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Chapter 376: I’ve Come to Cook!

Translator: Novel Saga Editor: Novel Saga

“My G.o.d!” Jun Mo Xie’s eyes had become round. He hastily reached for the handles of the two “tiny blades”, but realized that the blade hadn’t come to a stop yet. They were dug at least two feet inside the ground. Moreover, they were still penetrating further into the ground.

“This is really awesome!” Jun Mo Xie looked at the handles of the two “tiny blades”. He had a look of admiration on his face.

Jun Mo Xie clearly understood knew that the two blades had fallen down in a ‘freefall’ state when he had loosened his grip on them. He hadn’t put any force behind them at that time.

However, the blades had penetrated the five-inch wood in the same manner that a hot knife pa.s.ses through b.u.t.ter. In fact, their movement was so effortless that it seemed as if they were piercing through the air.

[What’s the meaning of this? What extent has the sharpness of these two blades reached?]

[These are divine weapons… weapons which all men dream of!]

[Wouldn’t the fighting abilities of my Grandfather, Third Uncle, and other people be upgraded to an exaggerated degree if I use this method to forge blades for them? It is simply unbelievable that a piece of weaponry can increase fighting capability to such a degree…]

A normal person wouldn’t be able to handle the weight. But, his grandfather was a Sky Xuan peak expert. His Third Uncle was also at Sky Xuan. So, they wouldn’t need to expend much of their energy to lift a hundred-and-fifty kilos of weight. They would be unfamiliar with the weapons at first, but they would get used to them after ten days or so…

Such sharpness may even be effective against the extremely tough skin of a top Xuan Beast King. In fact, even they wouldn’t be able to compete against it. The outcome would’ve reversed if Lei Wu Bei had used these divine weapons instead of his treasured blade against the Snake King that day. Even that fight with Venerable Mei could’ve gone either way…

[If this dangerous weapon falls into the wrong hands…] Jun Mo Xie smiled an extremely evil smile. There was a flash in his eyes as he thought about a number of ways he could use to deal with his enemies. He obviously felt very happy at these thoughts…

[This is good! This is very good!]

[My throwing knives will become unstoppable in the true sense of the word from now on. Who in this world can contend against such a powerful and divine weapon?]

The answer to that was — n.o.body.

Someone could perhaps dodge it. But, no one could face it and live to tell the tale.

[I could kill G.o.d if I meet him! I could kill Buddha if I were to come across him!]

Jun Mo Xie laughed in a mischievous manner. He was very happy at this moment. The Young Master suddenly realized that his body felt rather powerless. In fact, he felt as powerless as he had when the Flame of Primal Chaos’s after-effect had nearly left his body paralyzed. So, he started to absorb the aura around him, and the condition of his body started to recover.

[Ah, there are no free meals in this world. Forging even these two “tiny blades” has drawn such a ma.s.sive amount of my strength…]

However, Jun Mo Xie hadn’t realized that he had managed to use this ability twice in succession even though he had just received it. He had managed to gather enough power to carry out the process twice without any problems. This wasn’t an easy task in itself…

This was very similar to the Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune. One needed to go step by step to make any progress. It was as delusional as believing that one could become as obese as Fatty by merely eating a lot of food… how could something like that happen so easily? Even an immortal with top-notch Xuan cultivation wouldn’t be able to do it…

Jun Mo Xie’s head and shoulders were covered in cold sweat. He moved his Xuan efficacy, and started to move around in small steps to exercise his body. Then, he bent from the waist. However, the speed of his Art of Unlocking the Heaven’s Fortune had increased. So, his strength restored at a relatively quicker pace…

“Brother Mo Xie, have you returned? Are you in there?” Dugu Xiao Yi’s sweet voice came from the entrance. It was somewhat bashful and embarra.s.sed. She then grabbed the entrance flap, and opened it. Dugu Xiao Yi then sneakily entered with a delicate bottle of wine in her hand.

[Don’t tell me… has the “demon” drawn the bow for a game?]

Dugu Xiao Yi was somewhat guilty, and a bit annoyed. And, that’s because… [He had been gone for a very long time. He returned in the morning. Why couldn’t he have returned in the evening instead…?] This had left Dugu Xiao Yi very disappointed since she had been preparing to ‘cook’ with him…

She c.o.c.ked her head and pondered for a while. Then, she decided to explore his att.i.tude before she’d make her next move. [I won’t ‘cook’ with him if he commits to me without it. But, if he makes excuses then… humph! Then, we’ll ‘cook’ on the spot… no matter what he says. I’m already prepared for both the situations!]

Dugu Xiao Yi had also prepared for other contingencies along with the arrangement of this drugged wine. [Daddy always says that preparation leads to success in battle…]

Therefore, Dugu Xiao Yi had thought of every possible method, and did her best to slip away from Guan Qing Han. Then, she sneakily headed here…

“Ah, sister… Why are you here?” Jun Mo Xie waved weakly. His strength had resumed to some extent. But, he still seemed reluctant to move his hands and mouth. The Young Master Jun had been pushed to his limit. So, he was quickly cycling his Xuan efficacy to restore his strength at a rapid pace.

“Uh… I have to cook… No… You’re asking me what I’m doing here… You had been gone for such a long time. Plus, you hadn’t even told anyone about it. And then, you returned so sneakily! Don’t you know how worried everyone was?!” Dugu Xiao Yi wasn’t aware of it, but her manner of speaking carried the traces of a housewife’s…

The little girl was anyway very nervous at this time. Moreover, she was shocked to see that Jun Mo Xie was in poor health. So, she rushed over in a fright, “What’s happening? Why do you look so ill? Are you injured?”

