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Braham wasn’t favorable to humanity. He never thought or acted for humanity. Still, many of his accomplishments helped develop civilization and as a result, helped humanity.

The by-products formed in the process of making the resurrection magic increased the popularity of magic, the Magic Communication Sphere designed to effectively speak to his disciples was considered the greatest invention of human beings, and the specimens kidnapped in order to overcome the Curse of Idleness had been a threat to many kingdoms.

There was a saying ‘Braham’s birth was a blessing to the world.’ People didn’t dare guess how many accomplishments he had made. However, if someone were to ask Braham about his greatest achievements, Braham would answer without any hesitation—the first was meeting Grid, and the second was robbing a dragon’s lair.

‘I’ve seen people resist Belial’s illusions, but…’

The magic Braham used on Jude was derived from the Book of Amon he had stolen from Trauka’s lair. 7th Great Demon Amon, who had been caught by Trauka after ascending, had the power to project the future and the past. Amon’s Book doc.u.mented how to see the past. Of course, non-transcendent races weren’t able to decipher the book but this provoked Braham’s desire for exploration.

Braham was in a half-crazy state and infiltrated Trauka’s nest. After almost dying several times, he was lucky enough to have succeeded in stealing Amon’s Book. More than half the book had been burned by the breath of the raging Trauka. That’s why the past that Braham could see was only a glimpse of ‘the most terrible memories of the target’ but Braham transformed it into wonderful illusion magic.

It was magic that instilled a terrible fear by showing the target a terrible memory. It was magic derived from the seventh place demon so it was extremely powerful compared to the 32nd Great Demon Belial’s illusions. Therefore, Braham was upset when Jude resisted it. Then he soon regained his composure and a.n.a.lyzed the situation.

‘If Amon’s power was almighty then he wouldn’t have been eaten by Trauka.’

In addition, Amon’s Book that Braham read was incomplete because half of it was burned. Of course, it wasn’t low-level magic but the target this time was too bad.

‘He is so stupid that he doesn’t know fear.’

In retrospect, Grid was reluctant to call Jude when the enemies were strong. It was because Jude was so simple and ignorant that he wouldn’t save himself.

‘…He is close to a single-celled organism.’

Braham had to suppress him with force. Braham used Teleport to widen the distance with Jude. He didn’t want to waste mana but he had no other choice. It was impossible to get away from Jude without teleporting because his physical abilities were too low. Jude might not have anything else but his physical abilities were excellent.

Braham swung his hand through the air and a blue current popped up. The basic characteristic of the lightning property was that the speed was fast. In addition, the Braham style enhanced magic maximized magic. Braham had to save mana so he planned to defeat Jude with the low-level Lightning Spear.

‘I’ll make a situation where he can’t deal with an attack because he can’t see it.’

A warrior’s basic discipline was to predict the path of the attack. Jude would twist his body to the right the moment the lightning spear disappeared from view. It was because Braham would induce it.


Jude ran while Braham waited. The distance between the two of them narrowed and a thickly grown field was to the right of Jude. At the same time, Braham moved. He moved his fingers to the left side, exposing a loophole. Then the Braham style Enhanced Lightning Spear flew to Jude like a lightning bolt.

‘This guy?’

Braham frowned. Unlike Braham’s expectations, Jude dashed in a straight line and the magic was wasted. It was a case of psychological warfare becoming poisonous.

‘He doesn’t even have instincts?’

Tsk. Braham clicked his tongue, used Lightning Spear again, and shot it in a straight line this time. There was no reversal. Jude was. .h.i.t straight on by the magic. The thing that was different from Braham’s expectations was that Jude didn’t fall from the strike. Jude’s magic resistance was so weak that according to Braham’s calculations, he should be injured and fall down convulsing because he couldn’t resist the electric shock. Yet surprisingly, Jude didn’t collapse and succeeded in moving forward.

Braham knew the ident.i.ty of this unrealistic phenomenon.


The ability developed through enlightenment of the ‘heart’ that only transcendents or beings equivalent to them could attain. Even Grid only recently understood it yet the weakest Jude had acquired it. Grid also noticed this fact. This was due to the notification window.

[Your knight Jude understood the concept of the ‘heart.’]

The expected storm struck Braham. Jude couldn’t wield his sword because he failed to narrow the distance to Braham but his desire to cut Braham took form. It was Formless Will. Coincidentally, Braham was. .h.i.t and also became enlightened. Braham also used willpower to offset the Formless Will. Jude’s Formless Will was extinguished without a trace. It returned to nothingness without reaching Braham.

“…You really managed to gather together these people,” Braham murmured. There was a slight smile on his face. Then flames exploded. Jude vomited up blood and sat down in place. However, his gaze was still on Braham. His burned hand was holding on tightly to the sword Grid gave him. His will was still steadfast, unlike his crumbling flesh.

“Jude… First. Knight…”


Grid’s heart sank. He noticed why Jude was trying to hold on. Braham was the same. He looked at Jude and clicked his tongue.

“I know you are Grid’s first knight. I don’t intend to take your place so stop fighting.”

“Hap… py.”

Jude lost consciousness and collapsed. To people’s surprise, Braham personally supported him and brought him to Ruby’s side. Grid blinked with shock while Braham snorted. He didn’t say anything. Still, Grid was able to read Braham’s heart.


The smiling Grid firmly grasped Jude’s callused hands. He was thrilled that his first knight had been acknowledged by the greatest man in history.

“I’m impressed.”

