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Chapter 153: Extortion!


“Game Announcement: One-Eyed Giant Snake Mora has issued a temporary mission to you—[Kill the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon]!”

“After completing the mission, you will obtain Mora’s friendship!”


“Game Announcement: Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon Heidman has issued a temporary mission to you—[Kill the One-Eyed Giant Snake]!”

“After completing the mission, you will obtain the affinity of the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon!”

Two notifications appeared in front of Lorne.

These were two huge Bosses trying to rope him in. As long as he accepted a mission inside, it would be considered accepting a mission from a Boss.

If it were an ordinary player, they might be excited to see such a powerful Boss give them a mission, but Lorne was not.

The two Bosses in front of him were fighting to rope him in, which meant that they were already at their limits. They did not even have the strength to kill an additional weak human.

In that case, wasn’t the initiative in his hands?

Of course, Lorne would not let go of such a good opportunity. He temporarily hid the system interface and looked at the two giant beasts floating in the black lake.

“Due to the current situation, I can kill both of you and make a great contribution to the Human Empire.”

“However, as an adventurer, I don’t have a strong sense of belonging. On the contrary, I’m very interested in increasing my strength and wealth.”

“Why don’t we do this? In order to have a powerful companion, I can let one of you live, but as for which one of you lives, it will depend on which one of you offers a bargaining chip that can move me.”

Lorne looked at the two beasts and stated his conditions fearlessly.

As a player, he was very bold. He would not let go of any opportunity to gain benefits, especially in this situation!

“I can give you five Gold equipment!”

The Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon was the first to speak.

“Young human adventurer, I can give you ten!”

The One-Eyed Giant Snake, Mora, was not to be outdone.

“I’ll give fifteen!”

The Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon said, “In addition, I can give you a Crocodile Dragon Egg!”

“I’ll give you 2,000 rare pearls from the bottom of the lake!”

“I’ll add another pile of rare herbs from the swamp!”

“I’m willing to help you fight once!”

“Me too, and a pile of high-level monster skeletons!”


The two Bosses fought crazily, promising more and more resources.

However, from these resources, it could be seen that the wealth of the One-Eyed Giant Snake, Mora, was clearly inferior to that of the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon.

Under the circ.u.mstances that it could not compare to the other party in terms of resources, the one-eyed snake could only begrudgingly promise to help Lorne fight. Moreover, the number of times it would help had increased to three times!

“Looks like the result is obvious. Mora, your reward is too little.”

Lorne took out his short staff. He did not know if he could break through the other party’s defense, but taking out his combat weapon was also to show that he was about to make a decision and give the other party some pressure.

Seeing this, Mora indeed panicked.

“Human adventurer, I sense a rich light power in you. There’s an extremely pure light power in my warehouse. If you can help me, I can give you this treasure. How about it?”

Mora asked with an aching heart.

The treasure that contained the power of light gave it great help in cultivation. There was even a chance to change its bloodline.

To be honest, if not for the fact that it involved its life and death, Mora would definitely not be willing to hand over this treasure.

“This is indeed what I need, but…” The corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up, “I want the thing that you are fighting over!”

“Adventurer, I, Mora, accept your request. The Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon and I are fighting so hard for a red crystal coffin in the Lake of Death. Since you want it, I can give half of it to you.”

The one-eyed snake, Mora, did not hesitate and agreed.

“Deal!” Lorne laughed.

A treasure that could make two Bosses fight to the death definitely had something unique. Even if it was not a useful tool, there was hope of triggering some special missions.

Perhaps that thing involved another epic main storyline mission.

However, now was not the time to be happy.

To obtain these rewards, Lorne had to think of a way to kill the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon.

“Foolish human brat, do you think you can harm the great Heidman with your weak strength? Stop dreaming!”

The Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon rose up. From its previous rest, it had recovered a portion of its strength. At this moment, it waved its tail and created a monstrous wave.

“Adventurer, don’t be afraid of him. This guy’s body has also reached the limit. He doesn’t have much strength.”

“As for the defense of his body, I will completely offset it. Next, you only need to deal full damage to him. Please do your best, warrior. I’ll leave this to you!”

With that, the one-eyed snake, Mora, also rose up. Its hundred-meter-long body curled up around the Two-Headed Crocodile.

After binding the other party’s body, black energy emerged from the body of the one-eyed snake. This energy enveloped the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon, suppressing its const.i.tution and attributes to the lowest level.

At this moment, Lorne saw a special battle notification.


“This target’s attributes and level have been temporarily sealed. Your attacks will not be affected by the defense and level suppression effect!”

“Perfect timing!”

Lorne was just worried that the other party’s level was too high and he could not effectively deal damage, but Mora was so powerful. Not only did it seal the other party’s attributes, even the level suppression was gone.

In that case, he would not be polite.

Without any hesitation, he activated [Angel’s Descent], and a pair of holy wings immediately appeared behind him.

Then, he leaped and approached the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon at an extremely fast speed.

At this moment, the Two-Headed Crocodile Dragon was sealed by the One-Eyed Giant Snake with all its strength. Its body could not move at all.

To Lorne, their bodies were like small islands floating in the water, perfect for landing.

He landed on the other party’s back. After stabilizing himself on the thick leather armor, he immediately activated his summoning skill.

The next second, a group of pets appeared.


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