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Chapter 55

I leave the pouting Celia and the jealous Nonna at home, heading out on a journey to the south with Carla .

The surface objective is to conduct a preliminary inspection of the territory I received . But the real objective is to go meet up with someone in order to keep my promise .

「Hey-hey- . Since it’s just the two of us why don’t we ride together . 」

As if agreeing, Schwartz neighs .

But on the way back we might get more people . So even for Schwartz, having everyone ride on him will tire him out .

The path is also seedy-looking with only a few villages in the eastern area, heading into the former Arkland territory will get even worse . I could go to any one of those villages to replenish horse fodder and water but it would be poor living conditions either way .

On the other hand since there are no villages that have been directly influenced by the war, they would have no animosity to us coming from Goldonia . Normally it would be nice to go and check on how Adolph is doing, since I am light on baggage, but I’ll purposely avoid it .

「Aww, the one coming up is the biggest town? I want a warm bed to relax in . 」

Carla grumbles but in terms of time it hasn’t even been a few days since Adolph has arrived . It would be unpleasant for him if he was about to start working and something like his superior came to check on him . I’ll take a peek on the way home .

From Goldonia to our destination, if there is a highway in good order on the west side, then it would take us one week to get there on foot, but in reality it would probably take twice that time . However Schwartz can walk on any road, bad or not .

If it was just one horse then it will probably take one day . But since Carla’s horse got tired then the schedule became three days…

「I can see it! Isn’t that Mireille’s village?」

It has been two years since I left and headed for the Olga Federation . Sheera village is in the same poor condition as it was in the past .

Is that woman with a determined spirit unharmed? Or maybe she has become some other guy’s wife . Two years for a woman over 20 is a long time .

「If she became another man’s wife then you can just steal her back . 」

Carla hasn’t changed since back then . I’m jealous of her ability to be honest with herself and live however she wants .

As we approach the village we can hear cheers rising from inside . Is it possible that they saw me from afar and were welcoming me? I strain my eyes to see what was going on and I can see a redhead woman with a well-built physique…I already found someone familiar .

「It’s Boar~!」 「Meat meat~!!」 「Delicious~」

The hunted boar was being carried, Mireille was laughing heartily while the children crowded around her feet . She pushed the children aside as she pa.s.sed through since it was dangerous, but even so she gently pet their heads as her gaze s.h.i.+fts towards the entrance of the village .

She made sure whether the person was a traveler or someone suspicious, squinting her eyes, then all of a sudden her eyes opened wide, and before she knew it, tears formed in her eyes .

「Gya-the boar fell!」 「It’s heavy!」 「Gieeeeee!!」

While the children are making a fuss, Mireille runs off . Carla and I get down from our horses .

「Hey, it’s been a while . 」

「Is this real…is it real…? You came back? This isn’t a dream right!?」

The children probably don’t remember me since they only saw me once . They looked on with strange faces as the elder sister who was lively and reliable went to hug a man, crying like a child .

「Mireille, I’m also here you know?」

「Carla!? You’ve been missed too!」

「It’s fine . Since friends.h.i.+p between girls crumble into nothing in front of a man . 」

It seems she’s upset at the fact that her close friend treated her as an afterthought . Let’s cheer her mood up with a party . We unloaded our things that were piled on Schwartz .

It’s spiced meat and alcohol I bought from the capital . The meat doesn’t rot in the three days from mid winter till now .

「It seems you got something pretty impressive yourself . 」

The children stand around and gather, intrigued at the smell of the spices .

「Yum yum~!」 「Tasty!」

And the banquet starts at Mireille’s house . The children were infatuated with the taste of the meat and spices that they tried for the first time .

「This is really good…but is it okay? It was expensive wasn’t it?」

It couldn’t be compared to normal meat but it’s not like I could say that here .

「It’s alright . To the Aegir right now, it’s something quite trivial!」

Carla puffed her chest out with a boastful look .

「Right now? Oh right what have you been doing up until now? Although I forgot to ask . 」

「We bought a house in the capital of Goldonia! And can you believe it somehow he became a n.o.ble!」

Mireille paused for a moment but soon she smiled broadly .

「I won’t believe a lie like that! If you’re going to make it up, be more modest . Although it did become good entertainment for the banquet . 」

「I’m saying it’s not a lie! Hey Aegir!」

「It’s the truth . A lot has happened…」

Mireille put her hand to her mouth in surprise . It strangely arouses me for a boyish girl to make such a womanly gesture .