The Overgeared members and knights watched Grid and Jude with warm expressions. There wasn’t a single person here who could hate Grid and Jude.


“Don’t you need this?”

Piaro handed Braham a blue potion. It was the superior mana potion produced in Reidan’s alchemy facility.

‘Do you think I should drink something after facing a guy like that?’


‘You dare want a fair fight with this body?’

And so forth. The original Braham would’ve said such things and then burned the potions.


Surprisingly, Braham accepted the potion. The reason why he had such an arrogant personality was because he was convinced he was the strongest. For the current Braham, arrogance was a luxury since he was aware of his weakness and that Grid’s knights were strong. In that sense…

Braham drank the potion and restored his mana. Then he started to chant the spell for Meteor. Meteor was one of the great magics and the chant had to be completed before it was triggered.


An unusual air flowed, causing the astonished Overgeared members to look up at the sky and suck in their breaths. They could see a huge meteorite flying through the atmosphere. It was the same for the tens of thousands of players that flocked outside the fields to watch.

“…What is that?”

“Is this real…”

The sky was falling. The world was about to face ruin. The appearance of the meteorite gradually approaching the ground caused all types of confusion.

“The Overgeared Kingdom… is it the end?” Lauel muttered with a blank expression.

“Braham, is this a joke?”

Grid smiled awkwardly as he sent Braham an anxious look. Nevertheless, Braham didn’t stop the magic spell. He stared at Piaro, who was alternating pointing to the agricultural tools in his hands and Braham’s empty hands. It was a gesture that seemed to be saying Braham had no weapons yet.

“I will stop you.”

Piaro responded to Braham with a provocative answer.

“I will beat you and deliver the glory of the next generation!”

A previous generation legend. Piaro never dreamed that he would have a chance to compete with those who had disappeared into history. For Piaro, his encounter with Braham was the luckiest thing after his encounter with Grid. He didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. He wanted to fight Braham with all his heart and measure his strength and potential.

Piaro pushed off from the ground and flew forward. He a.n.a.lyzed that Braham’s current physical condition was the worst. It was Piaro’s judgment that Braham couldn’t afford to keep chanting the Meteor spell and use Teleport at the same time. Even if double casting was possible, it would be useless if there was no mana. Piaro expected Braham to respond with defense magic or a single target magic. At that moment, he would sprinkle seeds in advance to catch Braham off guard later. At least, he believed he had enough odds against Braham today.

However, the situation wasn’t what he expected. The link between Alarm and Teleport—Braham predicted the timing of the attack and used the help of the Alarm magic he activated when competing against Jude to easily evade using Teleport. Braham’s mana was also filling up in real time. He was chanting the spell for Meteor while using Mana Drain to absorb energy from the crops.

‘I will lose if I delay things!’

The admiring Piaro sent suppression energy toward Braham, who appeared far away. It was an operation to force Braham to use defensive magic while disrupting vision, creating a gap that would give him an edge in the duel. It was as expected. Braham was unable to just watch the fast-flying force and triggered defense magic, causing a dense dust cloud to swirl.

In the midst of this, Piaro hid among the crops and triggered Natural State, absorbing the energy of the soil and crops as he began farming at a speed that defied nature. A giant sweet potato stalk that made humans look like a dwarf grew like a dragon tail, carrying Piaro. It wasn’t comparable to the technology of leaping through s.p.a.ce like Teleport but it was certainly a tremendous speed.

Piaro quickly reached Braham and swung the hoe. “Harvest!”

A wave swept through the field. The sweet potato stems dug into the soil as dozens of large sweet potatoes filled the air.


Grid and the Overgeared members were amazed by the overwhelming spectacle and were at a loss for words.

“It isn’t a potato?”

Meanwhile, Magic Swordsman Bland was greatly disappointed.

“Free Farming HIdden Style! Sweet Potato Battering!”

Piaro, who held the sweet potato stems in his hand instead of agricultural tools, swung them like a whip. Then the sweet potatoes headed toward Braham’s head like rocks.


It was Piaro’s new operation where he linked Natural State, Sowing Seeds, Rapid Growth, and Harvest. It was a terrifying skill despite the tricky conditions. The meteorite summoned by Braham burned the entire sky while Piaro summoned sweet potatoes. No, the sweet potatoes were smas.h.i.+ng the entire land.

Grid copied Mercedes’ s.h.i.+eld with Item Transformation and protected Ruby and Jude alongside Mercedes. The G.o.d Hands, Noe, and Randy protected the Overgeared members.

‘It is Piaro’s victory!’

Asmophel was certain. He had been rooting for Piaro throughout the battle and now his face was bright. Then a deep shadow appeared over his face.


Asmophel and the Overgeared members were surprised by the heat and looked up at the sky. The meteorite was still falling. It was almost on the verge of colliding with the ground. Even Piaro’s hidden techniques hadn’t stopped Braham’s casting.


What was this? Was it possible to keep chanting a magic spell after experiencing such a big shock? The confused Piaro tried to track Braham’s movements. However, he couldn’t find Braham even with the power of Natural State. It felt like Braham had disappeared from the world.

“Free Farming Peak Style!”

It happened the moment when Piaro determined he needed to handle the meteorite and focused his suppression energy into a single point, forming a mortar. Suddenly, part of the s.p.a.ce cracked open and Piaro was swallowed up. The meteorite, which was about to collide with the ground, and the mortar about to hit it disappeared without a trace.

One of Braham’s enchantments, which were divided into three systems, had worked. Piaro was the first human to make Braham use an enchanted barrier.


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