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Chapter 980: Making a Scene, Demanding Payment!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“As expected of the old ancestor. Coming and going without a trace; truly magical.” The other old man sighed with admiration as he slowly made his way down the stairs.

In a dark corner behind Drifting Fragrance Lodge, a bunch of oil cloths rustled lightly as an aged face appeared from the side. At this time, the old man’s eyes were filled with endless doubt.

“What is the motive of the Zhan Family for doing all this? Also, why did that undying old thing of the Zhan Family come out here today to witness this meaningless compet.i.tion? What are they trying to do?”

“Beside that… that kid with the Free and Natural Physique is quite interesting… what are the intentions of this Mo Jun Ye? This old man had lived for so long thinking that I’m very clever. But to think that I’m actually stumped twice in one day?”

“There must be something huge behind all this… I’d better report everything back to the family immediately… Xiao Miao has obviously fallen for that Mo Jun Ye as well… how should this matter be resolved? As for this Mo Jun Ye, will he be aid or disaster for our Miao Family? How troubling…”

After saying that, this person also rose into the air and disappeared without a trace. Far away, a streak of light could be seen flas.h.i.+ng into the distance towards the Miao Family…

Inside Drifting Fragrance Lodge, Jun Mo Xie’s ears twitched lightly and a faint smile appeared on his face…

Zhan Yu Shu and Zhan Qing Feng stood dumbly on the spot, looking at the Cat-bodied Tiger showing off and strutting around arrogantly. All of their hearts had turned the color of grey as.h.!.+ Everything had ended just like that?

But… that was the detailed plan that we’d carefully crafted out to thoroughly deal with the Free and Natural Physique, as well as to secure the future of our Zhan Family… Behind this, there were supposed to be many more plots to follow today’s event…

We’d started preparing right from the day that this Free and Natural Physique guy appeared in the Misty Illusory Manor… we’d prepared for so long and even used the entire power of the family to set it up…

And in the end, everything has been defeated by the hands of a country b.u.mpkin? And we even had to suffer the schemes of the other?!

“I say… what are you two brothers standing there stupidly for? Isn’t it time for you to fulfill your prearranged conditions?” Jun Mo Xie c.o.c.ked his head and said. “I seem to remember that the first condition… is that your Zhan Family promised to obtain a slot for me to enter the Spiritual Herbal Gardens. Surely you won’t go back on your words for this, right?”

“Since we dared to bet, we’re naturally ready to admit the loss. You can rest a.s.sured! No matter what, our Zhan Family will definitely get the slot for you!” Zhan Qing Feng’s brows were lined with sweat, but there was no way for him to back out now.

“Good! Straightforward indeed! In that case, I’ll just wait to enter the Spiritual Herbal Gardens five days from now. Take note also to not forget about Miss Miao’s entry slot…” Jun Mo Xie wagged a finger and said with an arrogant smirk. “The third condition was that I can raise a request your Zhan Family cannot refuse. Of course, I do not intend to claim that one now, so we can leave it aside for the time being.”

Hearing this, Zhan Qing Feng and Zhan Yu Shu not only did not let loose a sigh of relief, but they became even more tense.

From the way he spoke, it was obvious to anyone that the second condition was about to be mentioned! Right here, 10 loud kowtows, and 10 cries of ‘Grandpa’…

As expected—

“As for the second condition, it’s even more simple. Since the both of you are already here, let’s just do it right now,” Jun Mo Xie said in a wispy tone. At the same time, his eyes blazed coldly. “You have lost, and per the agreement, the two of you must give me 10 loud and sincere kowtows and call me Grandpa 10 times!”

The moment these words came out, the entire crowd erupted.

Although there was indeed such a condition in the blood oath, no one would have imagined that this Young Master Mo Jun Ye would actually be so daring as to really demand for its fulfillment!

If he really insisted today to go through with the demand, the entire Zhan Family would most likely carry this hatred towards him forever, without the possibility of it ever being resolved!

Anyone who intended to have a smooth future in the Misty Illusory Manor would never think of carrying out such a demand, even if it was promised to them! Because… offending the Zhan Family in the Misty Illusory Manor was basically no different from commiting suicide!

“You!” Zhan Qing Feng’s calm and refined expression had long disappeared to G.o.d-knows-where. His eyes were red and bloodshot as he growled, “Mo Jun Ye! Don’t go too far!”

“What, you want to go back on your words?” Jun Mo Xie said with a cold smile. “That was a blood oath that you swore on the names of your entire Zhan Family’s ancestors and descendants! Even if I’m willing to let you off… will your Zhan Family agree?”

Zhan Qing Feng and Zhan Yu Shu were suddenly unable to reply.

The reason both of them were reacting like this was because this matter of kowtowing and calling him Grandpa was simply too difficult with their status. If they really went through with it, they might never be able to raise their heads in front of others in public again. Such a shameful matter was incredibly difficult to bear, and their natural instinct was to try to resist.

But after listening to Young Master Jun’s warning, they suddenly realized that since the results of the bet have already been determined and the other conditions of the bet were going to be honored, if they didn’t fulfill this condition of kowtowing and calling him Grandpa, then according to the terms of the blood oath, they would be cursing their own ancestors and descendants!

