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Chapter 1545

“This is unbelievable…”

A normal cla.s.s—this was what Chris often felt sorry about. It was especially the case whenever he felt a lack of stamina. There was also pride. He was proud to have reached first in the unified rankings in the past with these limitations. Of course, it was possible because Kraugel’s level was reset and Grid’s ranking was private.

However, it was a record that should not be disparaged. In any case, he had reached the peak of 2 billion players. It would be a deception if he felt ashamed. It was trivializing others. Chris has always maintained his pa.s.sion. He did his best to make achievements that had never been done before and to leave his own records in a different way from Grid and Kraugel.

The gap is closing.

Less than 50 levels were left until the time that Chairman Lim Cheolho had declared. That’s right. It was just before a normal cla.s.s achieved the fifth cla.s.s advancement for the first time. Technically, it wasn’t just before, but in any case, it was a feasible goal that could be achieved by next year at the latest. It was an opportunity to catch up to those who were ahead. It was largely due to the Great Human and Demon War.

Now it was all wasted.

“Level… my level…”

Chris’ external image was very excellent. A man who devoted himself silently to the limitations of a normal cla.s.s. His achievements, serious personality, and masculine appearance meant he won the favor of many people. He was a hero in his home country, Canada, and he was very popular abroad. He was a rare icon of goodwill where his recognition and popularity were directly proportional. He was different from the Grid types, who at one time had numerous anti-fans for various reasons. Yet now he was like this.

“Aaaaaaack!” He held his head and screamed. It was almost like a howl. It was completely different from the image he had built up so far.

The people at the scene and the viewers were fl.u.s.tered.

-What’s wrong with Chris??

-Wow ᄏᄏ Chris can scream as well. I thought he was a wooden stoneᄏᄏ

-Did he hear the news that the stock prices have fallen?

-I think it is because of the book that G.o.d Grid gave him…

Most legendary cla.s.ses had to achieve certain conditions before their existence was announced with a world message. It was virtually impossible to realize that Chris had just changed to a legend and that his level was reset. It was only possible to guess if they checked the updated rankings and saw that Chris’ name was gone.

“Wake up,” Grid said firmly while raising Chris up. Chris’ height was a bit taller than Grid, but Chris was the one looking up at Grid. It was due to the power of the flying ability. Grid was unknowingly using the attraction power caused by the difference in eye level. It was an act that came from his experiences as a king.

“This is the path you have chosen, Chris.”

“What…?” Chris was speechless. His eyes widened as he stared blankly at Grid. He chose this? It was said by the person who suddenly made him level 1. It was so ridiculous that he couldn’t even become angry. Chris had no idea what to say in return and suddenly recalled the previous situation.

‘…Yes, this is the path I chose.’

The book handed over by Grid. In other words, he was the one who opened the cla.s.s change book without looking at it properly. There was no problem with Grid’s logic. For some reason, this made him even more annoyed, but he couldn’t turn back time.

‘There is no need to turn back.’

Chris’ shock and confusion quickly calmed down. Even though he might’ve failed to accomplish his goal of being the first normal cla.s.s player to achieve the fifth cla.s.s advancement…

He might’ve been prevented from being inducted into the Hall of Fame and couldn’t experience the completed normal cla.s.s, making all the work he had been struggling on useless…

‘This isn’t something to blame Grid for.’

In the end, it was the path of his own choice. He also got a legendary cla.s.s. It was the highest rated cla.s.s among hidden cla.s.ses that he had been unconsciously hoping for when he was once deeply eager for it and still felt regret. Furthermore, Grid had directly provided it to him. He didn’t understand why it happened without a word of discussion, but it was a favor and filled with sincerity. It was a fortune created by the relations.h.i.+p he made.

‘It is good… right?’

Suspicions suddenly sprouted, but he shook his head to get rid of them. It was while looking around with a fierce gaze.

“It is a great environment to be a pa.s.senger.”

He was currently surrounded by hundreds of demonic creatures and dozens of demons, and there were thousands of demonic creatures still flocking behind them. He still couldn’t believe the situation, but he couldn’t even guess what number the level marked ‘1’ would reach.

Then 30 G.o.d Hands appeared. They each held a weapon and rotated in a scary manner with Chris as the center. He was also escorted by Overgeared Skeleton One, who occupied the grandmaster’s body, and Overgeared Skeleton Two, who summoned skeleton soldiers. Of course, Randy and Noe were also present.

Spit spit spit.

Finally, Overgeared Corn spat on Chris’ face.


“Deal the last blow well.”

There was no party. If the level difference was too large, the one with the low level wouldn’t gain any experience. The bus departed right away. The attack of the G.o.d Hands, which counterattacked those aiming at Chris, crushed the demonic creatures. The demonic creatures became minced meat and immediately turned to ash. The area around Chris, who was originally isolated on the battlefield that was swarming with enemies, turned into an empty wilderness in seconds.


Chris had quickly learned that he could equip existing weapons, although his strength had weakened due to the rebound of the level reset. He was looking for an opportunity to aim his greatsword and his eyes sank coldly at the sight. His expression was full of suspicion as he looked at Grid standing next to him with folded arms.

