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Chapter 1548

[(Breaking) The reality of h.e.l.l is revealed.]

[h.e.l.l isn’t the original h.e.l.l?]

[A world where the dead can’t get rest… Satisfy’s desperate worldview.]

[Is it okay for a game for all ages to be like this? The Korean Broadcasting and Communications Commission, which has criticized Satisfy’s high degree of freedom in the past, has criticized the Game Rating Committee. ‘It should be noted that we have an obligation to protect the young people of South Korea from games depicting violence, sensationalism and depression.’]

[Discussing the rating change… the Game Rating Committee has kneeled down to the onslaught of the Ministry of Education and the Korean Broadcasting and Communications Commission?]

[Public opinion is boiling over due to the action. Is this the 21st century? There is criticism wondering how long we are going to adhere to Confucianism. We will also be mocked abroad.]

[’Satisfy’s worldview suggests a hero’s path to players.’ The domestic and foreign game critics who disagree with the Korean Broadcasting and Communications Commission.]

The last 10 days had been the busiest days of Huroi’s life. He crossed the continent on a wyvern, preaching the truth of h.e.l.l, while also actively partic.i.p.ating in offline activities. He struggled to convince both NPCs and players.

In the process, the Yatan Church was surprisingly helpful. The Dominion and Judar Churches denied the truth, but the Yatan Church agreed that Huroi’s words were correct. It seemed to be the first time they knew this truth, but they decided to actively use this opportunity to form a religion that ultimately aimed at the descent of G.o.d Yatan.

Instead, their strength was weakened significantly in the process. It was due to the fundamental question about why they should serve the church if Yatan wasn’t truly evil. Nearly half of the Yatan Servants turned their backs to the religion and a considerable number of followers left with them.

The Yatan Church actually became led by players and this was great news for the Overgeared Kingdom. Players couldn’t ignore the influence of the Overgeared Kingdom. Unbelievably, the Yatan Church became an ally of the Overgeared Kingdom.

At the Overgeared Castle, Reinhardt…

“You’re suffered a lot,” Lauel greeted Huroi warmly. As the media’s response from each country showed, the reality of h.e.l.l that was revealed by Grid was being accepted as an established fact. It was proof that people trusted Grd, but additionally, Huroi’s performance was great.

h.e.l.l, which they thought was a den of evil, was actually a world made for the dead. Common sense was overturned. If it wasn’t for Huroi’s eloquent speech, many people wouldn’t have believed it no matter how much evidence was presented. Lauel was very pleased and excited that there was a competent spokesman like Huroi.

“Is there anything that made me suffer? It was all done by His Liege. More than that, the war is truly over.”

A smile spread on Huroi’s face as he s.h.i.+fted his gaze outside the window. Reinhardt was energetic thanks to the soldiers who returned from the war. The faces of those who reunited with their parents after life or death, held their pets, or played on the streets were all bright. The pubs, restaurants, and various places in the city were crowded with customers who came in groups with friends or family. It was a scene that everyone worked together to protect.

It wasn’t just the Overgeared Guild and Overgeared Kingdom. It was all the allied nations, including the empire and Valhalla. Additionally, there were the wanderers who didn’t belong anywhere and the wicked who caused incidents. This was the present that most people worked together to protect.

However, it wasn’t over yet. Now they had to fight for the future.

“……” Huroi’s expression stiffened. Far away, outside the outer castle—his vision was filled with the procession that was lined up and heading toward the site where the mountain was located. “Are they all perhaps…”

“Yes, they are the bereaved families of the dead. It is fortunate that there are more places to build a national cemetery due to Braham’s destruction of the mountain.”

“Wasn’t it said that there were more than 50,000 people killed?”

“It is really less damage compared to other nations.”

In the case of the Saharan Empire, the number of dead people was in the tens of millions. It started with the appearance of the demonic humans before the start of the Great Human and Demon War. Then the capital t.i.tan became the stage of the war. It was natural for there to be a great deal of damage. According to statistics, once all the civilian casualties were counted, the number of deaths would exceed one hundred million.

Huroi was in a trance. The scene of the battlefield with the smell of blood and gunpowder was drawn in his head. The facial expressions and cries of the soldiers fighting together were vivid in his mind. He didn’t dare to count the number of soldiers he couldn’t protect. He felt guilty as their sacrifice was given a sense of realism. It was an emotion that Lauel couldn’t feel since he never partic.i.p.ated directly in the battlefield.

