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OSI Chapter 46 – One Hundred Myriads Golden Bug


Xu Liao went all out with all his power without any other thoughts.

A vice-like grip held onto Sun Bo Fang’s neck relentlessly, emitting loud crushing sounds. Both of their Qi’s battled as they clashed endlessly with each other. Even though Sun Bo Fang was affected by the drunken concoction, due to his profound strength, he still managed to struggle to keep alive.

Suddenly, both of Sun Bo Fang’s eyes flashed red and opened his mouth and spat an ambiguous syllable. A dark cloud emerged from the top of his head and flew over to Xu Liao.

Given how many times Xu Liao had saw Sun Bo Fang use this, he knew that these are the black beetles and instinctively activated his Star Devouring Formula. The black beetles flew towards Xu Liao’s protective demonic Qi shield and started to explode one by one. Each black beetle countained minimal aura Qi, but it was more than enough to chunk off Xu Liao’s non-matured demonic Qi bit by bit. Then, a hundred black beetles detonated themselves at the same time, instantly breaking the protective demonic Qi and causing Xu Liao to stagger a few steps back, throwing out some blood.

The Ghost Vine relaxed its grip momentarily, giving Sun Bo Fang the opportunity to slip out. He took in a deep breath as he decided to flee the battle. Because he was under the effects of the drunken concoction, he didn’t dare to carelessly continue to battle.

Xu Liao definitely wouldn’t let him leave. Once Sun Bo Fang manages to suppress the effects of the drunken concoction, it would the end of the world for Xu Liao.


The countless of vines burst from the ground and flew out into the air, wrapping around Sun Bo Fang’s legs and pulling him down to the ground.

“Tch…” Sun Bo Fang clicked his tongue as his face turned even darker.

If he was in his top form, he definitely would have more than a hundred other ways to escape, but now that his powers were weakened, he only could grit his teeth.


The ground shook as Xu Liao slammed him towards the ground, causing the surrounding earth to fracture. Dust and soil stained Sun Bo Fang’s face and robes, making him look like a beggar.

An omnidirectional ripple could be felt in the air as Xu Liao lashed out eighteen high frequency blade waves simultaneously. It would seem as if the air and s.p.a.ce vibrated tremendously due to the power of blade waves being leaked into the surroundings. Judging by his own strength, Xu Liao thought that this ma.s.sive attack would definitely be able to cripple or kill Sun Bo Fang. But alas, as the slashes landed, he felt something wasn’t right. Xu Liao then hurriedly manipulated the demonic Qi into enhancing his sight before spotting Sun Bo Fang within the dust cloud unhurt. A golden light emitted from his body, shielding Sun Bo Fang from the powerful strikes from Xu Liao.

The s.p.a.ce around him crackled intensely, as if in some sort of pain. Many nearby boulders and shrubs were transformed into dust from Xu Liao’s attack. However, faced with that sort of strength, the golden light still managed to withstand the attack.

“Not good..” Xu Liao’s face changed drastically. On Sun Bo Fang’s back, there was a hideous shadow of a golden bug. “So this is the battle beast of Sun Bo Fang…?” Xu Liao murmured silently to himself.

Xu Liao had already mentally prepared that Sun Bo Fang would have a hidden card up his sleeve, and he also knew that he had a battle beast. But he didn’t expect that Sun Bo Fang’s battle beast is a demonic bug with surprisingly strong defence.

Although Sun Bo Fang’s aura Qi was messed up due to the drunken concoction, and could only use ten percent of his true strength, but even this ten percent, when forced into the battle beast ‘One Hundred Myriads Golden Bug’, it still managed to fend off the enormous attack by the Seven Stars Praying Mantis. But after all, the Seven Stars Praying Mantis Boxing is still an entry level Xian martial art.

Xu Liao shifted his concentration. The defence of the One Hundred Myriads Golden Bug is indeed impressive and made the high frequency blade waves useless. He didn’t even need to use the Shadowless Whip Technique to know that it would be for naught. After all, it was only trained up till the third level. The only move left that Xu Liao could think of would be the >.

