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Chapter 1258: In Solitary!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Right before a great battle, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master abandoned his own comrade and escaped on his own… This sort of behavior called for an execution!

But no matter how Jun Moxie shouted, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master refused to turn back around.

Coward… then a coward it is… Running before a battle… So be it… Say whatever you want, it would still be better than staying back there and fighting that sort of disgusting freak.

As if that sort of military rule applies to this Young Master anyway. This Young Master only came here to see the commotion. Now not only did I fail to watch, I even became part of the act. If I still have to perform a duet with this sort of pervert at the finale, then this Young Master is quitting for good. Young Master Jun can leave this sort of exceptional partner for yourself…

This Guitian Danteng definitely couldn’t beat him, but the level of disgust… was truly a nightmare, ah!

As the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master fled, he channeled his strength to materialize water from the air, was.h.i.+ng his hands again and again… He even decided that if he saw someone, he would immediately rip their clothing off and put it on himself instead. Hands and legs are troublesome things to regrow, so I can only keep was.h.i.+ng them… but no matter what, these black robes mustn’t be worn any longer…

It was truly a first for the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master to flee from a battle—in the midst of a one-on-one battle—losing by default! Guitian Danteng definitely didn’t know that he had accomplished something no one else in the world could do! It was truly something to be proud of…

Even Young Master Jun wasn’t capable of this sort of achievement. Even if in the future, when Young Master Jun’s strength surpa.s.sed the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s, he could at the very most, kill the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master. No matter what, he wouldn’t be able to scare him till he fled… To be more exact… disgust him till he fled!

Jun Moxie was extremely furious. He was still cursing away at the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master’s actions, but Guitian Danteng’s deadly attacks already came striking down! When faced with strike backs from this fellow, Jun Moxie didn’t want to avoid the blows, but even more than that, he didn’t want to take on the blows! Guitian Danteng was a vile, disgusting creature. The slightest bit of contact with him was enough to keep him feeling disgusted for days…

How can I fight this battle? A close-combat battle is out of option!

Since close-combat is a no, that leaves me with far-range attacks. Jun Moxie hurriedly backed off, summoning lightning as he moved. Hundreds of streaks of violent lightning came cras.h.i.+ng down. Guitian Danteng did not pay any heed to them, completely focused on chasing Jun Moxie.

Under his rapid movement, the majority of the lightning naturally missed their target. But still, some lucky ones managed to strike directly on him. Guitian Danteng merely gritted his teeth and went charging, not losing the slightest bit of speed. It was evident how firm his desire to kill Young Master Jun was.

“Little sword, hurry, come over ah!” Young Master Jun began to call for help.

In both of his lifetimes, this great ‘Evil Monarch’ had never been this embarra.s.sed before. But right now, there was no other choice. He exclaimed: “Little sword! Hurry, ah! Incredible! There’s yummy food here…”

The Blood of Yellow Flame had just finished wolfing down all of Meiwei Liangqiang’s essence and energy and was gradually digesting it. Upon hearing Jun Moxie’s sudden call, it hurriedly flew over. With a flash and tremble of its body, it let out a sword cry. “Yummy food? All mine?”

There was thick excitement in his voice.

“Yes yes yes! I’ll leave this fellow to you. The entire person is yours. You can do whatever you want,” Jun Moxie hurriedly said. “There’s no problem even if you hack him into shreds!”

“Hahaha…” The Blood of Yellow Flame somersaulted in excitement. “Why are you so generous this time around?”

“Cough. You little brat, since when did your master, I, ever not hold you as priority?” Jun Moxie said shamelessly. “I know this will be useful to you, so I specially left him for you. Where else can you find a master like me! You’re so talkative!”

It didn’t take long for Guitian Danteng to break free from the lightning and come charging over.

“Hurry and go! If he runs away, you won’t have anything yummy to eat. And this opportunity doesn’t last; if you miss it, it’s gone for good! Hurry up and go ah!” Jun Moxie urged, pointing his finger.

“Wahaha. How could I let a delicious meal pa.s.s by right in front of my eyes! This sword goes!” The Blood of Yellow Flame left an elegant and grand mark in the air before flying over towards Guitian Danteng. Its excited sword light buzzed excitedly as he flew, shaking its tail, completely ruining the majestic atmosphere it created earlier.

Today is really full of great harvests!

Ha ha ha…

Guitian Danteng came rus.h.i.+ng in a frenzied manner, only to see a divine sword blocking his way. He had never tasted the power of the Blood of Yellow Flame and had always thought it was merely Jun Moxie using some sort of sword control technique. He sent a palm over without thinking. As long as the palm was strong enough, it would cut off the connection between the wielder and the sword, rendering the control technique useless.

The Blood of Yellow Flame let out a shrill cry and sliced through this palm wind, moving straight for his dantian!

Guitian Danteng was truly surprised now. He quickly dodged, only to see that sword coming straight for his dantian again relentlessly. It moved so fast, sharply and bizarrely, that it was a first for Guitian Danteng to encounter something like this.