“…Hum hum.” Grid coughed to hide his embarra.s.sment and quickly replaced the weapons of the G.o.d Hands. The swords that were s.h.i.+ning brilliantly turned into very sharp weapons. They weren’t the main and secondary weapons that Grid and the G.o.d Hands had been using. They were the results of Grid’s failures when making his colleagues’ weapons and he had been scheduled to hand them over to Administrator Rabbit soon. They were all unique rated and there were no legendary rated weapons.

The moment the weapons were replaced, the stopped dance of the G.o.d Hands resumed again. They were fast as if implementing some of Grid’s stats and rotated in different directions. The demonic creatures couldn’t even get near Chris before turning to ash. It was the same as before. Chris didn’t even have a chance to wield his sword. He was still level 1.

“Eh…? You’ve already dealt with all the strong ones.” Grid, who was sweating while feeling Chris’ stinging gaze, belatedly figured out the situation. They were words that stabbed a dagger in not only Chris’ heart, but the hearts of all the players on the field.

Grid himself wasn’t aware of it. It was because he couldn’t accurately gauge the level of the G.o.d Hands, which had grown in line with him. It couldn’t be helped. It had been too long since he dealt with mobs. Grid had been growing through raids, quests, and blacksmithing for some time. He hadn’t experienced an ordinary hunt in a long time. Of course, his high cognitive skills meant he quickly read the atmosphere and realized, but the water had already been spilled. He had no choice but to keep pus.h.i.+ng forward.

“As expected of Chris. You know how much I respect you, right?”


Both of Grid’s hands started to move. He picked up dropped items such as bones and leather that fell from the demonic creatures, and sharpened them, weaved them, and trimmed them to create a form that could roughly be called a tool.

[The Crude But Incredibly Sharp Bone Sword has been completed.]

[Miracle Made of Dirty Bones has been completed.]

[Bone Flower Blooming on the Battlefield has been completed.]

There were unique and legendary items, even legendary weapons with many modifiers, but it was fine. They were made with low quality materials, which reduced their power when compared to their rating.

The new weapons—the G.o.d Hands, armed with sophisticated and sharp weapons that were hard to believe were made just from carving the bones of demonic creatures, once again rotated. Fortunately, this time the destructive power dropped significantly.

Nearly half the demonic creatures in range survived. Finally, an opportunity came for Chris.

“Yes!” Chris wasn’t stupid. He immediately seized the opportunity and drew the greatsword. He swung a level 440 greatsword at level 1 with the same clean form as before. Of course, the momentum at the end of the sword was very shabby. First of all, the attack speed was too slow. His stats also fell when his level was reset so it couldn’t be helped. The good news was that there were hundreds of stat points left over. It was due to the stats acquired from his second cla.s.s, t.i.tles, quests, and elixirs being maintained without any resets.


Chris’ greatsword split apart the innocent air. It was because a wave of sword energy destroyed all the demonic creatures in the path one step ahead of the greatsword. It was sword energy with various rune languages.

Chris’ eyes became cold again as he turned to Overgeared Skeleton One this time, not Grid. At almost the same time, Overgeared Skeleton One disappeared. It was a reverse summoning.

“I’m sorry. This is the first time he came out after the cla.s.s change, so he was too motivated. Haha…”


Chris was still level 1. This time, there were no nearby demonic creatures rus.h.i.+ng to approach. If there hadn’t been such twists, Chris might’ve gained a few more levels today. However, Chris didn’t feel sorry. After an hour, his level already exceeded 60. Perhaps it was a record that would never be broken.

It was because the damage adjustment of the G.o.d Hands, which boasted excellent learning skills, had already reached the level of a master. Overgeared Skeleton Two’s ability to distort all attacks heading toward Chris was also a big help. Overgeared Skeleton Two guaranteed Chris’ survival while the G.o.d Hands devoted themselves to attacking. This increased Chris’ hunting efficiency.

Chris immediately distributed the rising stat points to regain his strength. The speed at which he finished off a demonic creature accelerated in real time. His fierce control clearly proved why he was the best player. Noe’s performance in crouching down as cutely as possible and luring the demonic creatures was also excellent. Randy was prepared for any unknown danger.

Grid stood next to Chris and continued to cut the bones of the demonic creatures. He was replacing the low quality bone swords that broke after a few attacks in real time. He was prepared to use his Knights Summoning at any time.

‘Braham is fine.’

Grid was also communicating deeply with Braham. It was at a level where he vaguely detected the scenes after Braham fell into the pit of the Abyss. If Braham faced a crisis, it would be immediately recognized with the help of the bond system.

‘I believe that you will come back safely.’

The Abyss—it was the place where Braham eliminated the hydra and became part of many myths. Therefore, Grid longed for a new myth to be born there that would give Braham greater power.

Then the sound of Overgeared Corn blowing from his mouth entered Grid’s ears. It was as if he was saying, ‘Braham will be fine.’

‘No, that guy isn’t such an existence?’

Grid awakened from his thoughts. He looked over and could see Overgeared Corn biting on Chris’ face. The glare in his eyes was hideous. He openly showed killing intent. He seemed to be quite dissatisfied about needing to look after a man.

‘…I don’t think he will kill Chris.’ Overgeared Corn was actually a very obedient guy.

Grid pretended not to know anything and s.h.i.+fted his gaze away.


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