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Chapter 1460

“Sure enough, Kraugel is also preparing for the great human and demon war.”

“It feels like there are 1,000 people.”

How many players didn’t envy the sky above the sky?

After the National Compet.i.tion the year before last, he had been absent in the East Continent and finally appeared after a long time, causing admiration. It was despite the fact that most of those present were some of the top high rankers. Those who could set up a guild or lead a number of talents at any time were humble in front of Kraugel. It was the person with the second highest official standing after Grid.

“T-This is real…” Toban murmured blankly while the elites of the Ares army s.h.i.+fted their gazes away in an awkward manner. The smile on Toban’s face represented how he felt.

Kraugel—he might not be part of the Overgeared Guild, but he was a trustworthy figure. It wasn’t just skill, but also personality. It was Kraugel who had no bad rumors even when he was 1st in the ranking and had no choice but to be gossiped about no matter what he did. Once he became an ally, he could truly be called one of the most reliable people.

Just in time, Lauel’s message appeared in the guild chat.

-Kraugel applied for the h.e.l.l expedition and I accepted it at my discretion.I will leave the subsequent judgment to Yura.



Kraugel left Ruby behind and approached Yura. They stood side by the side and naturally reminded people of words like fate, relations.h.i.+p, lovers. They were at a level that was well-matched just looking at their appearance.

‘Oppa is pitiful.’ Ruby belatedly came to her senses and couldn’t help having this thought.


Gulps were heard from all around them. Just as everyone knew that Kraugel’s relations.h.i.+p with Grid was deep, they all knew that Kraugel and Yura had an uncomfortable relations.h.i.+p. One of the top rankers that Yura was hostile to during her time as a Yatan Servant was Kraugel and Kraugel had grabbed Yura’s ankles many times in the National Compet.i.tion. There were hardly any good feelings between the two of them, apart from the relations.h.i.+p between Kraugel and the Overgeared Guild. People wondered if Yura would give Kraugel a chance to play.

“You will take the vanguard,” Yura opened her mouth one beat late. Unlike people’s worries, she easily nodded. “It is rea.s.suring. Ruby, what do you think?”

“Huh? O-Of course I would like that,” Ruby replied to the question. It wasn’t a selfish answer. Kraugel was the Sword Saint. Even if he couldn’t use divine power at all, he could gain the upper hand against the demons as long as he was ‘holding a sword.’

The concept of compatibility itself was meaningless to him. It was because the Sword Saint defied the laws and could cut anything. It was why Kraugel was evaluated as an irreplaceable power.

“I think I can complete my vanguard duty with Kraugel oppa.” Ruby’s opinion was the same as other people’s thoughts.

Toban also thought it was a good thing.

‘Then for some reason… why am I sad?’ Toban, who was happier than anyone else, suddenly felt sad. However, his mood right now wasn’t an important issue. Toban coughed and handed Kraugel his weapon. It was the ‘Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword’ that was once the divine object of the Judar Church. Just like the Holy Light Set that Grid got from the Rebecca Church, this had been left unattended in the church without anyone using it.

Toban was once the number one player in the Judar Church. He had many achievements and acquired the ‘qualifications.’ It was why Toban had to be the vanguard in this h.e.l.l expedition.

“The usage condition might be set as ‘me,’ but… you can handle it as long as it is a sword, right? This weapon will help Ruby build the sanctuary.”

Just as Grid could wear and use all items without restrictions, Kraugel could use all sword type weapons without restrictions. He could even handle it better than anyone else. It was because the Sword Saint’s swordsmans.h.i.+p was based on insight and communication with the sword. Kraugel nodded and accepted the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword.

“I will repay your trust.”

“Okay. I’ll be there soon to take it back, so take care of it.”

Toban laughed. There was actually a day when he built up such great trust with Kraugel, who had been a vague object of fear when he was a compet.i.tor. It was the contribution of Grid, who communicated with Kraugel, and Lauel’s efforts to help Kraugel’s mother.

“Time is tight to move the expedition team to h.e.l.l. I will get started right away.”

There were nearly 300 partic.i.p.ants in the expedition. Yura was pressed for time to transfer everyone to h.e.l.l, so she urged them. She had heard from Grid what Kraugel had done in the East Continent and what he achieved. There was no more delay in opening the h.e.l.l gate.

The s.p.a.ce next to Yura distorted and a black pa.s.sage was created. It was the h.e.l.l gate. Kraugel had experience fighting with Yura and felt a certain emotion at the sight.

