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Chapter 219 – Guan Qing Han’s doubts

The young master Jun had already grown bored and edgy by now. After teaching the Solitary Falcon some moves of the ‘Nine Eagle Transformation’ law, clearing his doubts, and watching him practice them once, the young master Jun simply took off, leaving the Solitary Falcon to his own measures.

I’m not cut out to be a teacher! The young master Jun muttered to himself as he left.

Guan Qing Han stood in the middle of his small courtyard, wearing a cold and complex expression on her face, while her desolate frame resembled a solitary snowflake in contrast to the flowery setting of her surroundings owing to the white dress she was wearing at the moment.

“Sister-in-law, when did you come over? Why didn’t you allow Little Ke to notify me?” Jun Mo Xie approached her cautiously.

The Solitary Falcon’s coffin-like expression was a stark contrast to this ice-cold expression of Guan Qing Han’s, which seemed to resemble the snow-capped mountains instead. Although Jun Mo Xie had grown accustomed to dealing with the Solitary Falcon’s expression, but Guan Qing Han’s expression seemed to igniting the visual of an infernal ocean of blood amidst this flowery paradise within his mind.

This is a really marvelous and pleasing sight ah.

“You were busy earlier, so I didn’t disturb you!” Guan Qing Han’s expression had always been quite cold, but it seemed far more complex today. Her cool, melancholy and preoccupied eyes were gazing at the flowers in the courtyard as she spoke in a faint voice: “One could search the entire Capital, but you still wouldn’t find any plants lusher than the ones in the Jun Family’s courtyards. Its late autumn now, and these plants should’ve already withered by now… it’s a wonder that they still bloom.”

“And even amongst the Jun Family’s courtyards, yours, mine and Third Uncle’s courtyards have the most lush flowers when compared to the rest; and amongst these three courtyards, yours’s is much better off than mine and Third Uncle’s…… I take very precise care of my plants, but you’re not even here to look after of your plants…. I have no idea how you manage this…. Isn’t this one big mystery?”

Jun Mo Xie was left completely dumbfounded.

He had long been aware of the observations Guan Qing Han was making at the moment, but he hadn’t been able to conceal this flaw! Anyway, her words seemed sure rather than being a casual observation.

He was always practicing, whether it was gathering aura from the surroundings around him, or circulating the pure Aura from the Hongjun PaG.o.da. Although humans were unable to feel this aura, but plants are very sensitive to it. Moreover, this aura was very beneficial for their growth, and although it was already late autumn, the plants which dwelled within a certain range of the young master Jun’s courtyard still blossomed, making the area a paradise for the human-eyes whereas the flowers elsewhere withered; this aspect obviously opposed the common understanding.

The young master Jun had been aware of this fact for a long time now, but couldn’t control it nonetheless.

Everyone had already grown accustomed to this since they believed that flowers could blossom even in autumn if given the proper care. However, this setting was doomed to be too attractive to the human-eye in case these courtyards were to continue looking lush and full of life even in the winters….. when that time came, even a fool could tell that something was amiss…..

“There’s nothing weird about them, this is just the byproduct of our Family’s excellent geomancy, ha ha….. so I suppose that it’s a good thing that you came here to enjoy the happy and joyous life within our Family, Sister-in-law ha ha……”

Even though Jun Mo Xie was laughing on the exterior, his mind was already contemplating means to alter this situation; this won’t work; I’ll switch the flowers here to Plum Blossoms; Plum Blossoms can grow and thrive openly in the winters without any problems…..

“Ah, I live a happy and joyous life…..” Guan Qing Han’s eyes were still staring at a green leaf in front of her as she continued in a faint voice: “Yes…. I’m really blessed…..”

Jun Mo Xie immediately sensed the mistake of his words, and felt like slapping his mouth for uttering them! Irrespective of her “Daughter-in-law” status and the respect that came with it, Guan Qing Han was still a widow in the Family at the end of the day; what enjoyment would there be in that?

“You’ve had a very hard and exhausting time these past few days.” Guan Qing Han cleared up her mind a bit, and a faint but rare smile surfaced on her usually cold face: “Third Brother, I wish to ask you a few questions… if it’s okay?”

“Please ask Sister-in-law, and I will answer anything that I’m capable of answering.” Jun Mo Xie immediately replied back.

“Although I don’t know how you did it, but I heard Third Uncle say that you claim to have already resolved the matter surrounding the Xue Hun Manor. Even though the Third Uncle seemed convinced, but I really cannot believe it yet; therefore now that you’re here in front of me, tell me… have you really taken care of it?”

Guan Qing Han’s head was still hanging down while her eyes were still fixed at the flowers in front of her. A breeze rolled-in and softly brushed aside her hair, exposing her delicate skin and half of her fair neckline and face.

“Let’s say…. It’s at least been temporarily taken care off…..” Jun Mo Xie unintentionally discovered the beauty of her skin; and not because he wanted to look at her, but he still stole a glance since such opportunities were quite rare.

“Since you’re so sure, then I’ll just have to wave aside my doubts and believe that even though I don’t know where and why you keep going out all the time these days, but it is only for the betterment of the Family, and that you just do this in order to make preparations for dealing with the Silver Blizzard City and the Xue Hun Manor, right?”

Guan Qing Han smiled: “When I heard the Third Uncle speak of this, he sounded very impressed. By my understanding, the Third Uncle has only ever admired Grandfather and Father-in-law in this manner; and no one else. You’re the third man he admires so much!”