「No way…then it actually happened in Goldonia?」

「Didn’t I say so . And just recently he performed well in battle and the king granted him with territory!」

Carla is happy as if it was something she did herself .

「The war that is said to have destroyed Arkland? I’ve heard rumors from the peddler but…well I guess if it’s you it was probably some great achievement right?」

「Arkland war?」 「Datrohn knight~」 「Baddorett-」 1

The children are frolicking while eating meat . So you know about it after all?

「Oh yeah it was a gossiper that was next to the peddler that told them about it . A fake story that in the town of Datrohn there was a single man standing in the way in front of the gate, who took out 10,000 enemies . 」

There were 1500 enemies and I only stalled for time, but it can’t be helped that the gossiper was exaggerating .

「If I recall correctly the name of the knight was…Hardlett I think . When we were fighting together, that extra large hungry wolf was also called that, it’s such a vicious name so I remember it . 」

「Aegir Hardlett, that’s me . 」


「He was covered in wounds too~ It was so manly and wonderful . 」

「Hey mister is the knight?」 「Badorett?」

The children come up to me, but I’ll just listen to their stories . The actual story is more boring that the rumors anyway, and the children are quite lively too .

「Eh? Eh?」

Mireille is still unable to believe everything .

「Well, besides that there is still lots I want to talk about . Let’s talk a bunch in bed . 」

「Really, bed? Hey, the kids are still around aren’t they?!」

Carla isn’t shy at all .

「But you’re going to do it right?」

「We, well I guess?」

Mireille turned red . She gives the children some snacks, hard bread with honey on top . Then she told them to share them with the house next door as well .

I thought was just about time for me to embrace Mireille for the first time in two years, but I haven’t washed my body that got dirty during the journey . At my house I bathed everyday so it’s something that I’m particular about .

It was the first s.e.xual intercourse in two years, we should get ourselves clean, so the three of us went to bathe, s.h.i.+vering while doing so .

「Gyaa-! It’s cold, it’s cold! I’m gonna die!!」

「As expected I’m reaching the limit too! Blanket, blanket!」

The two women are entirely naked while wrapping the blanket around themselves and hugging each other . I was trying to play it cool but in actual fact I felt cold enough to die . The three of us cling together and mess around .

「You were big and brawny before, but now you’re really burly, plus you have wounds all over . And you’ve gotten taller . 」

「How is it compared to before?」

To a woman, they may think that wounds are something graphic after all .

「I like the way it is now . It’s a body irresistible for women… . 」

I hug Mireille with all my might . Even for her strong physique, it was strong enough for her to feel pain .

「Two years was quite long . 」

「Yeah, I honestly thought that you would no longer come . 」

「You, did you do it with any men?」

I asked Mireille directly but she winces slightly .

「Isn’t it fine, one or two rods is nothing for Aegir to worry about since you aren’t small . 」

Don’t use rods to count them .

「Uu, they had something to woo me with, see . And I also wanted kids…and it seemed like I could be embraced easily . 」

「Did you allow them?」

「No, they just sucked my lips . Then your face came to my mind and I pushed them away . 」

Before she finished what she said, I took her lips . I have to take Mireille back .

「Puah, don’t get so jealous, I’m also at that age of wanting kids so I lost control of myself . 」

「Then I’ll have to give that to you . 」

「Mireille should also look at Aegir’s . It’s even more amazing than two years ago!」

Carla burrows into the blanket and takes my c.o.c.k in her mouth . Without holding back, loud slurping sounds can be heard and Mireille’s face turns red .

「Suddenly sucking him like that…why can’t you read the mood…」

My thing becomes erect immediately, Carla sticks her head out from under the blanket .

「There, Aegir stand up! Now show it to Mireille . 」

I couldn’t help but listen to her and my thing thrusted right in front of Mireille’s face in all of its glory .

「Uueh!? What is this?! It’s not just big…it’s even more amazing than the time from before, isn’t this just like a monster’s?!」

「Now let’s have fun!」

「Wait, no matter what this is impossible! It’s going to rip me for sure . 」

「It’ll be fine~ Once you get used to it, it’ll be the best-! You’ll be able to fit something as thick as an arm soon . 」

The two of us push Mireille down . Carla licks her v.a.g.i.n.a and sucks her c.l.i.t, I suck on her nipples and rub my d.i.c.k all over her body .