“I will go first.”

Kraugel took the lead. Yura spoke to Ruby who was taking a deep breath one more time before following, “Miss Ruby, you have to lead the people until I arrive. Don’t lose your composure under any circ.u.mstances.”

“Yes! I will keep that in mind!” Ruby answered vigorously like a military recruit and headed through the h.e.l.l gate.

“Sehee! Try and seduce them well!”

She ignored Yerim’s absurd shout from behind her.


[You have entered h.e.l.l.]

[A powerful demonic energy that wants to penetrate your lungs has scattered without encroaching on you.]

[The evil energy that blocks the spirit is receding before touching you.]

“Ah…!” Ruby was terrified. She could see a huge, transparent gla.s.s castle the moment she entered h.e.l.l. A beautiful view was about to blossom, but then seven demonic creatures came into view. It was a group of huge and sinister demonic creatures. The Saintess could detect the target’s demonic energy and predict their level, so from her perspective, they were elites.

“A-Avoid it!” Ruby shouted at Kraugel who was welcoming her. However, it was too late. The demons had already reached Kraugel’s back. Kraugel had all his stats lowered due to the penalty of h.e.l.l and had been caring so much about Ruby that he didn’t seem to notice their approach.

Kraugel spoke naturally like nothing was happening, “This is okay.”

Simultaneously, the bodies of the demonic creatures wielding their claws at Kraugel were split into dozens of pieces and blood flowed. They couldn’t even scream as they turned to gray ash. Before Ruby could recognize them, they were already cut and died. It was different from drawing the sword, where the blade was rubbed against the sheath to gain acceleration. If the person in the current situation was Peak Sword, the friction sound would have occurred late.

On the other hand, Kraugel’s swordsmans.h.i.+p was very quiet. There was no sound at all. The ideal body trained to give full play to swordsmans.h.i.+p and the strongest swordsmans.h.i.+p combined to form an extremely pure and powerful swordsmans.h.i.+p.

“I’ll protect you so get started.”

Kraugel stood between the scattering rays of light and sent her a warm look again. Ruby was familiar with this gaze. It was because her brother looked at her with a similar gaze. It felt like she had one more brother. It was the second best brother in the world.

“Yes!” Ruby answered with a brilliant smile and started chanting a spell. It was Sanctuary Declaration. It was the aura and concept of the Saintess that didn’t allow anything to invade in the process of establis.h.i.+ng the domain. Only Saintess Ruby became the law.

Kraugel drew the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword. Then Kraugel’s mana was consumed and the imprinting of the magic circle being drawn by Ruby’s spell became noticeably faster. It was the effect of the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword that helped ‘strengthen external divine power to enhance divine magic or a.s.sist in divine events.’ The construction of the sanctuary, which consumed a great amount of concentration and resources, became many times easier.

Kraugel watched the operation of the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword in a daze. ‘I was told that the G.o.ds are wary of the Saintess.’

As far as Kraugel knew, Ruby had never caused friction with the believers of the three G.o.ds. Additionally, the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword was currently helping Ruby. He looked at the origin story contained in the information of the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword and questioned it even more because there was a sentence that stated ‘a sword made due to Judar’s divine message.’

‘Is Judar not particularly wary of the Saintess? Or is there a reason he is only watching at the present?’

…He didn’t know.

Rankers weren’t proficient in all the stories and settings of the world view. Just as the stories Grid were familiar with were h.e.l.l and heaven, Pagma and Braham, the East Continent and the Saharan Empire, Talima and the Behen Archipelago, etcetera, Kraugel also had stories that he was familiar with. He didn’t know much about the religions.

Just then, new demonic creatures swarmed. They were too quick to appear and attack after discovering Kraugel and Ruby. It seemed they had been wary of this place since the beginning.

‘The enemies have grasped the opening point of the h.e.l.l gate.’

It was speculated that the incessant bombardments would continue. Kraugel examined the status of the Transcendent G.o.d’s Holy Sword. Most of the functions were stopped or weakened because it was helping Ruby. The damage had also been greatly reduced. All of the sword was only working for Ruby. This was why Toban had shrunk back. If Toban had been in this situation, he could only support himself with a s.h.i.+eld.

Meanwhile, Kraugel was able to take the initiative. He held a new sword in his other hand. There were no restrictions on the Sword Saint when using two swords. Kraugel had complete control over the two swords.


