WebNovel Pampered By Mr President! Chapter 211 – Enemies Are Always Bound to Meet

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Pampered By Mr President! is a web novel made by Three Incarnations at the River of Forgetfulness. This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Chapter 211: Enemies Are Always Bound to Meet

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Siyin lifted her eyebrows slightly and squinted her eyes before she said brazenly, “Good. I’ll wait for your huge red packet then!”

Upon hearing this, Ji Yang let out a soft sigh and looked at Mu Siyin sentimentally. She said, “I have mixed feelings seeing you and Shi Beiyu married, Yinyin. Anyway, I hope that you both will grow old together through thick and thin!”

Mu Siyin smiled and nodded her head. “Thank you, Yangyang. We definitely will.”

Ji Yang asked out of worry, “Then… When are you guys planning to tell his family?”

Mu Siyin drooped her eyelids and murmured, “I’m not sure about that yet. We’re taking one step at a time for now.”

“Sounds about right. You need to find the right time to tell them.”


After having their lunch, the two went window shopping.

Since it was a Sat.u.r.day, the streets were more crowded than usual. As Mu Siyin walked amongst the crowd, she suddenly felt good to be alive.

The two friends bought some snacks while they walked on the streets. In fact, they were both having a great time.

They did not walk for long before Mu Siyin’s legs were already feeling tired.

“Let’s take a seat somewhere, Yangyang.”

Ji Yang nodded her head. “Okay.”

Upon saying so, she took a look around the area. Since the streets were filled with people, the empty benches were all occupied.

“Maybe we should continue walking. Let’s just take a rest at a nice shop.”

Mu Siyin nodded her head. “Works for me.”

As the duo walked into a high-end shop that sold custom gowns, two familiar figures instantly caught Mu Siyin’s eyes.

In an instant, she let out a silent grunt. Indeed, enemies were always bound to meet. Why did she have to see them wherever she went?

“Welcome, please come this way.”

The sales a.s.sistant greeted them eagerly. Her voice was loud and clear, which instantly drew the attention of the two people standing at the reception. The duo looked at Mu Siyin in shock.

An epic stare-down occurred.

Seeing this, Ji Yang said in surprise, “Eh? Where did you get the courage to appear in public, Mu Xingyu?”

Mu Siyin smirked. “No matter how trashy her reputation is, she still has to go out, right? This is exactly why the word shameless exists.”

Ji Yang chuckled. “You’re right. She doesn’t even care about her image anymore. What else is there to be afraid of?”

Mu Xingyu watched as Mu Siyin and Ji Yang stared in her direction and laughed among themselves. Their body language told her that they were scolding her!

Standing next to her, Director w.a.n.g got closer to Mu Xingyu and whispered, “Xingyu, your little sister and her friend are definitely talking bad about you.”

Mu Xingyu grunted softly and curled her hands into a fist, which indirectly creased the dresses she had picked.

They definitely were!

“That b*tch!” She rumbled angrily.

Mu Siyin did not want to waste her breath on Mu Xingyu. Lest they made a scene in public, she and Ji Yang chose to walk in another direction.

Mu Xingyu’s blood boiled the moment she saw this!

Mu Siyin was completely disregarding her! How dare she not greet Mu Xingyu when she saw her?

Director w.a.n.g did not feel content about this either. Regardless, she was still Mu Siyin’s superior. Since they had b.u.mped into each other on the streets, it was only natural for Mu Siyin to greet her!

Despite that, Director w.a.n.g would never admit how bothered she was. Seeing how p.i.s.sed Mu Xingyu looked, the former let out a sigh and said, “Sigh. I heard that Mu Siyin had gotten back with that man. She’s obviously disregarding us since she has someone behind her back.”

Mu Xingyu grunted softly. “That man just takes her as his plaything! Does she really think that he would marry her and make her the madam of a wealthy family?”

Director w.a.n.g’s red lips curled into a smirk as she echoed, “Yeah. She could only be a mistress with that ident.i.ty of hers, unlike you. Young Master Gu has already proposed to you.. Now that a date has been set for the engagement, your wedding will happen soon.”


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