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Chapter 151: The Foe Of A Foe Is A Friend

Gu Yiling had learned this from Mu Siyin.

Mu Siyin always said that it was better to believe it than to discard it.

Since she had spent a lot of time with Mu Siyin, she naturally adapted to the same mentality. She eventually felt that it was better not to judge the dead, regardless of whether their actions were correct or wrong. After all, she did not want the dead to hear them.

In fact, Madam Gu had suddenly thought of Mu Siyun, and this was why she dragged Mu Siyin into the conversation.

As soon as she heard Gu Yiling’s protest, Madam Gu realized her mistake and laughed hurriedly. “I know, I know.”

Gu Yiling replied with an ‘okay’ before she asked suspiciously, “Oh, yeah. Mom, if Tengyue’s President financed Mu Corporation, then who was the one that helped us out?”

Gu Yiling suddenly yearned for their savior to be a man like Tengyue’s President. She hoped that he was a living G.o.d that was even more handsome and striking than a celebrity!

Madam Gu frowned and shook her head. “I have no idea. That person seems more mysterious than Tengyue’s President. Your father said that he didn’t manage to see the man himself. Those he met with were just his representatives.”

Gu Yiling could not help but feel dejected.

“Okay, then.”

Madam Gu brushed off her daughter’s response and said, “No matter who he is, he can do anything he wants as long as he saves Gu Corporation.”

Gu Yifan knitted his brows. “Why would he want to help a stranger, though? We can’t offer him anything in return either.”

The crease on Madam Gu’s forehead deepened as she looked at both her children. “That representative said something along the lines of, ‘The foe of a foe… is a friend’. I don’t know which foe they were referring to as Gu Corporation has too many compet.i.tors to start with. What’s with all the suspense? Jeez.”

Gu Yifan was suspicious about this too. Had they taken a bite of the forbidden apple?

Mu Siyin sat on her desk in boredom. As she listened to her colleague’s conversation around her, the crease on her forehead deepened.

Did Gu Corporation really manage to avert this crisis?

Things like that only seem to happen in dramas.

Which mysterious big shot was it? Why did they finance Gu Corporation?

There was something fishy about this matter, yet she could not identify the problem.

She was in the midst of her thoughts when Director w.a.n.g suddenly walked out of her office. She clapped her hands and looked at the crowd excitedly.

“I’ve got good news for all of you. We’ve managed to secure an order worth 500 million yuan!”

Everyone in the company cheered when they heard the announcement.

500 million yuan!

This was the largest order they had received in two years!

Mu Corporation’s sales figures had been declining over the past two years, and many new prominent jewelry companies have emerged over the years. As such, Mu Corporation had only received small orders. That was why a 500 million yuan deal was good news for them.

Hence, the employees’ excitement.

As the cheer slowly died off, Director w.a.n.g said happily, “However, the larger the order, the higher the standard. That is also why this order will be harder to complete than our previous ones.

“Our customer wants to see what we’ve got, so they’ve given us a test order of 50 million first. If we do it right, then the client will go ahead with the 500 million yuan order.”

As soon as Director w.a.n.g said that, Mu Siyin could not help but say, “What kind of test order is it? What do we have to do?”

Director w.a.n.g laughed and looked at Mu Siyin. “Although you’re a dedicated employee, this project doesn’t include you.”

In that instance, the entire office roared in laughter.

Mu Siyin had just graduated and had never won any prizes before. Why should they include her in such a huge project?


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