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Chapter 469: Old Lady’s Persecution

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

Dugu Xiao Yi had returned to her original slim figure behind the Old Lady. However, she stuck out her tongue, and gave a meaningful look as soon as she saw Jun Mo Xie. She had indicated; [be careful.]

“That is Jun Mo Xie? Stand up in front of this old woman! Let me see what sort of a hero has made my granddaughter so crazy and rebellious!” The Old Lady came from the back and stood in front of Jun Mo Xie. She then started to look around in search for the lowly swindler who had cheated her granddaughter.

Jun Mo Xie started to sweat. [I had always heard that the Dugu Family is a den of troublemakers. And, those rumors weren’t without reason. Even this Old Lady is so doughty! It wouldn’t have been easy for Dugu Xiao Yi to grow up in such an environment. In fact, it would’ve been hard for her to not be bold…]

He had no choice but to stand up and say, “That youngster is me.”

“Oh… And, is that Tang Yuan?” the Old Lady asked.

The “youngster” Fatty hurriedly bowed in reply.

The Old Lady smiled slightly, “The capital’s new G.o.d of Wealth is extraordinary!”

[Huh? Capital’s G.o.d of Wealth? Fatty’s got a trendy nickname…] Jun Mo Xie was stumped. He then angrily glared at the grinning Tang Yuan. It wasn’t surprising that Fatty had become well-known due to the Aristocratic Hall. Moreover, his social status had also increased many-fold. Therefore, the t.i.tle of ‘G.o.d of Wealth’ wasn’t baseless to be honest…

Jun Mo Xie cursed in silence as the Old Lady waved her hand, “You seven brats go outside and play with Young Master Tang. There’s no work for you here. And, be a good host to your guest!”

The seven “Heroes and Legends” hastily agreed, and escorted Fatty out. The speed of their movements could be called ‘fast and urgent’. In fact, it seemed like they were being chased by a dog…

“Sit down; don’t be so formal,” Old Lady Dugu nodded. She then turned, and went to sit at the head-chair besides Dugu Zong Heng. Then, an army of women came and stood behind the Old Lady. However, those daughter-in-laws were watching and observing the Young Master very carefully. After all, they were curious about the ill-reputed Young Master who had bewitched their little girl, and had made her fall head over heels.

It was particularly true for the lady on the old woman’s left. She was glaring at him without end.

Dugu Zong Heng and Dugu Wu Di had lost their fierce mannerisms when the Old Lady had arrived. In fact, they had become silent out of fear, and hadn’t dared to speak loudly since.

“Jun Mo Xie… Er… this youngster looks very good. Very good… He’s an attractive young man,” the Old Lady praised. She then turned her head, and spoke to the others, “His nose, and his eyes… are placed like that of a mannequin.”

The other women nodded in agreement.

A black line spread on Jun Mo Xie’s face. [Huh? Can these words be considered a compliment to a person’s appearance? It suddenly seems that I’m not a man… I’m a mannequin that resembles a man. And, what’s with the eyes and the nose? That’s where a nose is supposed to be. Would this place be occupied by ears instead? Are they complementing me… or disparaging me?]

“Ah… Jun Mo Xie… you brat. You’ve already brought this matter about. So, I now wish to know what you plan to do with my Xiao Yi,” Old Lady Dugu spoke-up in a very direct manner. She even saved on the small talk as she straightforwardly raised this extremely sharp and obtuse question. Moreover, she didn’t hesitate or avoid the issue…

“What do I plan to do?” Jun Mo Xie was stunned for a second, “The good lady’s words are very startling. I don’t even know what I’ve done. Therefore, I request the Old Lady to kindly explain the specifics of what I’ve done…?”

“Humph! Your eyebrows and eyes look good. But, your mouth is very crafty. You incited our Xiao Yi to act pregnant in front of everyone that day. Don’t you understand the consequences of that?” Old Lady Dugu’s face was calm, and her tone was evenly tempered.

“Yes. That incident happened due to a lack of consideration on Miss Dugu’s part… Eh…? But, I didn’t incite it! I’ve never done such a thing. I haven’t even thought about it. I only saw…” Jun Mo Xie hastily clarified.

However, the Young Master hadn’t finished speaking when the Old Lady interrupted, “I’m also certain that you didn’t do it willfully, you brat. But, it doesn’t matter if you incited this or not. After all, the girl did it for your sake. Do you deny it?”

Jun Mo Xie had no choice but to nod. In fact, he couldn’t even think about denying it.

Young Master Jun had maintained a clear conscience throughout both of his lives. Therefore, denying this point would’ve tarnished his clear conscience. And, that would’ve resulted in immense guilt within his psyche.

“This has brought the greatest amount of harm to our Dugu Family’s reputation. Don’t you know this as well?” the Old Lady shot those aggressive questions back-to-back.

“Yes… But, this is the Dugu Family we’re talking about… So, it shouldn’t be that serious a matter, right?” Jun Mo Xie frowned slightly.

[The Dugu Family’s reputation has always been a byword for doughty and shameless. So, it could be said that it was never the greatest to begin with. Moreover, anyone with a discerning eye would easily have seen through Dugu Xiao Yi’s act. So, will it genuinely be that serious a matter if I don’t marry Dugu Xiao Yi?]

“But, this incident has had a huge impact on Xiao Yi’s reputation. And, this is something which you should keep in your mind, right brat?” The Old Lady snorted. She couldn’t help become angry when she saw that this youngster wasn’t on the same page.

“It will indeed have a huge impact,” Jun Mo Xie nodded with honesty.