Mireille has been living in simplicity here in the countryside, compared to the both of us who have been consumed with promiscuity, the difference between our s.e.xual desire and experience is huge, she can do nothing but moan in agony .

「Try sucking it . 」

「It’s tasty you know~」

I place the c.o.c.k on Mireille’s face, who’s already exhausted . She flinches when she saw how long it is, even more so than her face, but soon she starts to crawl her tongue on it, licking it . But that feeling is too weak and dull .

「Geez! Aegir won’t be satisfied with something like that . Here, try to endure it . 」

Carla held Mireille’s head in place and called me over .

「H-hey! What are y-…goh!」

Without hesitation she inserted my c.o.c.k all the way into her throat . She pulled it out at regular intervals so that she could breathe, but while it was inserted, her throat bulges out, and I found out soon how far my c.o.c.k could go .

When the pleasure started to build up, it was pulled out and we release Mireille . If we expand her throat anymore than this it would be a waste .

「Gahoh! Goho-! I thought you were going to kill me…hiih!」

As if trying to voice a complaint and raising her head, in front of Mireille’s face was the c.o.c.k dripping with juices, even more intimidating than before . Mireille was overwhelmed and fell back on her b.u.t.t .

「Now is the real thing . You’ll be taking this huge d.i.c.k in your p.u.s.s.y next . 」

「It…it’ll break . 」

「Don’t worry, he’ll do it well . 」

When I hugged her, she felt somewhat relieved and returned the hug . In the past I thought she had quite the big build but now she seems rather small compared to me . …It’s probably because I’ve seen how large Irijina is .

「Do you have a favorite position? I’ll do it that way . 」

「Uu…I want to be on top of your knees . Also I want kisses…」

Mireille is quite the princess despite her physical stature . As she wished, I placed her on my knees and kissed her . Then my c.o.c.k touched her p.u.s.s.y lips .

「It’s the first time in two years…please excuse me . 」

「Aaah, welcome back . 」

I hold Mireille’s waist and put in some effort . It’s the feeling after a long absence, her insides are once again filled by me .


「Wow what an amazing sound! Aegir’s momentum is crazy, did it tear? …it seems fine . 」

I made a slight misjudgement on the amount of strength to put in . I give her kisses as her mouth is gaping, all the while shaking my hips slowly . Mireille is squeezing tightly inside and it feels good, but it is probably at the point just before tearing so it should be widening soon . I can’t do it that intensely yet .

For some time she just hugged me with a dazed look, but eventually she started to answer me with kisses and shaking of the hips on her own . We were confirming our love for each other after such a long time, but someone b.u.t.ts in .

「Owaa! Carla what are you doing?!」

I saw Carla sticking a finger up Mireille’s a.s.s .

「Well the two of you were having fun! Let me join in too . 」

「Even so don’t do that to my a.s.s-! Hiiiih!」

Mireille’s insides clenches and tightens up, Carla’s finger pa.s.ses through the walls and is stirring her insides, as expected I can’t hold it in .

「I’m c.u.mming . 」

「Me too…c.u.m…ming…」

We hug and kiss each other, entangling our bodies together strongly . Carla also increased the number of fingers to three .



The seed gushes out in Mireille’s insides, running up . Carla matches the rhythm of my thrusting and pushes against the wall on the inside of the a.s.s, encouraging the e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n of my c.o.c.k even further .

Mireille rests against me, running her tongue along the nape of my neck lovingly while losing her consciousness .

「So won’t you come over to our place?」

「Ah, well the kids are also attached to me . If I’m not here then the situation with food will also get harsher . 」

I thought about calling them all over but it would be tough to fit this many people in the house in the capital, and I haven’t seen what my territory looks like . I can’t just say something vague .

「I see, but we will see you frequently from now on . When I feel like it, I’ll come over and embrace you . 」

「I’ll be looking forward to it…er actually look at this disastrous scene! If it becomes like this then won’t it will be hollow for other men?」

From the time of her affair till recently, it looks like Mireille’s hole can fit something like a fist in it .

「If you need help you can come to Goldonia any time . As soon as the territory becomes stable then you could come there too . 」

A hot kiss, I told her that I have morning wood but Mireille stops me .