Jun Mo Xie’s belly puffed to control his unspoken criticisms; Uncle, why did you open your mouth so big and leak out so much…. And admire my means? You might as well list out the things I do…..

“This….that….it’s…. he he, in fact it was just a matter of chance.” Jun Mo Xie touched his nose, completely unaware of what he was saying since the sight of her delicate skin was still whirling around in his eyes. Guan Qian Han on other hand was completely unaware of her Brother-in-law’s unscrupulous gaze since her head was still hung low.

“I also heard Uncle say that you allowed me to win the last time we contested; he said that your skills are far superior to mine and that you were simply exercising control to avoid hurting me…..”

Guan Qing Han simply didn’t know what to think anymore, and her fair skin suddenly turned a beautiful pink in shade. This hint of blush on her fair skin was especially very tempting for Jun Mo Xie, and he simply couldn’t stop himself from stealing a glance of this visual feast.

Jun Mo Xie swallowed down a mouthful of saliva and then replied with difficulty: “Uncle was just bragging; don’t believe him… I really don’t have that kind of skill……”

“I am willing to believe it. If you can single-handedly relieve the Jun Family from its difficulties, then its only reasonable that your strength is far superior to mine.” Guan Qing Han sighed in comfort: “Mo Xie, you’ve really grown up… you’re no longer that…..”

Jun Mo Xie was already sweating bullets!

His elder Sister-in-law was only twenty-two years old in age, but she looked far-older than even the thirty years olds he had met in his two life-times when she spoke up: “You’ve really grown up…..” Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt as if something had short-circuited inside his head.

“Sister-in-law, you’re only in your twenties….. it’s difficult to listen to your words when you talk like old people.” Jun Mo Xie’s face shriveled up; if he was to revert back to being the a.s.sa.s.sin he had been in his previous life, then such words would’ve provoked an unstoppable storm of bloodbath!

“Uncle said that you’ve been concealing your strengths to bide more time, and that we’ve all misunderstood you…..” Guan Qing Han chuckled for a moment, and her face immediately melted like ice, and seemed as if a glacier had suddenly melted and had given way to blossoming flowers. She tilted her head slightly and glanced at Jun Mo Xie with a meaningful glance as she said: “However, there’s one thing that I just don’t understand….. that previously ridiculous behavior of yours, was that also a part of this low-key profile you were trying to keep?”

“Uh, Sister-in-law, you know, this….. that our…. I was forced to do all this because of our Family’s situation, ah….. he he….”

“The Family’s situation is one matter, and that I naturally understand that aspect, but what relation did that have to do with the rubbish behavior you were exhibiting in front of me?” Guan Qian Han’s face suddenly turned cold as she turned to face Jun Mo Xie for the first time today, and stared at him with eyes as sharp as a phoenix’s.

“This… that… it was also….. just a part of…. the camouflage…..” Jun Mo Xie had already started cursing the original Jun Mo Xie in his mind; that b.a.s.t.a.r.d and his behavior….and now I have to answer for him…..

“Camouflage? Hmmmmmm!” Guan Qing Han looked at him coldly: “If there’s ever another one of these ‘camouflage’ activities then, I, I …… I’ll leave the Jun residence forever, and I’ll never come back!” Guan Qing Han wanted to say ‘I’ll beat you up’, but instantly thought that he’d be stronger, and hence hastily changed her words; these change of words however, were no reflection of her actual meaning……

“Yes, yes! From now, I won’t ever dare……” Jun Mo Xie immediately opened his mouth to say that he wouldn’t, but anyone could tell that he hadn’t even thought it through…..

“Hmmm, a woman’s honor and integrity….. is that just a joke for you to make fun of?” Guan Qing Han was clearly very angry at this moment.

“That… what else can it be used for?” Jun Mo Xie opened his mouth and blurted these words out in a moment of pure muddle-headedness, and then immediately realized how ill-intended his words sounded.

This sentence was naturally a big taboo; and he knew that he’d be d.a.m.ned to say them in this life… or the previous one….

“You!……” Guan Qing Han’s anger boiled up in an instant and her eyes suddenly redden with rage. Then, she took a deep breath as her face hardened again: “So you haven’t changed at all!” she stated as she turned around and left.

I need to watch my mouth!

The young master Jun stood stunned at his spot for a little while with a dejected feeling in his heart, and then suddenly yelled out: “d.a.m.n it Fatty Tang, do you think you’re here to enjoy a life of retirement? When am I going to see those plans? I’m not in a good mood today, so make sure that you make me happy… else don’t ask me to help you in losing weight again!” left with no other choice, he decided to vent out his anger on Tang Yuan.

Tang Yuan crashed out his room: “Well, well…” waving a pile of papers in his hand: “You see boss, I’ve already sorted matters out in accordance with what you said; see, take a look… this should be okay.”

Jun Mo Xie grabbed those papers, and stared at them as he flipped a couple of pages, and then stuffed them back into Tang Yuan’s hand: “Yes! Yes, yes this is good!”

“But you haven’t even looked at this properly…..” Tang Yuan felt a bit wronged upon seeing that his hard work had been ignored in this manner.

Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes; it is not that he didn’t wish to look at those papers carefully, but he saw nothing more than incomprehensible matter in them, and simply understood that it was already beyond his knowledge… the young master Jun had never antic.i.p.ated that all the unlinked gibberish he could remember from his previous life would actually transform into such a thick pile of business plans in Tang Yuan’s hands; this Fatty is just too talented…. Why didn’t I find him in my previous life….


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