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Chapter 641

She frowned in disbelief, her eyes widening to show her shock .

He looked at her and then covered her eyes with his palm before he lightly closed his . The soft and tender kiss reverberated through her very being and made her heart pound fast and furious .

The soft moonlight gently spilled from the star-mottled sky .

Under the pristine, white moonlight, his face was embellished in a ghastly glow that complemented his jade-like skin .

She opened her eyes and peered through the gap between his fingers .

His impeccable profile took her breath away .

The man imprisoned her in his embrace . With a hand lifting her chin and another caressing the fray hair gently framing her face, his lips locked down onto hers . Unlike his earlier aggressive stance, it was now filled with never-before-seen loving tenderness .

He suckled softly and intimately around her lips .

No woman could possibly resist this tenderness that might even melt ice .

Her ears turned red from his kiss and a faint blush rose steadily on her cheeks .

Her two hands started flapping on his chest uneasily .


He grabbed her wrists and slowly moved them toward his waist . Following his lead, she found herself interlacing her fingers around his waist . Her knuckles had turned white at this point from nervousness .

Suddenly, fireworks exploded way above them and spread its radiance across in the vast night sky .

He raised his eyes slightly as his slender, long fingers stroked her face lightly .

His fingertips caressed her skin which was smooth like silk . The touch electrified him and made his heart jump . Somewhere inside him seemed to reach a tipping point .

He kissed her between her brows, which delighted him with their beautiful arches .

He kissed her almond-shaped eyes, which captivated his heart .

He kissed the tip of her nose, which was so exquisite and delicate in his eyes .

Finally, he kissed her lip flaps .

This was what he loved the most .

A bite of the apple made him yearn for more .

His broad and tall frame pressed on her without reservation .

She started to feel the strain of his weight on her .

“Mu Yazhe…”


He seemed oblivious to her skittish pleads .

“Mu Yazhe!” she cried out coyly again .


“Not here, please . ” She negotiated with him .

He neutrally cut her off . “Yes, here . ”

The observation deck came with the most beautiful night view and happened to be one of the most secluded and elegant spots on Huxin Island . This also meant that there would be no interference from anyone .

Her cheeks flushed red as she said, “I’m hungry . ”

“I’m hungry, too . ” His hushed, magnetic voice sounded hoa.r.s.e and repressed .

His quick breathing almost scorched her cheeks with its heat, which caused her to blush even more .

“Stop teasing me, all right?”

“Eh . I’m not teasing you . ”

“I’m really hungry . ”

“I’m really hungry, too . ”

She kept quiet, sulking .

This man can be too much!

“Are you a kid? Why are you so childish?”

“Since you know that I am childish, why can’t you give in to me?”


She was antagonized into speechlessness .

Leaning over, he kissed her lovely earlobe and hissed, “I’ll feed you first and then you feed me next . Deal?”

It was a compromise for him .

He listed his terms and conditions out in the open .

His low and dry tone, together with the deep and penetrating look on her, barely concealed his suppressed urge!

Looking at the desire burning in his eyes, nothing seemed capable of extinguishing the flames .

She was moved and licked her lips in antic.i.p.ation, but she was indeed famished this time .

Her tummy was rumbling by now .


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