「At least stay until tomorrow . I have a little something I have to say . 」

I don’t know what it is but it isn’t a journey I need to rush to be one day faster . I gladly accepted .

And the next day .

「Well is this…」

「Isn’t this literally the seed that you spayed?」

In front of me are five women, they brought along babies that will soon become children . Everyone is clinging to their mother’s breast and it looks quite comfortable .

「These are the women you slept with, two years ago on that night . Who would have thought that they would all get pregnant…」

「Well if you poured that much . 」 「It’s long so it went all the way to the back . 」 「For the moment I said it was my husband’s child . 」

It was for the sake of giving new blood to the village, but they didn’t tell me to stay with them, however to think that all the rounds I fired hit the bullseye .

「If you tell them I’m a n.o.ble it becomes a little troublesome so let’s keep it a secret ‘kay?」

I whisper in Mireille’s ear . I should tell Erich too . If they find out that a n.o.ble got them pregnant then there would be many women who would seriously aim to be a lover .

I get the names of all the kids and pet their heads . Two of the women are married but it seems they told them that the kid belongs to them . I say sorry and lower my head to the husbands in my heart .

「So…it has been a year since I’ve bore this child and my stomach has pretty much calmed down . 」

「This time I don’t need money so…some more new blood…」

Getting them pregnant in noon, there are women who have husbands too but it seems like it won’t be a problem since they went out hunting . It is said that among the women, that night seemed to be something like a legend .

「I can’t help it I guess…I’ll be your partner . 」

The girls all looked happy and squealed with glee, the mothers all bend forward and approach me . The women standing around me make a dumpling, exposing my c.o.c.k .

「It’s huge!」 「It’s gotten larger again . 」 「No way…is there a human like this?」

After that, each of them took turns sucking my c.o.c.k, each of them coaxing me for my seed, and crumbling down . It was quite immoral as all the women already have kids, in other words they are lactating . I hold one of the women down while thrusting, and I suck the nipples to drink the breast milk from the nipples that were offered all around me . With that excitement, my c.o.c.k bulges even more, the women tired from the pleasure also sprays milk . I drink until my stomach is full, my body is also bathed in the milk, I impregnate the women who are dyed in white .

We exhaust the limits of our immorality and the orgy continued until all the women were satisfied .

「Fuu~that was amazing . A huge d.i.c.k is that wonderful isn’t it?」

「Wow, my hole has spread this much . My husband will find out about it . 」

「Can’t you just tell him that you thought of him while putting a radish in there or something?」

「For me, it’s dangerous . I feel sorry for my husband…the second one is also the seed from another man . 」

「Look, the convulsions from my hole aren’t stopping . My juices are also continuing to come out」

The next day, I say goodbye to Mireille and the five women, as well as their kids . When I let the kids grip my finger it was a weird feeling . Next is the Elko village, if possible I want to be able to bring this one back .

The two villages are close together in terms of distance . It would take some time to get there on foot but on horseback it won’t take anytime at all .

「Well, we’ve arrived . We should also try our best here right?」

Carla strokes my crotch . Whenever I come to the villages in this area, I only get the image of embracing women .

「Mom . We finished sowing the seeds~」

「Okay~ Right now I’m busy so can I count on you to sow the seeds?」

It is quite nostalgic but this run-down house hasn’t changed, it has quite the cheerful atmosphere . The one outside should be Kuu, Mel should be inside .

「Well, let’s get a move on!」

Kuu rolls up her sleeves and lifts up the ax . It seems she is quite used to it but a girl’s thin arms made the action quite slow .

「I’ll do it . Leave it to me . 」

I take the ax from Kuu and continue splitting the wood . Hm, it’s quite light, I can probably do two or three at a time .

「Eh? Wha-? Um? No way!?」

Kuu was dazed for a moment but soon she ran off towards her house at high speed .


「What’s wrong? What about the wood?」

「Nevermind that! He came back! That person!」

I hear rattling sounds from inside the house .


It has been two years since I’ve seen Mel, who should already be in the later half of her 30’s, but I didn’t get the impression that she has aged at all, rather she has a bewitching air about her that younger girls don’t have .

「It’s been a while . The firewood, it’s been chopped and left over there . 」

Without answering me, she jumped into my chest . Even though I helped her with the firewood and everything .