“In conclusion, it worked out well. This war means the balance of the empire is completely tilted. It is hard for them to stand alone. Considering the public sentiment toward King Grid, they will be seriously considering a merger with the Overgeared Kingdom. It means the empire is no longer Saharan, but us.”

“…Excuse me for my question.”

“Yes, please say it.”

“Is your influence behind why My Liege didn’t actively intervene in the war?”

It was a question that caught him off guard. Fright pa.s.sed through Huroi’s eyes. He inwardly hoped that Lauel would deny it. Unfortunately, Lauel nodded. He was even smiling. “Of course.”

There was little reason for Grid to partic.i.p.ate in this war. First of all, the overall situation was favorable without Grid. Secondly, Grid’s involvement would rob the players and soldiers of growth opportunities. Thirdly, Grid’s blacksmithing ability was excellent for rear support. He was helpful enough for their allies even in the rear. Fourth, Grid had just secured materials to make dragon weapons. It was right to prioritize the completion of the dragon weapons in case of an emergency. Etc, etc.

Lauel persuaded Grid using all types of reasons. At every moment, he gave reminders that it wasn’t necessary for Grid to go directly to the battlefield unless a special enemy like Baal’s ego fragment appeared. There was nothing wrong with this. It made sense. Grid agreed and entrusted the war to his colleagues.

However, Lauel’s inner thoughts were different. From the beginning, he regarded the Great Human and Demon War as an opportunity. It was an opportunity to weaken and absorb the empire. Of course, he didn’t explicitly reveal his inner thoughts. It was clear that Grid would be angry if he explained it.

“Is that so? I… I think that someone like you is necessary.” Huroi struggled against the urge to vomit. He affirmed Lauel’s trick without criticizing it. His expression was dark. He was disgusted with himself for affirming Lauel.

Lauel shrugged. “A group of honest people won’t develop much.”

The Overgeared Guild was a very unusual organization. There was no villain. None of them showed ambition. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they were like a group of innocent children. They might feel greed about being the best, but they were only trying to develop.

‘Thus, even more—’

I need to be cold-headed…

Lauel vowed again as he said goodbye to Huroi with a bittersweet expression. The b.l.o.o.d.y tears that flowed after detecting his facial expression proved the skin maker’s skills.


Did it want to wash away the dirt in their hearts? It rained continuously.

“I feel good when I saw the elderly people burning cigarettes.”

A cemetery where the mementos of the dead were buried—it was to commemorate those who died without even leaving a body. No, Pon approached Regas, who was watching the procession of bereaved families seeking the return of their family members who would be suffering in h.e.l.l forever.

“It is comforting to see people in their 70s and 80s still alive while smoking cigarettes.”

Pon, who came back after logging out temporarily, seemed to smell of cigarettes. Of course, it was because of his mood.

Regas shook his head. “In fact, those who are only 66 might’ve aged because of cigarettes.”

“Uh… Isn’t that too rude to smokers? You are cursing them.”

“Cigarettes are harmful and useless. You should cease smoking.”

“I should…” Pon’s voice was gloomy as he looked at the foggy scenery of the cemetery. He remembered the cigarette that he just smoked. It was around eight years ago. He tried to quit smoking when he found out that a virtual reality game was being released. He didn’t want to waste time going in and out of the capsules due to smoking. It was the stance of a pro gamer.

Fortunately, he succeeded in quitting smoking. He saved the time that would’ve been spent smoking and became a high ranker. Then one day, he started thinking about cigarettes again. It was caused by a rapport with the NPCs. Every time he fought a big battle and checked the casualties, he needed a method to alleviate his depressed emotions. Still, he endured it somehow until the Great Human and Demon War became a detonator.

The first day after the outbreak of the Great Human and Demon War. Pon eventually couldn’t stand it and bit a cigarette in his mouth again.

“I’m sorry for those who died, but… I think Grid did a good job.”

If Grid was present on the battlefield, it was clear that the casualties would be much less than they were now. However, Grid deliberately avoided the war. This caused the overall level of players and soldiers to rise rapidly. Grid was less active, so people experienced more trials, overcame many difficulties, and became stronger.

“It is a battle against h.e.l.l. I need enough opportunities to grow before that.”

“I know. Are you worried that I will blame Grid? Don’t worry. No matter what happens in the future, I won’t hate Grid. Pon, aren’t you the same?”

