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Chapter 1023: You are meeting a client tonight.

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Whenever her eyelids began to twitch, it usually meant that something bad was about to happen!

Qin Zhou had gone out to settle some matters. Before he left, he asked her to consider the supporting female role carefully in ‘Lethal Beauty’. If she decided to do it, he would help her clinch this acting role.

She had been browsing the script when Kong Xiaoqian walked in. Seeing that she was looking at the script with utmost concentration, the woman knocked at the door.

The abrupt noise frightened her.

She raised her head. As she saw her, she gave a small smile. “Ms. Kong, nice to meet you.”

The woman walked in until she was in front of her, sizing her up before giving her a smile. “Yun Shishi, do you have time tonight?”

“I do. Is something the matter?”

“Yes…” She nodded. “Tonight, you will follow Li Quan to meet a client.”

Li Quan was the public relations department’s secretary; Yun Shishi had met him once earlier.

“Meet a client?”

She was a little hesitant as she was eager to return home.

However, she did not want to offend Huanyu’s PR department head, so she could not help but hesitate for a moment.

The other woman sized her up again before warning, “This client is very important to the company. You must remember that you are a celebrity of Huanyu, so whatever you say and do, you ought to keep in mind your limitations. Don’t do something that can put the company in jeopardy. Do you understand?”

Her words were filled with hidden connotations and her smile was extremely strange. “This is also a great chance for you to train yourself!”

Yun Shishi hesitated for a bit before she agreed. “Okay, I understand.”

She then probed, “Ms. Kong, who is this client?”

“He is an investor. I heard that he regards you highly and wants you to act in a movie he is investing in. You should go talk to him.”


She tidied up the script and locked it in the drawer before following after Li Quan, who was waiting for her at the door.

This secretary clearly did not know that the person attending the social gathering with him was her; thus, he was a little startled.

He had met her face-to-face a few times before. She was pretty and exceptionally smart. Having just entered society, she was as pure as a white piece of paper; she was so pure that even the smallest drop of ink would be piercing to the eyes.

He suddenly felt pity for her in his heart!

He looked at her and could put two and two together.

Gifting women was a common practice for the sake of fame and fortune.

In the past, he often brought celebrities with him to those so-called social gatherings. Many female celebrities were beautiful and quick-witted. They knew how to act to get what they desired and they knew how to make men happy. In order to climb up the social ladder, they were willing to take any losses.

Li Dongliang was a sly old fox with a bad reputation. He was greedy for beauty and had played with many celebrities, men and women alike – even teen idols. He was known to play rather roughly.

The discussions about scripts, filming contracts, or whatnot, ultimately, always ended with them going in bed.

Sleeping for a night or accompanying him for a few nights, this was how they got their resources.

When he saw this actress’s pure smile, he felt indignant and could not bear to go through with this really.

Shishi isn’t scheming at all; I truly didn’t expect Kong Xiaoqian to push her into a fire pit.

She was just 20 plus years old. Li Dongliang loved to taint beautiful things, going after those younglings, and playing around with women. How was she going to endure his ravishing methods?

That old guy was truly ruthless!

However, all these were just thoughts in this secretary’s head. After all, Kong Xiaoqian’s status was not simple. How would he dare go against her words?

Based on the power she had, she could easily crush him and get someone to replace his position in the public relations department if she wanted.


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