As Xu Liao concluded that the Stars Devouring Formula to be his only hope, he launched himself towards Sun Bo Fang and put both of his hands onto the golden shield. He then rotated his dark core and activated the Stars Devouring Formula of the Heavenly Demon Purgatory Skill!

A powerful black hole of some sort appeared as Xu Liao stood in the epicentre. It slowly turned into a dark whirlpool that seemed as if it could swallow the entire country. The dark demonic energy started devouring the golden shield.

Sun Bo Fang had suffered losses from the Stars Devouring Formula before, but since his aura Qi is messed up currently, so even if he had plenty of moves in his mind, he couldn’t use them. Sun Bo Fang could only use the stupidest way, which is to release his aura Qi with obedience, letting Xu Liao devour them all.

“Hmph!” Sun Bo Fang sneered. “A new born demon like him… I don’t believe that just based on his talented inheritance he would be able to win over my powers which I trained hard for over ten years. I will just let him devour everything. I will see if I would be devoured dry or will he absorb till he explodes.” Sun Bo Fang thought viciously to himself.

Unknownst to him, Xu Liao absorbed greedily without any other considerations. Sun Bo Fang and himself was already on the crossroad of death. After fifteen minutes had pa.s.sed, he started to feel that his diaphragm was filling up, but he didn’t have any intention to stop and continued to absorb using the Stars Devouring Formula.

Sun Bo Fang and Xu Liao’s thoughts were almost similar; both wanted to risk challenging with each other. Whether Xu Liao would perish by absorbing too much; or would Sun Bo Fang be devoured dry.

After a while, Xu Liao felt his whole body boiling. This is a clear sign that his demonic powers are losing control. But Xu Liao didn’t know this. However, even if he knew, he would still never back down because he had pa.s.sed the line of no return. If he failed then his family will be killed by Sun Bo Fang.

On the other hand, Sun Bo Fang’s orifices started leaking a stream of blood, staining his usual handsome face. Even wrinkles started forming on the sides of his mouth and eyes.

Both of them were on the verge of collapse. Every cultivator’s greater fear is to be in this situation. But right now, Sun Bo Fang and Xu Liao had no other ways.

At this moment, Sun Bo Fang had already regretted over a thousand times. If he treated Xu Liao kindly and used conciliation methods instead of suppressing him by force, perhaps this demonic brat would never risk his life to resist.

“If only… I had used more time to think about it.. and give him rewards which he couldn’t reject.. or maybe if I didn’t force him so viciously. This brat will definitely listen to me like a good little dog. I should have given him some hope.” Sun Bo Fang shook his head in regret.

“Sigh. I totally wronged this brat. I didn’t think he had such courage… and even hid from me that he already obtained the Ghost Vine.”

Although he was regretful, but after all, he could sense that Xu Liao isn’t going to last much longer than him.

“Although this method had plenty of flaws, but this brat will eventually collapse faster than me. Once he is gone, I can easily obtain the Ghost Vine.” Sun Bo Fang concluded.

Xu Liao consciousness was flickering in and out. He pushed the Stars Devouring Formula onwards, but his demonic Qi continued to explode and dissipate, he couldn’t even maintain his human form any longer. He transformed into a mist of dark energy, only the area on the skill where it is protected by the golden metallic thread could retain some of the original features.

The usual cold, chilly demonic Qi suddenly became boiling hot. Every part of his being started itching as he couldn’t hold down the burning feeling. Although Xu Liao didn’t know what state he was in right now, but he knew that it isn’t good. He could feel that if he continued to forcefully devour, it would be the death of him.

However, Xu Liao didn’t have an ounce of regret. “I CANNOT FAIL!!” Xu Liao’s last strand of consciousness screamed from within. With that, the determination in his personality had become the last source of motivation to drive the Stars Devouring Formula on.

*Ka Cha* …

Inside Xu Liao’s body, cracking sound rang out.

His dark demonic core has started to crack!

 Translated by Gary. Edited by Jason.


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