“Yes, all members will be the same.”

The Overgeared member knew Grid’s nature well. They knew he wouldn’t have avoided war simply due to individual greed. There must be some work or Lauel would have convinced him well. Perhaps Grid himself wanted people to grow. They thought it was a good thing.

If Grid was present on the battlefield, the number of the dead might be several or dozens of times less than it was now, but the future of those who survived probably wouldn’t have been as bright.The reality of h.e.l.l was known and people were losing their faith in Rebecca. In the future, there would be dangers greater than the Great Human and Demon War.

Could people who hadn’t grown up properly handle this world? Of course not. It was cruel to those who died, but their sacrifices were necessary for the future. In the first place, it was an error to rely solely on Grid for every crisis. It was normal for colleagues to rely on each other.

“So… how long are you going to stay like this?”

The bereaved families sobbing while hugging the rain-soaked tombstones—Regas barely looked away from them and got up.

“The memorial service is over.”

I will save your family from h.e.l.l.I will enjoy the right of reincarnation and repeat my new life, so that I can reunite with you in the end.

Regas’ eyes were cold as he pledged in a determined manner. His smile was sharp like a blade. In addition to leveling up, Regas has been seeking out various training methods. For example, he often showed inefficient behavior like standing under a waterfall for days for mental training. It was the temperament of a martial artist.

The thing that couldn’t be criticized was that Regas’ concentration was actually unique. He had transcendent judgment using instantaneous concentration, reflex nerves, etc. Persistence was added to the concentration commonly used by selected geniuses. It might’ve been the result of several training exercises.

Pon had always wondered how fast Regas’ growth would be if his concentration was fully focused on hunting. ‘I will know now. I should quit smoking again.’


A world quest—it boasted an all-time high difficulty, so it was a quest accompanied by all-time high penalties and rewards.

Grid had pa.s.sed the crisis for now. He borrowed Huroi’s mouth and succeeded in spreading the truth to the world without much effort. The reward for progressing 20% in the world quest was a 20 point increase in Deity.This surpa.s.sed the 18 points of Deity that he acc.u.mulated in the past few years.

It was sweet. Two new powers had been opened. Grid looked at the first power.

[A power suitable for the creator of all things is added. From now on, two option slots will be created on the items you produce. The effects given are random, but you can modify them at any time. However, 2,000 prayers will be consumed every time you update the effects.]

[The ‘prayer’ stat is opened by the new power.]


[Refers to the number of times prayers directed toward you are acc.u.mulated.

Currently acc.u.mulated prayers: 1,839,874,511.]


Grid brought up the details of Gujel’s Dao. Two blank slots were added to the list of effects. He immediately experimented with it.

[Do you want to consume 2,000 prayers to grant effects to the item?]

It was naturally a yes.

[Strength +53 will be added to the 1st option slot of Gujel’s Dao.]


In order to place stat increase effects on items, certain conditions must be met such as using a specific material. Now there was no cost. No, he could add stats at any time just by consuming prayers. However, the effect was too low for a myth rated item.

Grid tried again.

[Do you want to consume 2,000 prayers to grant effects to the item? The existing effect will be deleted when granting a new effect.]

[Lifesteal +5% will be added to the 1st option slot of Gujel’s Dao.]

[Agility +90 will be added to the 1st option slot of Gujel’s Dao.]

[Abnormal status resistance +5% will be added to the 1st option slot of Gujel’s Dao.]

[Dignity +101 will be added to the 1st option slot of Gujel’s Dao.]

[Damage resistance +5% will be added to the 1st option slot of Gujel’s Dao.]


The range of effects was too large. All stats present in Satisfy seemed to be included in the target. Even the number was random. Grid tried exactly 31 times. Out of these attempts, the additional strength effect occurred three times with significant variations of 50, 53, and 120 respectively. It was impossible to calculate how many attempts it would require to get the desired effect to the highest possible value.

Subsequently, he tested the second option slot. It was the same.

“Wow, what is this…?”

Grid was tired of the viciousness of the S.A Group. At the same time, he was happy. He hoped that each item would become very strong by rotating the effects until each item had the desired effects and he filled in the two new options. In any case, it was good to be stronger…

In fact, this was close to the thoughts of a pushover. Even so, he was delighted.

In any case, Grid had over 1.8 billion prayers. Moreover, it was still rising in real time. It was equivalent to changing the effects for free, so he was naturally happy.


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