「I didn’t forget you for even one day! I dreamed that this day would come, aah oh G.o.ddess of love…thank you! I thought that I would never meet you again . 」

It is still in the evening, everyone in the village came over to see what was going on, but Mel didn’t seem to notice . She is greedily asking for my lips, whispering her love to me . If I were to ignore everything then I might go too far and take her clothes off, although stopping now is a little sad .

「Come with me please . 」

I was invited into the house and there I saw a child sleeping in a tiny bed . Mel lifts the child and gives some of her breast milk, following it up with something that looks like soup .

「It’s about the time for the milk to stop . 」

She smiled with her best smile .

I don’t really have to listen, but why not listen anyways .

「That kid…is it mine?」

「Yes . I have not allowed anyone to use my body other than Aegir-san . 」

「Can’t be! That time I’m sure…」

「I got the medicine for contraception . But I didn’t use it . 」

Carla duped me! I said as I hold my head with my hand .

「It’s a girl . I named her Sue . She inherited her black hair from you . 」

As if the child was bored of the soup, she once again sucked on the nipple for some milk, and unlike the women in the Sheera village, the feelings that this child belongs to me started welling up .

「She can already stand up by herself, you know? …Although she is asleep now . 」

The child has eaten until she was full and fallen into sleep, Sue was placed gently back in her bed to sleep .

「So, what will you do with us from now on?」

Mel seems to have some memories of this house, I might not be able to tell her to come with me .

「If you come live together with me then I’ll give you a house and field and everything…」

Mel whispers in my ear in such a way that Kuu could not hear .

「If you’re gentle then you can also take Kuu . 」

Mel lets out a ‘Ufufu’ while smiling elegantly . I haven’t tried doing both the mother and child at the same time, so it was quite perverted and turned me on .

「My goodness, what is Ruu doing, I wish she would come back quickly . 」

I realized due to Kuu’s mumbling .

Oh yeah, she wasn’t around .

「She’s out picking mountain herbs…but she normally gets back in the afternoon…」

She’s a little slow-witted, so she might have gotten lost on the way .

「I’ll go look for her . We can talk after that . 」

I rub Mel’s a.s.s in order to get her into the mood, but she shakes my outstretched hand and leaves the house . It is more effective to cause a woman to fall when you tease them a little .

–Ruu’s POV–

At the same time inside the forest

「Haah, haah!」

I am running away for my life, but I was pretty slow in the first place so those guys are getting closer and closer . Why did it become like this?

I picked mountain herbs quite steadily . I even found medicinal herbs and was quite happy, but I ended up finding bandits .

「Hey! Wait! If you run I’ll kill you . 」

That’s a lie, even if I stop you’ll kill me .

I desperately ran, but finally my legs tangled up and I fell over .

「You wasted my time, didn’t you! Hey, hurry and kill her . 」

「Wait, she’s still a kid but she’s quite the looker . Let’s taste her for the amount that she made us run . 」

The men grabbed both my arms and both my legs, spreading them apart . I am quite weak so there is nothing I can do .

The man flipped my skirt up and was going to put his dirty thing in my special place .

(Save me! Someone! …Aegir-san!)

The person who often did it came into my mind . I already know he isn’t here anymore, I know that I’m going to be raped and then killed here . Even so, I still feel like he’s going to save me…

「Move it . 」

The man that was trying to do bad things in between my legs was kicked in the face and rolled over .

「You too . 」

The man holding my arms also got his head kicked and he was laying on the ground .

This is an illusion . I’m surely seeing some sort of vision . The person I’ve been waiting for forever, the person I’ve been thinking of forever was standing there .

–Aegir’s POV–

「Are you okay?」

As far as I can tell it seems I barely made it in time .


Ruu stands back up energetically . Alright, no problems .

「Are you trying to get in the way too!」 「Let’s beat him up!」 「We have three people on our side!」

I’m p.i.s.sed off . But I’ll let them choose .

「Commit suicide here . This is my mercy towards you guys . That’s if you want to die comfortably . 」

I make Carla go back with Ruu . This isn’t something that should be shown to her .

「The heck you saying!」 「Beat him to death!」

What a shame .

「Ruu, are you alright?」

I quickly caught up with Ruu and pat her head .

「Yes~! Since Aegir-san saved me!」

Carla says sorry while she flips up her skirt and peeks inside .

