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Chapter 856: Zhan Mu Bai’s Request

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“So you really weren’t…” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master retracted his hand, a little embarra.s.sed. He had separated a strand of Qi into Jun Mo Xie’s meridians to check; he clearly felt the other party’s pure and dense Xuan Qi, but it definitely was not the unique strength that only belonged to the Nine Nether race. Instead, it was a type of extraordinary, profound, and wide-ranging, powerful skill that he had never seen before…

It was clear, he had indeed been greatly mistaken.

But this lad did not avoid or shun, allowing me to just grab his pulse was an extremely rare form of trust… The Nine Nether Fourteen Young Master felt comforted. For thousands of years, this is first person who trusts me so much… although he probably still does not know of my ident.i.ty…

Just at this moment, footsteps came from the entrance of Tanguan Hall that the two were facing. Two people came walking in, side by side. Behind them, five people followed them in in a single file.

Jun Mo Xie’s pupils constricted, before returning to its normal state. He lifted up his chopsticks and began to feast, not the least concerned.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had no change in his expression, completely unaffected.

Both of them had the same thought. What a coincidence! b.u.mping into an acquaintance again.

Jun Mo Xie was not in his original appearance, but he was also not in the disguise of the ugly ‘Dongfang Da Shu’. As to the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master… G.o.d knew what he looked like originally…

But the people who had just entered were truly acquaintances, and common acquaintances of the both of them!

The two people who were leading the rest were the Saint Emperor expert of Elusive World of Immortals, Zhan Mu Bai, and the Saint Emperor expert who had led the joint attack on the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, Cao Guo Feng from Misty Illusory Manor!

Those who came in after them were other people from Misty Illusory Manor, the Saint Emperor surnamed Bai and a few others.

Jun Mo Xie and the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master had extremely deep impressions of these people.

But neither of them showed any signs of abnormality.

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master currently had yet to fully recover from his heavy injuries; he had no strength to protect himself. Although Young Master Jun was full of energy, but his real capabilities were still insufficient, so he temporarily did not have the rights to go and start a fight directly yet. If there was any flaw in his expression or aura that would give him away, then he would literally be looking for his own death!

The three dead enemies had gathered all in this Tanguan Hall within one morning! This could be counted as a miracle…

“This is Tanguan Hall, the number one place for entertainment in Chrysanthemum City. Be it eating or drinking, or enjoying songs or dance, this place is the best place for it!” The person speaking was Zhan Mu Bai, as the head of the Zhan Family. Naturally, he would be the host in Chrysanthemum City. He added in a slightly proud tone. “It is also right here, where The Song of Laughing Proudly in the Pugilistic World had originated from a couple of days earlier, so popular and appealing to the ma.s.ses that it spread all over the world in merely a few days!”

“Truly a great place.” Cao Guo Feng chuckled gracefully. “Brother Zhan, you’re playing host today, so the few of us shall have a good feast! Today, let’s only have small talk and get drunk as much as we wish, alright?”

Zhan Mu Bai chuckled.”Brother Cao, you didn’t need to seal my mouth off first. You must know that with our level, it doesn’t matter if we skimp on a meal or not. Since I’ve invited everyone here, naturally it is because I have a request to make.”

Without waiting for Cao Guo Feng to reply, Zhan Mu Bai gestured the way and said, “Please, head upstairs.”

Cao Guo Feng stood at the entrance and replied, “Why go through the trouble; why not just sit here? We have been away from the mundane world for many years. Why not let us immerse ourselves amidst the crowd; take it as a form of cultivation as well.”

Zhan Mu Bai chuckled. “Haha, indeed, experiencing the lifestyle of the mundane world is also a form of cultivation. Let’s go with what Brother Cao says.” Then, all of them randomly settled down in their seats at a random table in the hall.

Although his words sounded pleasing, but Zhan Mu Bai was feeling a little annoyed. Cao Guo Feng refusing to go upstairs for their conversation was the equivalent of rejecting his request. How was a public place like this apt for a confidential discussion!

This place was too crowded, and perhaps to the ordinary people, it may be not suitable for a discussion in fear of listening ears. But with a Saint’s capability, it didn’t matter no matter what sort of environment it was; it could all be easily resolved by the voice transference technique.

But Cao Guo Feng had used this unique environment to tell Zhan Mu Bai in a roundabout manner. The matter that you want to speak to me with is extremely inconvenient; don’t bring it up again!

As a w.i.l.l.y fox who had lived for a few hundred years, he was extremely intelligent! He could easily guessed what Zhan Mu Bai wanted to request of him. So he cut it off straight away. It was better than saying it out and making everyone awkward. And Zhan Mu Bai understood the meaning behind this.

The table that they had picked was unfortunately coincidentally near the table Jun Mo Xie was at.

Jun Mo Xie and the Nine Nether Fourteen Young Master exchanged looks, revealing a bitter smile.

“Since you are not from my hometown, could you have met me before? If we had never met before, then it is really too puzzling for this Young Master.” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master asked.

