over to help? If you still don’t trust us, we can go to the side and watch!”

“Yin Hong, Chun Hong, call someone to tie them up and lock them up separately . Don’t let anything happen to them . We’ll settle this debt with them slowly!”

“Yes, Miss . ”

Lady Jin only felt her teeth tremble . She clenched her fists tightly with hatred, her nails pierced her palms, but she couldn’t feel any pain .

Mu Yunyao’s voice was steady, “Mother, you promised me . I’m still waiting to receive a big red envelope!”

“ … Alright, I will definitely give it to you …”

Mu Yunyao looked calm on the surface, but she was actually very fl.u.s.tered in her heart . Even though she had learned from Poisonous Lady, she had never truly delivered the baby by hand . Her fingers gently supported the child’s head, using her strength with extreme care, afraid of causing him any harm . Fortunately, the child’s head came out, and then it went smoothly .

In less than the time she took to make a cup of tea, Lady Jin fiercely bit her lips and exerted all her strength . She felt her body relax as the child carefully carried by Mu Yunyao . At the side, Jin Lan and Jin Qiao hurriedly took a cloth and a blanket to come over . Mu Yunyao helped the child cut off the umbilical cord and quickly wiped off the blood on his body . She then cleaned the amniotic fluid in his mouth and nose before lightly patting his little feet, and a loud cry came out .

The sound was like the sun piercing through the thick clouds, abruptly spilling onto the ground, causing Lady Jin to burst into tears immediately, and her entire body couldn’t help but tremble . Mu Yunyao heaved a sigh of relief . In such a short time, cold sweat ran down her back . Holding the soft child in her arms, she could only feel her heart aching, her eyes turning slightly red: Mother gave birth to her . At that time, it was definitely not easy, using all the strength of the whole body, even if she was risking her life, she hopes to keep her safe .

Mu Yunyao wrapped the child up and placed him beside Lady Jin before quickly cleaning up the bloodstains and other things . Although she was afraid, it was fortunate that Mu Yunyao had arrived in time, and the following treatment was especially appropriate . Although Lady Jin was tired, she was still in good spirits as she looked at the infant in her arms, she smiled with tears in her eyes: “Yao’er, I don’t even know how to thank you . If you don’t come today, I’m afraid it will be . . . ”

“Mother, don’t be sad . You and my little brother are safe and sound . From now on, you are going to be in confinement . Don’t cry anymore . Otherwise, your eyes will hurt . ”

“Alright, I understand . ”

“Then please close your eyes and rest for a while . I’ll go out and report the good news to Father . ”

“Alright . ”

Cao Yunnian, who was outside, did not stop his footsteps . When he saw Mu Yunyao come out, he quickly went up to her and asked, “Yao’er, how is Madam?”

He had just suffered a lot outside and had not realized many things before . Now he wanted to understand them . When he first found out that Lady Jin was unable to bear children, he was sad and resentful . However, after many years of being married to each other, he gradually put this matter down .

Now that Lady Jin got pregnant suddenly, it was more like a surprise to him . He was looking forward to the children, but he even more hoped that Lady Jin would be safe . He even thought that once Mu Yunyao came out to ask him if she should protect the child or protect the adult, he would not hesitate to decide to protect Lady Jin . Mu Yunyao smiled . “Don’t worry, Father . Both Mother and little brother are well . ”


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