「Hiiih!!! What are you doing!!?」

「Yep! Membrane is still there, seems like everything’s okay . 」

Ruu is. .h.i.tting Carla repeatedly . If I was a little bit later then I would have a bad aftertaste in my mouth .

「By the way…those people are…」

「Ooh I dealt with them so they won’t come after you anymore . I didn’t kill them . 」

「I see…」

Ruu breathed a sigh of relief . Even worrying about those guys who I told to kill themselves, she’s a really nice kid .

Right, I didn’t kill them . I cut both arms off from all three of them and left them there . The sun is about to set too, but if they die before then, it would be lucky for them . If they don’t die off, then there are also many monsters and wolves out there who are searching for food which is quite scarce in winter time . There will be a grand banquet opened up to them with fresh live bait .

Ruu arrives at home, and we will also have a modest but fun banquet . I hear the cries of the seemingly happy wolves in the forest but I pay no attention to them .

They didn’t live such an abundant life so they only have one set of guest utensils, but I’ll be drinking from the cup that is Mel’s mouth, and I’ll be eating by having Ruu feed me, so there is no inconvenience for me .

Kuu is spending time outside the mosquito net so just like the last time before we parted, I give her a deep kiss, but this time after getting all fl.u.s.tered, her hand reached to my back and started rubbing . I might be able to do the mother and child together at this rate .

I want to go to bed after the feast, but first there is something that needs to be said . I need to tell them that I’ve become a n.o.ble and I’m serving the Goldonia royal family . I did well in war and received territory and am now migrating to live nearby .

「I’ll look after the children as well . Come follow me . 」

「I understand . I’ll be in your care . 」

「That was quick! But is that okay? Isn’t this house…your previous father’s…」


I was also surprised, I didn’t think that she would answer so quickly .

「It would be a waste to let the house and the field rot away . So it would be nice if someone would buy it off from me, if not then we can return it to the village . 」

But Mel doesn’t seem to have any hesitation .

「My dead husband said that when the time comes, to think of myself and my daughter first, and if necessary sell off the house and field . It was his wish for us to be happy . 」

I see, what a good man .

「I am in love with you . My daughter will also be happy . This child is Viscount-sama’s offspring . There is nothing to make me hesitate . 」

I’m grateful but there is one problem . That is because I got jealous of the fact that you used the words of a dead man .

「Ufufu, are you jealous?」

「Of course . There aren’t any men out there who won’t when a previous man gets mentioned . 」

Mel gets up in an erotic manner and heads to the bedroom .

「Sue-chan stay here . You shouldn’t look!」

Guessing her presence, Ruu probably went to take Sue to the next room . She got a little bit rich huh, there’s a door on the bedroom . Kuu was also going to evacuate but Carla tossed her into the bedroom and closed the door .

「Hey way! Carla-san what are you-!」

「Ara? You want to watch, Kuu? Well that’s fine, you’re already 18 . It’s natural that you’re curious about this . 」

「Mom! -you’re already naked!? Aegir-san too…uwaa!」

Kuu hides in the corner of the room with a blanket over her .

「Oh my…hasn’t it gotten larger?」

She was crawling her hand all over it, telling me how amazing it is . It’s the same with Mireille and the other women but how can they tell that my meat rod has gotten bigger . It has been two years ago too .

「I had such a large d.i.c.k shoved into me . My body remembers how big it is . 」

I guess that’s how it is .

「I may not have become an adult at that time . 」

「Well…excuse me for asking, but how old are you?」

「I’ll be turning 20, it’s not accurate though . 」

Mel is 37 this year, there is quite an age difference but when I embrace her, I feel incredibly calm . Maybe it’s because of the age but her body has gotten slightly loose but also soft and it’s nice .

「Which means you were 18 when you planted your seed…I had a man half my age implant his seed in me and get me pregnant . 」

「When you put it in words it’s quite perverted . 」

「No wonder I thought that you were still growing . I wonder how much bigger it has gotten?」

Mel speaks while getting on top of me .

「Uu! It’s big…and won’t go in… Ei! Aaaaah!!」

Putting her weight down, it enters her with a bam, and she screams . Kuu, who is pretending not to look while covering herself with the blanket, twitches .

「Don’t make my mom…do something impossible…」

Kuu’s protest is anticlimactic compared to the appearance of her mother who is shaking her hips on top of me while drooling .