“So, what will you do now?” The Old Lady turned her back, and turned back again.

“I don’t have a concrete plan for now to be honest,” Jun Mo Xie told the truth.

“No plan…?” The Old Lady suddenly stood up, “Are you saying that you won’t own up after eating the platter clean?”

“How am I not owning up after eating the platter clean? I didn’t even eat anything. So, how could I have cleaned the platter?” Jun Mo Xie thought that he’d die of being wrong accused; [How could I even explain this to everyone? In fact, this little girl’s actions nearly got me killed one time. I can’t overlook her infatuation with me. But, I can’t overlook the price I’ve paid for it either. Lady, you think I’m not capable of going round-and-round when it comes to beating the bush? Even I’m a bit angry because of this entire fiasco! And, why am I suddenly being bullied by everyone?]

“Let me tell you where things stand — Xiao Yi is deeply in love with you. So, you mustn’t fail her, you brat! Otherwise, this Old Lady will never let you off!” the Old Lady said slowly. She then looked into Jun Mo Xie’s eyes, “You’re worried about Guan Qing Han, right?”

Jun Mo Xie frowned and spoke, “I ask the Old Lady to feel relieved. I won’t turn my back on Guan Qing Han even if I do accept this proposal. And, I won’t turn my back on Xiao Yi either. I obviously have my plans.”

“You have a plan…? Ha ha… having three wives and four concubines is a normal thing. However, there needs to be a distinction in status even if this is a common thing.”

The Old Lady smiled as she looked closely at Jun Mo Xie, “Every house of men must have its leader. Similarly, there must be a leader amongst the wives as well. Wouldn’t everyone struggle against each other if there’s no leader? Won’t that be a chaotic situation? How would that be good for you? And, that’s why I’ve called you today. I wish to ask you — who is your first choice for a wife? Is it Xiao Yi or that girl?

“A well-stabilized harem can bring peace to the world. These words are for the emperors. But, they also apply to regular families. And, a peaceful family is the way to move up in life,” the Old Lady slowly looked at Jun Mo Xie. “Moreover, it is good to fix these things as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can give rise to long nights of big dreams that may be shattered in the future.”

“What does the Old Lady mean?” Jun Mo Xie raised his eyebrows.

“Our Dugu Family has only one daughter. And, won’t permit her to become a concubine! Our Dugu Family won’t stand to lose our reputation! Therefore, it is important that Xiao Yi is married. Moreover, she has to be married as the first wife!” The Old Lady snorted.

“The first wife…?” Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help but smile. “The Old Lady still seems to be joking! But, this isn’t funny even if it was intended to be a joke!”

“A joke…? Don’t tell me that you still wish to make Xiao Yi a concubine? How preposterous of you!” The Old Lady glared wide-eyed, and gripped her crutches so tightly that they broke.

Dugu Xiao Yi suddenly became panicky for the fear of a fall out between her crush and her grandmother. So, she suddenly came up and grabbed the Old Lady’s arm. She then shook it, and threw a tantrum, “Grandma…” She also gave an impleading look to Jun Mo Xie. It seemed that she was imploring him to stop being confrontational with her grandmother. After all, her marriage made in heavens would be ruined if these two had a fall out.

[I’ve had to do so much for the both of us to be in such a good situation!]

Jun Mo Xie was about to explode a moment ago. But, he calmed down when he heard Dugu Xiao Yi speaking-up. After all, Jun Mo Xie had been reminded of the deep feelings she harbored for him. Therefore, he took two deep breaths, and controlled his anger even though it was on the verge of exploding. But, his expression had become extremely solemn and dignified by now.

“Let me explain something very clearly since Old Lady Dugu has brought up these topics.” Jun Mo Xie’s gaze became as sharp as swords. He swept his eyes over everyone present, and they all felt their hearts stop, “I believed that my marriage is my business! It’s my business; and my business alone! Moreover, it is a big decision of my life! So, it’s important that I carefully choose the woman with whom I wish to spend my life. After all, my carelessness could result in a lifetime of hatred between two families instead of only two people. Therefore, this decision can’t be taken lightly.

“Xiao Yi has always been deeply attached to me. And, I knew this since the very beginning. But, I’ve always thought she is too young and naive. Thus, her nature hasn’t been fully formed yet. Therefore, it was possible that she may have run into a more ideal husband in the future. And, this is why I had never given a straight reply. However, that trick of hers on the way back nearly got me killed. I was very angry with her over that matter to be honest. But then, she came out with that big stomach in front of everyone at Tian Xiang City’s gates. And, that moved me. It genuinely moved me. And, I decided to make Dugu Xiao Yi my wife as a result — my… Jun Mo Xie’s acknowledged wife!”

The Old Man Dugu and his lady’s expressions and minds were eased when they heard these words.


“But, this doesn’t mean that I’ll accept this overall proposal,” Jun Mo Xie’s words stopped the Old Lady on the verge of asking a question, “Xiao Yi administered me that medicine in the Southern City. And then, she showed up with that belly at this city’s gates. She did those things out of love for me — Jun Mo Xie. A man isn’t a plant. So, who wouldn’t be touched by it? I was genuinely and deeply moved by the reckless actions she took for my sake.”

“But, we also have to look at the other side — these two events are evidence of her selfish actions at the end of the day! She acted selfishly out of her feelings, and took extreme actions. This has forced me and even the two families to accept this situation. Her actions left us with no choice! I’m sure that no one can deny this. And, I’m sure that you’re also very bitter about it!”


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