But even though they understood this logic, if they really had to kowtow in public to this country b.u.mpkin… how would they be viewed in society from then on? Even if they grew to a powerful level where the entire Zhan Family was in their hands, today’s failure would still be a huge shame in their lives!

Large green veins throbbed violently along the temples of the two, threatening to burst apart at anytime. At this point, the two of them were truly stuck, unable to retreat or advance. Even though they wanted to absolve the matter with their words, they couldn’t say a single thing.

“Since you had the guts to design the bet, you should be prepared to lose also. Paying what you owe is the law of the heavens!” Jun Mo Xie said lazily. “It can’t be… that all advantages should go to you, while you can place harsh conditions on others without consequence. When you lose, you’ll find a way to weasel out of it? To seize only advantages while treating others harshly is a great sin of the world, ah!”

At this time, there was only a steady and cold determined look in Young Prodigy Mo’s eyes. Anyone who looked at him now would be able to tell that there was absolutely no way of resolving this matter today! With Mo Jun Ye’s ruthless att.i.tude, there was likely no way out except for the two Zhan Family brothers kowtowing and acknowledging him as Grandpa!

This matter was actually rather easy to resolve. As long as this great prodigy Mo let the matter go and said that the whole matter of kowtowing had actually been a joke…

Everything would be fine!

That way, the Zhan Family brothers could also easily get off the stage, and everyone would be able to go home happily… It’s not us brothers going back on our words, it’s that the other party was magnanimous and wouldn’t allow us to kowtow. We can’t possibly force him to accept the kowtow…

But apart from Jun Mo Xie, no one else had the qualifications to say such words!

At this time, Young Master Jun was holding all the rights in this matter, and his face was even more fierce and uncompromising. The people who hardened their scalps and tried to speak up for the Zhan brothers all backed off after seeing his expression. Not to mention that there wasn’t anyone here who was familiar with him. Even if there were, they would just be seeking their own humiliation if they tried to dissuade him.

Finally, while the entire hall was silent and the three in the middle were stuck in an uncomfortable deadlock, a white haired old man came out, his eyes squinting and wreathed in smiles as he laughed. “Young Master Mo, look, the witnesses have all confirmed your victory and the challenge has ended. Shouldn’t you… keke, this little joke of a bet… why don’t you just forget about it? In any case, the Spiritual Herbal Gardens entry slot you want is already guaranteed… why not…”

Everyone turned around instantly, all of them recognizing this old man. This old fellow could be considered quite knowledgeable as well, but his character left nothing to be desired. He was always toadying up to the Zhan Family, doing all kinds of things for them. n.o.body was surprised that he stood out now to absolve the situation.

“Who are you? What qualifications do you have to speak here?” Jun Mo Xie turned around and stared at him coldly. “What gives you the right to interfere in a private bet between those two and me? Joke of a bet? Which part of the bet seems like a joke to you? Are you one of those involved in this bet? What kind of thing are you? Do you think that your words can represent the Zhan Family?”

The old fellow was instantly scolded speechless and his face turned a strange, green color. All this while, he had prided himself on his seniority, acting presumptuously because of his age. With his head of white and his wrinkled skin, even if others disapproved of his actions, they wouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it, giving him some face. After all, it was a natural, moral standard to give way to the old.

Although this old could not be said to be virtuous and was even quite some distance away from being a.s.sociated with that word, with just his white hair, he could begrudgingly be considered old. Thus, he tried to take advantage of him being an elderly person and stood out to resolve the situation.

From his perspective, because he was aged in years and virtue, although it was slightly abhorable to stick his head out forcefully, he was ultimately risking his old wrinkly neck to try and reconcile the relations.h.i.+ps of both sides. Not only would he be able to help the Zhan Family greatly, he would be able to improve his relations.h.i.+p with the future number one expert of the Misty Illusory Manor. Thus, he took the risk and stepped out. But who would have thought that he would meet such a stubborn youngster, not only being unwilling to give him face, but would instead greet him with a noseful of hot fart…

“This old man naturally cannot represent the Zhan Family, but…” The old fellow was initially planning to retort fiercely, accusing this youngster for not knowing how to respect the elderly, questioning his lack of morals, shaming him in public, and letting him know the consequences of offending him. Even if he couldn’t convince the kid, he could still stir up the situation, allowing the two Young Masters of the Zhan Family to have a stage to step off of.

But who would have thought that just as he was about to begin his long tirade, he would be directly interrupted by Jun Mo Xie. “You old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you can’t represent the Zhan Family, what the h*ll did you come out here for? Could it be that you really think of yourself as highly regarded and well respected? Why should this daddy give you face? How dare you jump out here and spout nonsense while you can’t represent the Zhan Family? Are you too bloated with bullsh*t? Hm? Or are you f*cking feeling h.o.r.n.y now that it’s spring?”

The old man was cursed until his chest heaved up and down violently as he pointed his fingers with disbelief, spluttering and choking on his own anger: “YOU YOU… YOU YOU…”


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