In his entire life, he had met many sword controllers. But not a single one could wield a sword control technique like this!

It’s as if this sword has a mind of its own!

I can’t believe this young Evil Monarch has such Sage-like capabilities!

Can I really fight against someone this powerful?

No wonder my beloved Meiwei Liangqiang died in his hands… However, even if his cultivation is high, he is still the murderer of Lord Meiwei! I must kill him. No matter how, or what price I have to pay… With this thought, vengeance grew in Guitian Danteng’s heart as he began to fight against the sword intensely…

The Blood of Yellow Flame was truly the greatest beneficiary of this battle and the greatest winner. The amount of energy it had absorbed was truly incomprehensible!

In this battle between the two lands, almost two thousand Saint Emperors had died under the Blood of Yellow Flame alone. And this did not include the almost ten Saint Venerables, four Saint Monarchs, and the Half-Sage he had just devoured—Meiwei Liangqiang!

This terrifying acc.u.mulation of skills… Right now, the Blood of Yellow Flame was absolutely number one in the world!

The only pity was that it still completely belonged to Young Master Jun. So its own cultivation was restricted by Jun Moxie. As the owner of the Blood of Yellow Flame, Jun Moxie only had the cultivation level of a Half-Sage. Thus, the Blood of Yellow Flame could only utilize the strength and skills up to the realm of a Half-Sage.

Yet that portion that could be utilized by it was definitely not something Guitian Danteng could handle.

In barely half the time it takes a stick of incense to burn out, since they began exchanging blows, Guitian Danteng had been clearly overwhelmed and was struggling. Countless cuts covered his body, and a small portion of his skills had also vanished along with these lacerations…

In the midst of Guitian Danteng’s maniacal roars, fresh blood continued to shoot from his body. As if arcs of rainbows formed by blood were appearing in the air!

And the most frustrating thing for him was that Jun Moxie himself was watching from far away. Even if he wished to self-detonate, he wouldn’t be able to go near his target.

This was what left him embittered…

The Blood of Yellow Flame let out a long cry excitedly, moving back and forth like a bolt of lightning. It was having a great time.

It naturally didn’t know how disgusting the person before it was… And even if it truly knew… it may not be bothered. What mattered was how much yummy food it could enjoy, and how much energy it could devour…

As to whether they were gay or not, what fits where… What had that got to do with him?

Finally, after a shrill cry, the Blood of Yellow Flame finally pierced through the dantian of Guitian Danteng, nailing his cultivation with his soul! Then, it began to slowly feast, not letting go until he enjoyed himself thoroughly in this meal…

Guitian Danteng howled in anguish, as his face contorted. “Lord Meiwei! I’m coming! My husband, my wife ah… You absolutely must wait for me ah…”

Then, he suddenly raised his hand and sliced both his heads off!

Both heads flew into the air at the same time…

The Blood of Yellow Flame had finally managed to put himself in and had only drained halfway when he realized there was nothing else left. He couldn’t help but feel upset. The moment the person died, their power faded along with them. Aside from the soul, there was nothing else it could extract…

After a while, Jun Moxie soared and flew North. When he saw a wave of demonic Qi and mist floating ahead, the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master suddenly appeared before him. He spoke as if he had been traumatized. “Is that sc.u.m dead?”

Jun Moxie rolled his eyes. He couldn’t help but feel angry the moment he saw this fellow. “I’ve never seen anyone like you! How can you not be ashamed to call yourself the number one expert in the world? To flee right before a battle! Abandoning me alone to face a powerful enemy! If this Young Master didn’t have some skills, I would’ve been doomed by you! You tell me, are you not embarra.s.sed?!”

The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master also began to yell in response. “Did you think I really wanted to run? This Young Master really couldn’t bear it just now… If I had known that I was going to meet something like this if I came to the Pillar of Heavens Mountains, then this Young Master wouldn’t come here his entire life! Honestly, if you could run, would you run?! If I didn’t run first, it’d be this Young Master holding the hot potato, wouldn’t it?!”

Then, he suddenly rolled up his sleeves and said angrily, “Look! All these gooseb.u.mps haven’t gone away even until now…”


Jun Moxie also rolled up his sleeves and yelled even more furiously at the Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master: “F*ck! Gooseb.u.mps… Do you think you’re the only one to have them?! The ones this Young Master’s has no less than yours!”

Both of them glared angrily at each other, panting heavily. After a while, they suddenly broke out in laughter in sync, doubling over as they laughed heartily.

Jun Moxie awkwardly fixed his sleeves and said resentfully, “At last, everything is alright. Let’s go back.”

“En. You go back.” The Nine Nether Fourteenth Young Master stopped laughing. His entire voice and behaviour was oozing loneliness. With his hands behind his back, he looked into the faraway skies and said, “From today on, I shall live here in the Pillar of Heavens Mountains.”

He looked far into the distance and said slowly, “This Young Master may never step foot back into the Xuan Xuan Continent again for the rest of his life. Perhaps the farewell today will be the last between the both of us.”


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