Jun Mo Xie snorted and replied, “It’s nothing. There’s no need to make a fuss. I just want some water…” He recalled that he hadn’t had a drop of water in the last two days. Moreover, he had been in the Hong Jun PaG.o.da while he had dealt with the Devil’s Bite of the Flame of Primal Chaos. And, it couldn’t even be estimated how much he had sweated during that time. So, it wasn’t very surprising that he felt very unwell. In fact, he was rather lucky that he hadn’t died of dehydration by now.

He was extremely excited after his breakthrough. However, he had considered the fact that he had been out for two days. Moreover, this area was unfamiliar to him. Plus, this territory had been gripped in the chaos of war. Therefore, it was only natural that his Third Uncle must’ve been worried. And so, he had rushed back to camp.

Jun Mo Xie was very curious about his new capabilities. So, he finished explaining everything to his Third Uncle as quickly as he could have. Then, he recklessly initiated that “turning ordinary iron into wonderful gold” twice in quick succession. And, that consumed all the energy inside his body. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that he felt extremely tired at this time.

Jun Mo Xie smiled bitterly. [It’s not surprising that I feel so tired right now. I can’t believe I made such a rudimentary mistake. I got carried away because everything was going in my favor. Such a careless att.i.tude is intolerable.]

Jun Mo Xie had always been like this. He had seemed haughty on the outside, but he was very meticulous on the inside. This was especially true for his shortcomings. He would never gloss over them, and would be on the lookout for them the moment they occurred. And then, he would make sure that he would never repeat such a serious mistake. This had been one of the greatest strengths of the King of a.s.sa.s.sins in his previous life.

Caution had become a basic instinct for him given he led a life of dangerous living… where one could die anytime.

Dugu Xiao Yi was burning with impatience. She turned around, and placed the wine bottle on the table that was in front of Jun Mo Xie. Then, she went to fetch water.

Jun Mo Xie saw the wine bottle, and wondered… [Is that little girl foolish…? A fabulous drink is already present here. So, why would she bring water?] He unscrewed the cork, and the fragrance a.s.sailed his nostrils. Jun Mo Xie was very thirsty. So, he didn’t think much as he picked-up the bottle, and started drink the wine. In fact, he nearly looked skyward as he took big mouthfuls from the bottle. The bottle had obviously been inverted as a result…

Jun Mo Xie hadn’t drunk many drinks from this world. Plus, the drinks in this world didn’t have any other good points apart from the fact that they had excellent smell. How could the wine-makers hide the uncouth taste and smell of the wine if it weren’t for the addition of those fragrances? The wine craft of this world was far behind when compared to his old one. But, Jun Mo Xie was thirsty and empty inside. Anyway, who would think so much inside a military camp?

Therefore, Jun Mo Xie held nothing against it in that moment. And then, he had even smelt a hint of honey in the drink. And, that had made it smell better. However, he hadn’t realized that Dugu Xiao Yi had added the extra honey to reduce the chances of Jun Mo Xie finding out that something was fishy instead of making it tastier…

It was a pity that the man who had been extremely cautious in both of his lives had fallen flat in broad daylight to the trick of a little girl…

Could this be considered the case of ‘the wise man who calculates every scenario can also fail at times’?

Perhaps, nature can fool any man.

Jun Mo Xie drank the bottle clean. But, he felt thirstier instead. However, the Young Master Jun didn’t see anything wrong with that. After all, wine wasn’t used to quench thirst; it only added to the fire. The more one had it… the more they would thirst for it.

And, at that moment…


Dugu Xiao Yi had just returned with a cup of water. But, she saw that Jun Mo Xie had drunk the wine clean from the bottle. He had finished the entirety of it, and had placed it back on the table. He had done so in the blink of an eye. She got frightened since she wasn’t mentally prepared for it. Therefore, that cup of water fell from her hand with a “Bang!”, and smashed against the ground. The quality of the cup obviously wasn’t very great. So, it shattered into fragments as it hit the ground.

[I… I… I still haven’t determined if we should cook, but, he has already drunk it! What’s to be done now…? What do I do now? Should I cook or not?]

The little girl’s bright eyes opened wide as she stared blankly at Jun Mo Xie. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know how to proceed and “force herself upon him”. She didn’t know what to make of this situation. Therefore, the little girl’s eyes went dark. She was completely clueless…

Jun Mo Xie had finished drinking the wine. His throat was still dry, but his strength had restored to a considerable extent. Well, at least his regular bodily functions didn’t seem to be affected anymore. So, he was rather surprised when that little girl dropped the cup of water. But, he also knew that the Young Lady Dugu had a rash temper. So, he wasn’t very shocked at that. He stood up, walked over to her, took the water bag from behind her, and merely drank it down. He drank until it was empty as well, and put it down with a content frame of mind. He then panted, and breathed out. His throat was very dry before. But, his body’s condition had restored to a considerable extent in the blink of an eye after having drunk that water.

He then looked at Dugu Xiao Yi, who looked as if she had been hit by lightening. Her eyes were opened wide, her eyebrows had shot up high, and her rosy lips were slightly parted-open. She looked adorable, but also a bit ridiculous. Jun Mo Xie touched her head with his hand, and lightly stroked it as he asked, “Why are you looking at me like that, little girl? You let the water cup fall to the ground and shatter. That can happen sometimes. But, why do you look so frightened? Are you afraid that I will scold you for it?”

Dugu Xiao Yi blinked for a bit. And then, she came back to herself. The little girl refused to acknowledge Jun Mo Xie as she rushed towards the desk and picked up the bottle. She shook it with the entirety of her strength, and realized that the wine bottle seemed weightless. The little girl shook the bottle very hard, but no sounds of movements were issued from within.

It was evident that Jun Mo Xie had drunk it clean. Completely clean!


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