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Chapter 410

It was just his instinctively defensive reaction to the immense pain he felt!

A tinge of anger flashed across Song Enya’s pretty face . “Yichen, your action is unacceptable for a child! I won’t blame you on your father’s account, but you look at Enxi now! Her head is bleeding worryingly, yet you refuse to apologize and even deny pushing her! I heard that the Mu family’s inculcation of moral integrity is given emphasis, but based on your att.i.tude, it doesn’t seem to be the case . If only you have half of your father’s virtue!”

Unable to cool down, she carried her sister before the boy and interrogated, “Are you saying that Enxi caused herself to fall earlier and blamed it on you? Our Enxi doesn’t lie! Besides, why would she need to trip herself up? Are you saying that she’s lying?”

Little Yichen’s face flushed red and hot with her relentless accusation .

Clenching his fists tightly and protruding his mouth, he tried to keep his emotions in check . “It’s not me; I didn’t push her! I’m a man of my words and I don’t lie!”

She retorted, “If you consider yourself as a man of your words, then shouldn’t you own up to your mistake? If you didn’t lie, tell me how Enxi ended up falling!”

“Boo… boo… boo… Sis, he’s lying . He really pushed me!” Song Enxi, who was in her sister’s embrace, howled even louder this time . Tears, unabated, streamed down her face .


The boy was antagonized into losing his cool this time . “She bit me and bullied me first!”

“Does that mean you could bully her back just because she bit you?” Song Enya gloomily demanded, “You are the older one here . Enxi is young and ignorant; can’t you give in to her?”

“?!” He was truly made speechless by now .

Why? Why am I being condemned here?

Does it mean that, just because she is more hurt than me, her wrongdoing can be forgiven?

Why am I receiving blame when I just accidentally put more force while defending myself?

Besides, he clearly remembered his hand not having that much strength earlier when he strong-armed her away from him . It should not be a hard fall, right?!

He knew if he had overused his wrist power!

The girl would have been sprawled to the side if he had pushed her hard; she should not have ended up with such a serious injury!

Who would believe him if he said that the girl had tripped herself up deliberately, though?

Would his daddy believe him?

He looked fretfully at his father whose icy stare was on the little girl’s face . The man suddenly boomed, “Enough!”

His raised voice silenced everyone in the vicinity and finally made the chaos die down .

His inertly commanding presence ensured that everyone followed his instruction .

The situation was kept under control by his one word .

“It’s meaningless to argue now! The priority is to get the kid to the hospital for an X-ray and see how deep the cut is . ”

“Oh, no… What do we do? Enxi has never suffered like this before…”

The boy was fuming inwardly .

Is this called suffering? Suffering is what you endure during boot camp training!

What she needs may just be one or two st.i.tches .

Mu Yazhe bent down and, taking hold of his shoulders, solemnly requested, “Yichen, apologize to sister now, eh?”

“No!” he vehemently rejected .


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