‘The h.e.l.l penalty can be temporarily repelled with Poetry that Praises the Sword.’

Poetry that Praises the Sword a.s.similated Kraugel and the sword together. The durability and attack power of the target sword replaced Kraugel’s health and defense, purifying and making him immune to all the weakening effects applied. Additionally, when using the next skill, the maximum power was increased by 14 times (11 times was previously the maximum, but the power rose due to the increase in the level of the sword poetry).

It was the most frequently used of Kraugel’s ultimate skills. It made it possible to respond to multiple variables. The problem was that the number of variables was too big.


Kraugel’s actions as he slashed at the demonic creatures became unnatural. His sword resonated like it was responding to someone other than Kraugel.

[Your weapon has entered the dominance of the demon ‘Boleron.’]

[You have resisted.]

Kraugel was nervous. If it wasn’t for the Sword Saint perfectly controlling the sword, he would’ve only noticed when his sword was stolen.

‘It is a power on the level of a great demon. It must be a senior demon.’

Kraugel’s gaze turned in the direction of powerful demonic energy. Then the ground where Kraugel was standing exploded. It seemed to be aimed at this timing.

“It is great to be able to avoid Lord Barbatos’ sniping.”

The rapidly moving black fog gradually formed a shape. It was the appearance of Boleron, the demon who had the modifier ‘Barbatos’ Household.’ Additionally, Barbatos shared the vision of his household members. It was possible to secure his vision to ‘snipe’ even if he was hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. Of course, there were restrictions that the world should be the same. If there were no such restrictions, human beings in the human world would’ve been sniped by Barbatos.

The sniping occurred again.Kraugel barely managed to avoid the first sniping with his super sensitivity, but it was hard to avoid this time. It was because Boleron’s large hand approached at a high speed and tried to wrap around his face. It was an attack that was accurately combined with the sniping.

It proved that Barbatos and Boleron had worked together a number of times. It was natural. Boleron was originally a household member, unlike Krucha who was h.e.l.l Gao’s subordinate and attached to Barbatos. From the moment of birth, Boleron was Barbatos’ subordinate.

‘It is better to allow one of the two.’

Kraugel’s high insight and intuition instantly grasped and judged the situation. He gave his face in exchange for avoiding the sniping. Kraugel’s body slammed into the ground. Then the horns on Boleron’s forehead pierced Kraugel’s heart. At the same time, Kraugel’s sword cut at both of Boleron’s eyes. Kraugel was obediently caught in order to achieve this counterattack.


Boleron was fl.u.s.tered by losing his sight and he was blown away by jajinmori. Kraugel rose from the spot, drank a potion and said, “You lost your eyes so there is no support shooting for the time being.”

Just as Kraugel provided a lot of information to Grid, Grid had also shared information with Kraugel. He said that the opponent they should be most wary of in the great human and demon war was the 8th Great Demon, Barbatos, and had explained the characteristics in detail. This meant that Kraugel was already familiar with Barbatos’ method of shooting from ‘a place unseen’ and knew how to block it.

‘I didn’t expect Barbatos’ household member to appear.’

Grid had said that Barbatos was obsessed with Grid. Apparently, he felt resentment for having part of his ‘vision’ taken away… perhaps due to this, he had been watching for the h.e.l.l gate while waiting for Grid.

‘By the way… she is really Grid’s younger sister.’

Kraugel stared at the Holy Enchant that was wrapped around the White Tiger Sword. He hadn’t expected her to cast a weapon enhancement spell rather than a defense spell or heals while her companion was being attacked. Ruby’s way of playing that was different from a normal priest player made Kraugel laugh. He thought that the aggressive tendencies were very similar to Grid.

‘It was a good choice.’

Boleron’s eyes didn’t regenerate after being cut by Holy Enchant. Of course, this wasn’t a long-lasting effect, but as long as Holy Enchant was maintained, Kraugel was confident that he could cut Boleron’s eyes again and again.

‘It will take some time until the next team comes.’

If it was Yura, then the possibility of her sending Chris in the next team was very high. Chris’ strength was so excellent that he was said to be ‘next to Grid.’ There was no better card to use for expanding the base they had already secured.

‘The good odds start from then on.’


Kraugel approached Boleron. There were dozens of possibilities in one stride. Among those possibilities, there was no chance that Boleron’s eyes would recover safely. As Ruby’s sanctuary gradually became stronger, the penalties that Kraugel received in h.e.l.l were weakening.


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