“How should I say this.. Perhaps I should put it this way. The biggest reason why I struck a conversation with you is… because we are both similarly mistrustful.” Jun Mo Xie had suppressed his own cultivation level to that of a Silver Xuan, but he did not suppress his volume when speaking, talking like a normal person. “Because I’m mistrustful, naturally I’d investigate upon seeing you, a suspicious foreigner who suddenly appeared here. And because you are also mistrustful, naturally you’ll overthink…”

“What a great ‘because of mistrust’!” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master laughed. “That’s right! The greatest flaw of humans is that they are too mistrustful! Precisely because of mistrust, they have missed their chance on too, too many things, to the point they even destroy their own happiness and family. But then again, it is also because of mistrust and caution that many people are able to have achievements! This is the best explanation I have ever heard. Let us have a toast to the word ‘mistrust’!”

“What a great ‘mistrust’! Hahaha, since ancient times, be it monarchs, generals, officials, or unrivalled experts, which one of them were not mistrustful! Your ‘Discussion of Mistrust’ is truly matches my tastes! I’m extremely happy!” A bright laughter came from beside them. “This Old man shall also join you for a toast! Please!”

The person who continued the conversation was Cao Guo Feng!

His pair of eyes looked at Jun Mo Xie and the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master, his face expressing the same sentiments he felt. Just as his eyes landed on Jun Mo Xie, it froze. Then a glint flashed across his eyes. It was a look of extreme shock.

He rubbed his eyes, carefully observing Jun Mo Xie, full of doubt. The look in his eyes slowly changing to that of extreme joy.

Cao Guo Feng’s words had instantly drawn the attention of the other few experts. Young Master Jun and the Nine Nether Fourteen Young Master simultaneously felt eight powerful spiritual senses coiling around them, thoroughly scanning through every single pore of their body, even lingering for a long time…

However, Jun Mo Xie sharply noticed that there was something off about the look in Cao Guo Feng’s eyes. Could it be that he had discovered something?

The duo held their expressions, as if they had completely did not notice all those spirit sense weaving around them. Smiling, they tilted their heads and gulped down the wine in their cups.

“Brother Cao is truly in high spirits.” Zhan Mu Bai instantly understood after using his spirit sense on checking out the two people at the table nearby. That youth in white could be considered a talent in terms of the mundane world, to have the cultivation level of a Silver Xuan for his age. Although it was extremely rare, it was still insignificant to draw the attention of these Saint level experts. As to the man in black opposite, he was just an ordinary person with nothing unusual about him.

Cao Guo Feng suddenly joining the conversation was clearly trying to change his topic completely, leaving him with no chance to bring it back. This left Zhan Mu Bai feeling extremely p.i.s.sed internally. He instantly kept his spirit sense and got straight to the point. “Brother Cao, I believe you know what I mean. Although I have been out of the mundane world for a long time, but I am still a member of the Zhan Family. My greatest wish is for the family to continue expanding, leaving generations after generations. Today, all I seek is for one of my junior descendants to become a disciple of Brother Cao. Why must Brother Cao be so stubborn? If we are able to make good affinity through this, it will be a benefit to both of us!”

Cao Guo Feng’s expression instantly changed. His tone turning serious as he slowly placed his wine cup down. He let out a long sigh. “Brother Zhan, since you spoke straight to the point, then I shall be honest with you… You should know that the Zhan Family serves the Elusive World of Immortals! And the Illusory Manor can accept people from anywhere, but we absolutely must not take any resources that belongs to the three Holy Lands… You and I are aware of the reasons behind this. Is it me being stubborn, or are you forcing me to do something? This matter… concerns the ancestral teachings that our ancestors left behind. Brother Zhan’s constant forcing is an act of defying the original intentions of our ancestors, isn’t it?”

“How could I be unaware of all the reasons?” A helpless look filled Zhan Mu Bai’s eyes. “It is not because I wish to force you and make things difficult, but this matter… really needs Brother Cao’s help. That descendant of mine has the Xuan Yin Death meridian in him. In this world, only the specially cultivated Warm Yang Xuan Qi by Brother Cao’s sect is able to slowly treat it. And only by becoming Brother Cao’s disciple, after the Xuan Yin Death meridian has been dispelled, then can all that Xuan Yin Qi be converted into the purest Warm Yang Xuan Qi, creating an unprecedented Xuan Qi talent! If Brother Cao is unwilling to help… then all that Xuan Yin Qi in that descendant of mine will have no means of being neutralized, and he will definitely not live past thirty…”

Cao Guo Feng held his wine cup and went into deep thoughts before speaking, “Brother Zhan, the Zhan Family population is in abundance, so there should be a few thousand of you. As the senior of the Zhan Family, you should treat everyone the same and view them all equally. But why are you so fixated on this youth? To be willing to lower yourself to make this request of me?!”

Zhan Mu Bai laughed bitterly. “Back when the Zhan Family was a mere small family, I was just one of the subsidiaries of the family. I had managed to gain the rightful heir through my efforts. For hundreds of years, indeed the Zhan Family has been expanding, but the Zhan Family that has blood relations with me, only has this single child left today! If Brother Cao is really unwilling to lend me your aid this time, I’m afraid that in a few decades, while the rest of the Zhan Family continues to have many offsprings, but this one subsidiary under me will really have no descendants anymore…


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