「It’s good! It’s good!! Aah, aah! OooooOOooooooo!!」

That reminds me, but Mel makes some unexpectedly beast-like sounds .

「How is that! Does it hurt? Should I be gentle!?」

「B-…br-… . break meee!!」

Apparently I don’t need to hold back . We show off our intense movements to the dazed Kuu, and Mel sticks her tongue out while climaxing . When she finally rolled her eyes back, she hid under the futon . To Kuu it was quite a shocking sight to see .

Then I feel a warm feeling against my chest . Oh right, Mel is also lactating right now .

「Mel, let me drink your milk . 」

Mel seems to have lost her reason already, but she offered her nipple . I’ll drink without hesitation . How wonderful, I’m drinking her breast milk while stuffing her genitals with my seed, it’s one of the best times I man could experience .

She moans just like an animal and as I pour my seed juices in her, she faints . When I get up and pull my c.o.c.k out, Kuu is there looking taken aback in front of me . My body covered in wounds is smeared with a woman’s drool and milk, and also my erect c.o.c.k is dripping in love juices and seed juices . In front of Kuu, such a scene is

「Kyuu… . 」

She fainted . I thought she was at a good age too but she’s quite innocent .

「This house and field has been bought off you . I’ll say it clearly but it’s priced quite cheap…you should also take the carriage that the village mayor has . I won’t say that this is reasonable, but as expected it would be tough to ride on a horse with small children . 」

It was outside my calculations for the children to come along . If they get exposed to the cold air while on the way back on the horse, they may get sick .

「No this helps a lot…my waist is also hurt and I can’t stand…it may have been broken . Even though I wanted to bear about two more children…」

Her face is smiling . It doesn’t become funny to me who is always being careful .

Mel and her three daughters say farewell to the house that they’ve lived in for many years, then they got on the carriage wrapped in a blanket . It won’t be a fast speed, but it will take five days to get back to the capital . I can’t drop by Adolph when I have children with me so I guess he will have to be postponed for a little while longer .

「Aegir-san . Could you put Kuu in the front? It seems she wants to look at the scenery . 」

Mel immediately whispers in my ear .

「She has been building up various things yesterday . Please play a prank on her . 」

Is she innocent or is she impure, this girl has quite the mysterious charm .

Mel and Ruu is in the carriage hugging Sue . I was in the driver’s position, in front of my feet is Kuu, who has turned red .

Carla is acting as a lookout while simultaneously waiting on standby . Living in the city has dulled her, but even so the strength of her eyes and her skill with the bow is not something to be underestimated . She has even shot down a bird back at home in Goldonia and wanted to make barbeque out of it .

Schwartz seems happy that Carla was riding instead of me .

「Ah, ah, and yet another one! I’ll be partic.i.p.ating at night too! You’ll do it so intense that I’ll spray my p.i.s.s everywhere!」

「Ara, so we can do perverted things too?」

「Awawawa, Sue-chan can’t listen to this!」

Ruu hurries to cover Sue’s ears, but maybe she didn’t like it, so she started crying . As usual she has a lot of useless movements .

It’s too bad that Mireille stayed behind, but when the territory stabilizes we might be able to take the entire family over . For now, let’s satisfy Mel and her family and also my daughter…

I also have the mother’s authorization too, so I’ll play a prank on Kuu . I touch her lips, trying not to let her notice . I thrust my fingers and stir around her relatively young looking v.a.g.i.n.a . I’ll make her climax twice to relieve her anguish from yesterday .

Protagonist: Aegir Hardlett 20 years old Winter

(Traditional age reckoning)

Status: Goldonia Kingdom Viscount Eastern Independent Army Commander

Feudal Lord of Arkland Southeast Area

a.s.sets: 880 gold (silver and below not counted)

Weapons: Dual Crater (large sword) , Jeweled spear (temporary)

Equipment: Black Cloak (Cursed)

Family: Nonna, Melissa, Maria, Carla, Rita,

Mel and her 3 daughters (Sue: biological child)

Servants: Sebastian, Miti, Alma, Kroll, Nina

Subordinates: Celia (adjutant), Irijina, Leopolt, Christoph,

Schwartz (horse), Adolph (domestic affairs official)

s.e.xual Partners: 39, persons who got pregnant: 6


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