WebNovel Online Game: I Possess A Monster Merging Simulator! Chapter 159 – : Destroying the Totem Stone Pillar!

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Chapter 159: Destroying the Totem Stone Pillar!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“It should be related to these totems, right?”

Lorne arrived near the nearby totem poles. There was a chain tied to the top of this huge stone pillar that was several meters thick. However, the chain was not strong, which meant that the totem poles had other uses.

Perhaps as long as he understood the meaning of the totem, he would know everything about this magic circle.

However, this touched upon the blind spot of Lorne’s knowledge.

As an ordinary player, he had no way of knowing what the totem on it meant.

Even if an NPC from Iron Skull City saw these things, it would be difficult to recognize them. After all, the things here had existed for a long time. Lorne could even think that they had been left behind hundreds or even thousands of years ago.


Helpless, Lorne could only check the totems on the eight stone pillars to find any relevant patterns.

But the result was not ideal. He did not find any useful information from it.

At the last moment when Lorne was about to give up, he casually used the player’s unique “Identification Skill” on the totem stone pillar.

The next moment, he was stunned.


Lorne’s eyes widened. He carefully checked the panel in front of him and finally confirmed that the stone pillar was really tough!

In the game, if items had durability, it meant that they could be destroyed.

With that in mind, Lorne summoned Little Spider and let it use a long-range skill.

A ball of dark green poison sprayed towards the totem stone pillar. When it touched, the ball of poison dissipated, turning into a spider web that stuck to the stone pillar.

[Poisonous Spider Web] was a long-range control skill of Little Spider.

When the poison net hit the stone pillar, a damage number immediately appeared.


“There’s hope!”

Lorne was pleasantly surprised to see the damage.

From the combat panel, it could be seen that this stone pillar did not have any defense attributes. It only had a special effect of being immune to 50% damage.

If that was all, it would be much simpler.

Now, the damage of Aisha and Little Spider was very terrifying. Even if they reduced the damage by half, they could still deal extremely terrifying damage.

As for why the One-Eyed Giant Snake, Mora, could not harm it?

This should be related to the player’s ident.i.ty.

After all, “Divine Realm” was a game. The players’ priority was higher than the monsters in the game. Moreover, many special scenes could only be entered by players.

Although Mora was powerful, in the face of the game system, it was only a ball of data. It was impossible for it to do anything beyond its authority.

Therefore, it was Lorne’s chance!

“Mora, how long do you usually cultivate here?”

Lorne turned to look at the One-Eyed Giant Snake. It did not open its eyes when answering.

“Sometimes a few months, sometimes a few hours.”

“Can I ask you to leave for the time being?”

“Leave? Are you leaving, my friend?”

“No, I just want to activate the secret tool that the Dragon of Light gave me. This mysterious tool cannot be seen by anyone outside the Church of Light.”

Lorne had a way to shatter the stone pillar, but he did not want to share it with Mora. After all, it was a treasure prepared for the players.


Mora laughed. It lowered its head and looked at Lorne with its huge golden vertical eye, “My friend, there’s no need to try. With your strength, even if you have a divine artifact on you, it’s impossible for you to open this crystal coffin.”

“That’s none of your concern.”

The corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up confidently, “Whether it succeeds or not, I’ll only try once. If I can’t open the crystal coffin today, then this place will belong to you in the future. I won’t come to this meaningless cave again.”


“Of course.”

Lorne said, “I’m not in the mood to stay in this kind of useless place.”

“Alright, it’s settled then. I’ll wait for you outside. If you encounter danger, use the scale I gave you. I’ll rush over as soon as possible.”

With that, Mora twisted its huge body and walked out of the cave.

Lorne had the Long Tongue Bat Dragon use sound waves to probe the surroundings. After confirming that the other party was not spying, he summoned his other pets.

“Little fellows, attack with all your might!”

Lorne let his pets deal damage.

Aisha and Little Spider were the damage dealers in the team. The two of them attacked at the same time, dealing nearly 20,000 damage per second.

Moreover, the stone pillar would not move or counterattack, so the two pets could confidently attack with all their might.

Just like that, after about a minute, the huge stone pillar’s durability decreased by half and began to crack.

In another minute, the durability of the stone pillar was completely emptied.


The cracks spread like a spider web until they covered the entire stone pillar. Finally, with a bang, it collapsed.

With a clang, the black iron chain fell to the ground and quickly disintegrated, finally turning into light that vanished completely.

“An iron chain formed from magic energy?”

Lorne glanced at the other totems. From the looks of it, these totems should be an important part of the magic circle. Who knew what the consequences would be if all of them were destroyed.

However, he could not care about it. Since he was already here, he had to give it a try. What if there was hope?


“Your pet [Aisha] has successfully shattered a totem stone pillar!”

“Your pet [Little Spider] has successfully shattered a totem stone pillar!”


In just two minutes, the two pets could destroy a totem stone pillar. It was too simple.

Moreover, under Lorne’s search, he obtained a red gem and a fragment engraved with totems.


[Energy Crystal]

Grade: Legendary

Effect: Use the energy crystal to set up a magic circle. You can obtain a better effect.


This was an energy crystal that was responsible for providing energy to the magic circle on the stone pillars.

Although it was temporarily useless, as a legendary material, it would definitely be very useful in the future.

As for the other loot?


[Stone Giant’s Body Fragment]

Grade: Legendary

Effect: Special runes appear naturally on the stone giant’s body. If these runes are used to set up a magic circle, the effect of the magic circle will be amplified.


This was also a special material related to magic circles, and the way it was produced was very interesting. It was actually a natural rune born from the stone giant.

He did not know what kind of person would use such a precious material to set up a magic circle in this place.


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