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“Who hurt her?”

When he arrived, he was in the back. He didn’t exactly saw what happened. When arrived at the door, Yun Shishi already fell on the floor.

And aside from the ponytail girl holding the stool, she was standing in the same spot.

A strange silence fell in the cla.s.sroom.

Everyone stood stiffly in the same place. No one dared to speak.

This was the first time they had seen the real face of Gu Xingze. In the past, most of them only saw his image on the TV. Sometimes he was arrogant, indifferent and gentle.

So, this time, when they saw his face upfront, they realized his face was more n.o.ble and beautiful than on TV screen.

It just, at this moment he was very cold, just like a cold mountain that could freeze their bone. His eyes also looked cold and terrible. As if he was ready to kill people!

Everyone didn’t dare to move nor speak. Even their breathing was quietly released. In fear of completely angering the handsome man.

“Who hurt her?!” Gu Xingze coldly asked the same question. A domineering voice sounded in the room, which shocked and numb everyone’s nerve.

But, who knows why suddenly someone pointed a finger at the ponytail girl standing at the podium and said: “It was… … Liu Yiyi.”


Everyone’s eyes suddenly fell on Liu Yiyi.

In shock, Liu Yiyi took a step back and leaned on the blackboard. Trying to avoid everyone’s gaze. Her shoulders were trembling, and it took her a long time to summon her courage: “Not me… …it was Yun Shishi… it was her who made the first move!” 

After she spoke, she took the last straw in her life and showed her wound to Gu Xingze. Her forehead was still bleeding. She looked very pitiful: “Look, she was trying to kill me! She made the first move, I was only trying to fight back… … I’m just defending myself!”

However, no one spoke. No one testified. Even the next moment, everyone remained silent. No one speaks.

In fact, no one had seen Yun Shishi made the first move. Instead, they saw Liu Yiyi attacked Yun Shishi and she just counterattacked!

Every training room was installed with CCTV. There was a recording. The truth was there, so no one dared to pour dirty water on Yun Shishi.

Jiang Yutong was also stunned and completely dumbfounded.

Like many young girls, she also has a Prince Charming. Gu Xingze debuted long ago, with his handsome face and solid acting skills, he captured many hearts of his fans. Jiang Yutong was a member of his army fans.

Her heart deeply admired Gu Xingze. Gu Xingze was not only the national male G.o.d in her mind, but he was also her role model in the entertainment industry.

However, at this moment, she saw the national male G.o.d in her heart held Yun Shishi’s wrist and looked at her tenderly. His tender eyes could hardly hide the flow of his emotions.

So, she couldn’t help but be shocked. Her heart was full of misery, bitterness, and sourness. But most of all she was jealous!

How could she not feel that way?

If Gu Xingze will gently speak to her, won’t she turn crazy? 

But the national male G.o.d inside her heart was holding another woman. It wasn’t her!


Why is it Yun Shishi again?

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